World Map Art Work | Unique Wedding Guestbook Idea! | Huge Wooden World Map!

Shelby Manns

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Unique Wedding Guestbook Idea! | Huge Wooden World Map!


[MUSIC] Hi guys, alright? So today is Sunday. It is almost a month after our wedding, and we finally decided to put her. Oh, put our signing book up. We got this awesome map from a cool shop on. Etsy and it’s basically a world map. There are pieces all over the ground and we had it laid out on tables at our wedding and we’re having or we had people sign it and now we’re hanging it up and it’s taking up the whole wall. It’s gonna be so cool. Don’t mind my pajamas. I’m just bombing it today. Sunday Funday. But let’s get in -. There’s my husband. So now let’s get into a Time-lapse [Music] [Music] [Music] so what we’re doing is putting this super sticky 3m Vhb tape on it. It came with the map 3m Vhb stands for a very, very high bond and so we have to put it on around the edges and then we have to peel the backing off and then they stick it on the wall. [MUSIC] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]. So now we get to put these fun little playing pins in and you can’t see it, but there’s a hole and I think every country there’s these little pins focus, and we put them in the countries that we’ve been, which isn’t very many, but as time goes on then we can put them in the different areas as we’ve been in the world [Music]. Wow, looks really good. I’m impressed [Music] so it came with these cute little boats and then there was some airplanes and then the little airplane pins. We put one and the Caribbean and Puerto Rico and the US and we’ve been to Mexico and Hawaii and in a month we’ll get to put one up there in Alaska and in Canada so technically, my husband has been to Italy and I have been to England, but that was before we knew each other, so I think I think he might disagree, but I think that we should keep it Two countries that we’ve been together. I disagree, but that’s okay. Yeah, I urge us about the husband losing in the white wedding. So I mean compromise. Sorry, we’ll, eventually we’ll get to go to those two places together, right, so then we’re gonna put a pin in them anyway. Plus we don’t really have. I think, like 20 pins. We might have to order some more, but I think it turned out so good. Do you like it, yeah? I think it turned out. It’s gonna just show up bigger than I thought. It’s way bigger than I thought it’s gonna. Destroy our wall When we eventually have to take it down because the couple pieces that we had to move, it ripped the paint right off, so we’ll probably have to take a blow dryer to every single piece and try and get like the putty knife up and Ernie thit but okay, all right, well. Our lasagna’s done. It keeps beeping. I hope you guys enjoy Ill. See you in the next one. Bye [Music]!