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All About Veils | How To Choose The Right Veil For Your Wedding Dress


You you welcome to. Whistler, Bridal boutique. Today we’re talking all about veils. Veils are something that every bride gets to kind of choose, it’s going to help them sort of define their style. Not every bride wants to wear Vil, But it is definitely a tradition that has gone down through centuries, and when a bride is in her bridal appointment, and she’s got the dress, that’s her favorite, and she thinks she’s found the one, and then you put a veil on top. That’s generally at the moment that they feel like a bride as I mentioned. Every bride is going to have a different style, and thankfully there’s a lot of different veil styles I kind of will to help coincide with that, and it all also depends on maybe the feel of the wedding day, as well as the dress you’ve picked, different veils are going to pick up different accents and really create different feels for the wedding day. So you want to make sure that you’re picking a veil That’s going to complement the feel of the day compliment your dress not overwhelm anything but also represent your style. So if you’re wanting something, that’s more of a glamorous wedding, I would say definitely go for one of those Cathedral. Veils and different dresses are going to suit a cathedral-length veil, and it can be really, really beautiful. You can have sort of different layers to it. You can have different finishings on the edge. There’s a lot of different options to think of when you’re trying to match a veil to your dress so lengthwise. There’s cathedral-length veil, Which means it’s going to be like as long as you’re trained. It can be very long, kind of dragging on the floor behind you as you walk and then you can have sort of middling fail, which is more fingertip length elbow length. You go shoulder length or even a birdcage or fascinate or something. That’s very small, just on the head, and that’s just going to give you a little bit more of a modern, unique style and again that’s going to go differently for every bride. Veils can also have a blusher on them, which means the veil itself is going to be maybe full length or it’s going to be fingertip length, but then there’s also maybe a shorter layer or two layers to that veil, meaning that the bride can take the second layer and put it over her face. Now putting a blusher over your face. Bride sometimes asked me do. I have to put it over my face. No, you don’t, it’s totally again up to you. It’s a preference, a lot of brides still do it because it’s very traditional. That’s what their parents did maybe, and it’s really nice to kind of keep that tradition alive, and then a lot of brides don’t want to put it over their face, so it’s totally a preference, but the option is there to get a blush or maybe add it to a veil or get a blusher instead of one tear. There’s just different options as well that you can kind of coincide with what you want to do on your wedding day. A lot of fails can have little details and ornamentation on them, whether it be like lace edging, there’s horsehair, edging you could have a ribbon edge little sequins, all over the veil, and if you’re picking a veil, that’s got any of these details. You want to ask yourself? Do these details compliment my dress? They don’t have to match your dress. The one thing that’s difficult sometimes is matching your veil lace. If you want to lace veil, you want to try and find one that it’s got lace. That’s similar to your dress and seeming as every dress doesn’t come with. You know, a veil That’s supposed to go with it. You have to kind of go through the options and just think of one. That’s not going to kind of clash with your dress, because if your dress is already heavily beaded, maybe you want to just stay away from a veil. That’s beaded, a nice sort of plain veil. Maybe with a little bit of edging or even just like shiny thread. Something like that is just going to help complement the dress, but not overwhelm all of the detail that you already have. Whereas if your dress is sort of moderately detailed, maybe a little bit of sparkle on it, but not intense. Crystal, you could maybe play up your veil a little bit more, or if your dress is very simple, definitely complete up your veil, so it totally is going to just go with the preference but also really think of the tiny intricacies of your dress. These are going to help play a role in the choosing of your veil, and what’s going to go with it and what’s not a lot of times if you have a dress that is more intricate and details in the back. Maybe it’s got illusion, lace or just got one of those statement backs that you really wanted to be that focal point of the dress. Maybe try and go for a sheer veil. That’s and maybe just one tear as opposed to two that way. It’s going to be a little bit more see-through you’ll be able to notice those details more as opposed to having a veil, that’s like lots of layers, lots of volume, lots of details on it that you can’t really even see the back, which is the statement piece that you want the first place, so in order to just secure a veil into the head, they’re generally on sewn on to a comb and this is going to be something that your hairstylist is going to pin in clip in. Make sure that it’s really sturdy into your hairdo because a lot of brides like to have the choice to take the veil off, so when Brides ask me, you know, what are you using the bill for quite literally, it’s often on for no more than an hour or so because you’re going to be wearing it for your ceremony, and then you’re going to moving it for pictures, and then for the evening you’re going to be having the veil, take it off. Most of the time, some Brides have chosen to leave their veils and again that’s another preference, but for the most part, it is a little bit more customary to take the veil off for the evening so that the bride can move freely. She can show off her dress. She can talk to her friends and family. She can hug people. No one’s stepping on her. If it’s a long veil and at this point, the dress will be puzzled, so the bride will be able to move around and dance and kind of enjoy the wedding night without worrying about a lot of fabric. If you do choose not to wear veil, there are lots of head pieces and accessories and things that you can be putting in your hair just to have a little something, but it’s not a veil, so there’s. Tiaras, headbands Clips, combs little floral pins. There’s lots of options to have something pretty in the hair. If you’re doing enough, do it could be a nice little statement piece. If you just want your hair down and free-flowing. Maybe you want a little clip on one side just to add a little something in there as well, so there’s lots of options in order to really create that Bridal look without wearing a veil, so all that being said, I’m just going to run through a couple of different veil styles so that you can get the idea of what different varieties there are out there and kind of go over a little bit. What dress would go well with that? And I’m going to have my lovely model. Julia, she’s going to wear a dress. I’m just choosing one simple dress. I’m going to try and put different veils with it, but just keep in mind as I mentioned that different dresses are going to call for different veils first veil in showing you. Is the Jolie fine edge. This is a really beautiful, simple two-tier fingertip length veil, which has a really nice little fine, edging to it. It’s just finished off with a little bit of thread that just kind of finishes the veil. It’s a nice little bell shape. It’s got a blusher. Which again is an option that you can put over your face. If you like or you can leave it in the back and this is still going to show off your back details of your dress, but again, if you do have one of those intricate box, maybe go for something that one tear this one here. The Royal is very similar to the last one. It’s just got a bit of a longer layer and in the back and then the blusher is a little bit shorter. This just creates a little bit more of a luminosity and then the edges are finished off with some really nice crystal details. This is going to really just jazz up your. Bridal, look if your dress is a little bit more simple, it will go beautifully or it could even complement some. Sparkle that you already have in your dress again. There’s a blusher option here this. Alma is a one tier, really nice, simple, fingertip length veil That just has a really beautiful ribbon edging to it. I find that this goes beautifully. If you’ve got a satin dress, it really just pulls out that beautiful satin fabric but doesn’t overwhelm it and it just finishes off the look beautifully. So with this one, not having a blusher. It’s a really good option If you’ve got an interest and trick it back or a low back is just going to go with it beautifully. The Teresa veil is a two tier horse edged. Fail, so this one’s more of a bell shape. It’s got a longer and tear in the back, and then the blusher is shorter once again and the edging of this goes beautifully. If you’ve got maybe a ball gown or a mermaid, something that has ruffles with it. That’s got the horsehair edging! I find it really just complements it really beautifully and again. It’s got the blusher option that you can put over your face If you would like the Georgia veil is a really nice, simple option. It’s a perfect fingertip length. Both layers on the veil are the same length. So if you choose to put the blusher over, I didn’t know if I mentioned before, but you can order veils in different colors to match your dress. This one is in champagne. So if your dress has maybe ivory over like gold or some warmer and used to it, A champion veil will be really beautiful. The Chanel veil is a one tier longer veil. It goes about to knee length, and you can custom order the length of your veils. This was just really nice and simple with a little bit of crystal edging again, but it is one tier. So if you’ve got an intricate back, it will go really beautifully with that. The first lace veil. I’m showing you is the Laurel. It’s about the same length as the last one about knee length, and it’s just got really beautiful, thick lace edging around the whole thing, so it can play up your dress if your dress has some lace on it, or it would go beautifully with a simple dress to the piece. Chapel is one of my favorite veils because it goes so perfect with almost every single dress. If you want a long veil, but not overwhelm your dress because it’s really detailed the piece. Chapel is a perfect choice. Now this one doesn’t have a blusher, but you can always add a bluster custom it, plus your custom made if you would like to. But for the most part, this one is just beautiful on its own in it again. It will show off that back detail. The Elsa veil is really similar to the last one, except for it is a little bit longer, which creates a little bit more of a dramatic look, and it has these and crystals sewn onto the middle of the veil going all the way up. It just creates the most beautiful look and really catches the light. If your dress is simple, maybe a fit-and-flare it will just look absolutely stunning and pick up the light in pictures. If your dress has maybe less detail, A heavily veil is a really nice cathedral-length lace veil. This is going to create a little bit more of a dramatic look. If your dress has a bit of lace detailing, this will go beautifully with it again. This is one tier so you can add a second one if you so desire. But this one’s just. I love how the lace is tapered on. It’s way up! It makes it just a little bit more dramatic in the back, but as it goes up the front, it’s not going to be overwhelming. Kassandra horsehair put bail is another horsehair edged one, So this one’s got thinner, edging, and this one will go beautifully again. If your dress has a little bit of horsehair on the skirt, this is just a really nice bell shape up top, and then the bottom of the veil flows down really nicely, so you can again. Put the blusher over your face. And it just creates a little bit more of a dramatic look, but again it’s not overly detailed. It’s just going to be really beautiful to show off your back detailing of your dress. All the fails in this video are by Jennifer Lee Couture veil design. She’s got so many beautiful veils, and honestly, there’s so many options to go with absolutely any dress, so feel free to book an appointment so you can go through what veils are going to go beautifully with your gown and I will leave all the information so that you can book an appointment.