Winter Wedding Cover Ups | Wedding Cover Ups: Wraps, Capes, Jackets, Shrugs And More!

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Wedding Cover Ups: Wraps, Capes, Jackets, Shrugs And More!


Hi, and welcome back to pry society, so it’s chilly outside. Winter is here, so we thought we’d round up some options of, like winter cover-ups for both bride and your bridal party and for your big day to keep that chill at bay. So when you start thinking about our winter cover up, you might automatically think of a faux fur stole or shrug. They’re the most typical ones to keep you warm on the wintry way days may be white and fluffy. Here’s what comes to my mind, so we picked a couple of faux fur. They’re called scalps on the Web sites, but we wouldn’t necessarily call them a scarf. The first one we chose is from. Ted Baker, which was eight to nine pounds and comes the one We chose was maroon, but it also comes in pink, and then the other one was from coasts, and this one was 59 pounds and they described it as blush. So these are both well. They’re both warm, fluffy Scarfs stoles which wrap around your shoulders. It’s narrated by Becky. Yeah, we were surprised from the typical one came actually. Because I put it out in it. It’s in the Shaker Battalion now. I know further, but I just learned, expect it to be a little. It doesn’t actually say anywhere on the website, so I went back and checked on the packaging. It just say animal furs. Like, why is it that? I’m even like the tail stuffed like, so it looks like a tail. So you’re not keen on looking like wearing something that looks like a realistic ham hock. Maybe that was not the one for you, but there are lots of other options out there. Yeah, it was still like it was still like warm and cozy and it didn’t look so obvious when she had it on and the tail like, push it, but the loop on the other side, so it held itself. So yeah, not to just tie. It’s like it’s not obvious, no? I don’t know the picture to show it in that way so just to be aware of that adds up. Yeah, yeah, but it’s a quite a glam option once. I had it on because I was a tree on it like you Might. It’s not a style, a particularly careful, But actually, when I had it on, I did kind of film. Wow, it’s quite a sophisticated look. I think coming there and stole faux fur. Yeah, but yeah, but if you wanted to have it open super senior dress, it would just outright fall off your shoulders. Just that heads up just something to think about with that style, but yeah, but it’s a lot of other options as well and let’s see some really nice ones in bridal boutiques as well. Betsy, since a high street option, so something that’s kind of similar along the lines of the kind of traditional winter, cover-up was another one we chose, which was a feather shrug, and we selected one for a month. Steve and this 129 pounds. There’s actually a cape, so it didn’t have any armhole, so it is sat on your shoulders. I hate how about hook-and-eye. Yeah, just here and again. This is kind of a lot of glam options and you’re having less of a rustic style wedding and something, maybe. I can imagine in an evening with lots of people in my dinner jackets, and yeah, I did it like well. I think about it like it had a little broach which you can’t see. It’s not that obvious, but it was quite a nice light little broach broach detailing it. I’ll hold it together, but yeah, just yeah, just something. A bit more of a twist on that traditional traditional work and again and this one was kind of the light color. So maybe the other ones we showed were and maybe once your bridesmaids might want to wear if it match the color scheme of the wedding, whether you can get and obviously cream ivory white versions of those. Yeah, and this one might be something you might want to wear with your wedding dress. Yeah, we were just doing a bit more quirky, another option, which isn’t necessarily going to keep you warm but does add a bit of glamour. Sparkle to let your outfit at the Lacey. Beaded capes. We’ve chosen a couple. The first one is from Jenny Packham at Debenhams and that’s 40 pounds and then the second one we chose with Phase 8 and it was 110 pounds. Yeah, so the price you’re in for what we’re fixed. Yeah, and that was an. I agree and say I’ve gotten more traditional colors at these homes. Yeah, so thing, yeah. I’m not making you want to keep a slight chill. Oh, yeah, you know, but yeah, that’s my that bit. It stinks like million. Christmas, Twinkle. Yes, so again like it’s again, There’s more sort of Cape kind of version with sort of hook and eyes to keep them together, so I’ll hold on to you with that of hold it and push it in the pictures that we’ve taken like. Maybe isn’t the best example winters to the dress that I’m wearing underneath because it’s maybe a bit fussy. What’s going on, but that did lead us to think that actually, in terms of the style of dress you won’t, and if he might need to think about that because it might be a with a with a strapless dress to kind of add a bit of interest up there, but without too much fuss, I think there’s too much fuss otherwise, and that was one of the main thoughts, wasn’t it? And yeah, again just in our experience when we ordered through Phase 8 It’s a one-off experience. Perhaps it’s just that they take a call. It seemed to take a little bit longer than most to deliver not outside. What they said is. Just you know? Sometimes think thing’s going faster than they do. And and actually, these were already falling off and things, but it did come back to these. Yeah, you know what about not that’s mine, but yeah, just a heads up, but I think for me like in terms of choices of shrugs. I’ve always quite preferred. The kind of sparkly looks like delicate, and they work for everybody. So they work for both you in their wedding dress or new minor party, and they could tie you all together. Yeah, and if you don’t if you’re conscious about the tops of your arms earrings that can kind of just sit and these ones aren’t even necessarily limited to winter. If you wanted, yeah, you could wear it and so. I just have something on your shoulders. So another option is maybe thinking outside the box slightly and going for something that isn’t traditionally or maybe a bride or look or the bridal party and look sending a quirky. Yeah, so this could be like we’ve picked first up like a sequined jacket, and this just adds a bit of glitz and sparkle to your winter wedding. It also keeps you warm and this one is from Asos and it was 75 pounds and as you can see, it’s just full-on sequins, and you’ve got over six, use whichever color sequin and that matched your theme. So if you want more gold copper, Oh, yeah, thank for that. And then we also thought about leather jackets, which are quite a popular option at the moment, and this one is actually. Becky’s own leather jacket. So it just goes to show that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money and you can use something you’ve already got in your wardrobe and especially if it makes you feel like you. If it’s something that you’re known for maybe kind of you never seen without your leather jackets. Yeah, and you look, you’ve got maybe more relaxed. Bye to your wedding and they knew you. Just want that kind of quirkiness and individuality and things that’s quite. I’m quite enjoying that trend. Yeah, and one great thing we’ve seen with leather jackets is it can also be and personalized and so there are companies that will add kind of your name or the wedding date or something on the back. They’re a bride. Yeah, it just makes it that bit more special, and then that makes it something like to keep for years to come. And you can always associate that with your wedding. Yeah, well. I think one of the trends that’s currently going on at Mem. Is you know if you have the word like bride written on the back and things? It’s then after you get married to them like, pass it on to your next friends that gets married so kind of bear traveling, jump in in that sense and keep kind of living on and have a link between your friends while you’re getting married, which is quite nicely nicely. Do that working for a olds like everyone? The same things might happen. Yeah, it’s kind of quite a sweet kind of thing to incorporate thing too. Yeah, and it’s just something borrowed potentially. If you follow in that tradition, there you go. Yes, so they were the ones that we looked at for state. Obviously are the ones out there, and but yeah, these ones as well as I mentioned, they’re all off the high street and retro, it’s still a barium price point, some much cheaper than others, and, but as well as clearly oxy, there’s sort of bridal boutiques, which have some beautiful and worldly and options as well like delicate, glamorous. You know, all those kind of things, so you know? Do check those out as well, but yeah. If you wanna start one thing that we’re aware of with all the ones that came as there were vast majority, we’re just one size. Yeah, and so they work. Don’t come in like small, medium large, and so that’s just something to bear in mind as well when ordering and something. Yeah, yeah, no, see some warmer than others, The other side cooler in a component. I mean, in the trendy kind of wagon. Okay, some things, yes, and so, yeah, so that’s a little kind of over here. Thursday, so we hope you have a very nice winter wedding and they you keep my tongue wall and as well. If you’re looking for more winter inspiration do check out our winter Winning series that are currently running and add more content on Pinterest, Instagram, all those types of things and our web. So you can join us there.