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Wedding Budget Planning Spreadsheet


Hello, everyone, Julie. Here from plan by Julie and today, we’re going to be talking about the financial aspect of planning your wedding, so I am currently engaged and I will be planning my wedding for July of 2021 Yay, very exciting! Um, so this is a little look at how I made my spreadsheet for planning everything out, making sure that we have enough money saved for the timeline that we need that money for based on, you know, the vendors and what costs come up as you go along. So I already have set up in this spreadsheet a little overview of some of the costs that are going to be involved in my wedding, so we have the first four boxes. Venue photo video and DJ are already planned for us. We have the contracts. I know the exact dates and how much money is going to be due so you can see. I’ve put that in their own columns date amount and is it paid or unpaid? I didn’t write unpaid, but that’s what the blanks mean, and then everything else I just kind of estimated based on the research I’ve done and the ideas that I have for my wedding. So, um, stationery. We already got save the dates. I looked up the invitations that I want, and that’s the estimate for that. I’ve seen with the thank you cards, dress alterations. A lot of this was just research on average prices. Um, florist. I underestimated because my venue actually includes some flowers in the room that we’re getting married in. So I’m not going to have to buy that. Hair makeup are estimates efficient. It’s an estimate, uh, tips. I did some research on how much who was expected to get a tip and how much they should be getting. My venue told me that we should be tipping a thousand dollars to our matridge so throwing that in there and the offician is really the only other person that I have at my wedding. That is kind of required to give a tip because we’re not really going to be having people to set up and deliver things and other, um, like mandatory tipping, we don’t really have those people at our wedding and then gifts and miscellaneous. Um, those are all estimations. I haven’t really gotten any of that yet. Either, so once you kind of have some of the costs or at least estimates for your wedding, that’s really when you can start putting together, you know, more of a timeline to see when things are going to be due and how much money you’re going to need to have saved at what point in time so first, let’s just start off with. How much has been paid? How much is unpaid and what the total cost for your weddings gonna be? And then your honeymoon. Don’t forget about that because you’re gonna be paying for that basically about the same time as you’re paying for a lot of these wedding costs. So you have to have that saved up as well. Um, we’re gonna be planning our honeymoon and probably paying for it Six months before we would be going, so that’s definitely gonna be included in all these pricings because we’re gonna need that money so paid. You can just link this to any of the boxes that you put were paid and then same thing with unpaid anything we haven’t paid yet. Just like those amounts there. Okay, and then we’re gonna get our total, so we use our handy dandy sum calculation. Then, um, we’re gonna probably spend a lot of money on our honeymoon, so I’m just going to put an estimation in there and then we’ll get ourselves a grand total here, adding up those two. [MUSIC] So that’s the total amount of money that we will be. You know, need for our wedding, so then we’re gonna make a little section over here. That says, how much do we need to now be saving for that, so we’re gonna put. What was our total cost again? So we’ll just link this to our grand total box. How much have we already paid? We’ll link that to the paid box. How much do we currently have saved that? We are willing to use on our wedding so for us. We have 18. And then how much is left, so the current need? So we’re going to take our total subtract what we paid and what we have saved so for us. It’s 17 168 and now we are going to say, all right. How much time do we have until our wedding for me right now? It’s about 11 months and divide what our total is to figure out how much we need to save per month, so this divided by 11 months or whatever how many months it is until your wedding, So, 15.61 is how much we need to be saving in order to make you know the money that we need which is realistic for us. So you just want to make sure you’re doing this that you’re also thinking about what’s realistic? How much do you want to be spending? And where can you cut costs? If it’s not realistic, so once we have that we’re going to make a little timeline over here for the costs through time to make sure that we have enough save when the cost comes up and we’re not scrambling around when something is more expensive than we thought, and we didn’t have that much saved yet. So just put all the months until when your wedding would be all right, so once you have all that down. The next column we’re going to put is the need column. So how much money do you need that month? So this is going to be based on if you have dates in your contracts, then you know that that amount of money is due, otherwise for other things. If you don’t have an exact date. The wedding wire app. I’ve used a lot because they have a really good suggested timeline based on when your wedding date is for when to book things when to be, you know, sending out, save the dates when order your invitations, your address, all these kind of things, so I made this timeline kind of based on that as well as based on the dates that I already have in my contracts, so just fill in there when you what you think you’ll need as far as money for each month, so once you finish that the next column is going to be how much money you will have saved at that time, so the first month you’re going to have what you already have saved right now, Plus how much you said you would be saving each month, so that’s the first one, and now for all the months going down. You want to make sure that you’re subtracting how much money you needed to spend the previous month from this half column? So it’s going to look like this. Previous months have plus how much you said you’re saving that month minus the previous months need, and there’s this one that’s zero, so it doesn’t really matter, so let’s look at this one. It’s a probably better example subtract this. So now it’s just more realistic to see how much money you actually gonna have in your bank account at that point after you’ve saved and spent when you need to be spending that month on the wedding, so you’re just gonna do that calculation all the way down your timeline, and then once you get to the end, you’re just obviously spending the rest of the money for your wedding in the month of your wedding. So you just put an extra one here? That’s just this minus this at that point. You don’t want to be saving anymore and I’ll just be how much you have left over in your whatever account you used for your wedding fund, so that’s really all. I have in my spreadsheet for my wedding. I think that it gives you a good idea of the timeline. How much you need to be spending how much you’ll have saved for the costs that you need at that time and then just in general, what you’re spending on what and you can kind of see, what’s the most expensive, and if you want to cut costs where you can be cutting costs what you can maybe DIY? If you think you know? Flowers is too expensive or what have you? Um, so yeah. I think this is a good overview and thank you so much for watching this video. If you have any suggestions or things I missed. Please leave those in the comments. I do have a more detailed blog post about this on my website, So I’ll link that down in the comments. And yeah, thank you so much for watching.