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Diy Bridal Umbrella


Hi, everyone, my name is alforujuku. Naomi, the creative director of Now Creative World. Welcome to another interesting tutorial in this tutorial. I will teach you how to make a brighter umbrella first. You need an already made umbrella. You need an already made umbrella. And you also be needing a fabric. I’m using this fabric for this, is it? You can use Ankara as well and you also be needing your needle and thread to style bits. I want to talk about the umbrella. You’ll be needing, you know, these are. This is a new umbrella. And this is another one as well. This is another one as well. So this one has a battery. I prefer when you want to buy. Buy the one that I answer about. Eight packs not sustained. This one is 16 and it’s too much so it’s. Just you, you just stress when you want to work with it and see if I open it now you will see it. The parts are just too much, so we’re using the other one that has just eight packs. This is what I’m talking about. It’s only 16 and the other one is eight. So this is the one we’ll be working with that. Nestle will do. Is this when you open the umbrella? You you open the new umbrella when you open it this way. Then you then come to this part here. Okay, let me start from here. You see this part? You remove you start it from one after the other. Just remove everything. Remove it, you remove the cloth trying to do nice to remove this the floss that comes with the umbrella. So you come to this place now? Use your your razor blades to cut the thread as I remove it. That’s how you that’s what you do on scene. You’ve completely removed the clothes from the umbrella because you want to use a different cloth to fold this. I said earlier you can use Ankara for this so next now, tonight’s just take my user. Please remove it and cut out the thread that is used here just, but that’s all the trick, and I’m done removing this. So this is this is the scale of the skeleton. We’re going to work with, and when you want to remove your the cloth from it. Make sure that you don’t touch this part. Don’t touch this part because we are going to be needing it. The next thing we’ll be doing now is for this cloth. Okay, so this is a cloth I removed like I said it has its parts where it was joined. And you see if you wash closely, so this is the part I’m talking about what you do is from this place where it’s being joined. You take your razor blade and just cut through this. You just need one part. That will guide us. So you just you cut here or you. Open it up and you do the same thing to this one as well and this is it now. This is one part of it. So what you do is this You open your fabric up. I’m using a less fabric. You can use that color for this, so this is it. Now you then place it on it this way and you cut you use this one to get the size so this is. This is not so you you just cut? This will guide you in cutting you cut, then you you cut the fabric. You’ll be needing eight of it because it’s eight, that’s inside the umbrella removed, so be needing eight of this. So you just cut to get your fabric. Eight of eight of this using the same measurements. Just use it to get your fabric. You remove this first one. You then place the remaining one on it. This way, don’t you move it so it will just guide you. Then you come here and now you trim this one. You trim you suck. Cut it from here. So this is it now. I’ve trimmed this one. See, I’ll just remove it so ill. Just remove this one now and I’ll turn my fabric a bit place. This one on it this way I’ll place one on its history, and I’ll trim it, so you don’t waste your fabric, so I’ll then trim this one, just like that. I’m using that batter one and a half here for this, so I would prefer you use two. Yeah, to be on the safe side, then you can keep the rest and I’m done cutting this, is it? This is the first one, the second one. The third one so all together. I have its fabric here. Cut that so this is this now. I already used this to get the measurement The next thing I would do now. Is that this just the same way? It was on the on the umbrella before we moved it. That is how we are going to stitch it. So this is the first one. I will bring another one now and this. Is it now same way? It was on the umbrella. I’ll take it this way. Can you see that so I’ll take this to my sewing machine and stitch this like this? I’ll stitch it down to the other side. When I’m done stitching this part, I would then turn to this way. Bring another fabric and I’ll place it on it this way and I will stitch so this I will continue stitching until I’m done stitching all the fabric together just the same way. It was on the umbrella and this is it. Now I’m done stitching. Can you see this is the midpoint? This is it now, so it’s giving out the shape of an umbrella now for this points here. If you observe that after stitching yarn is too wide, you can take it to the to the skeleton and fan to check. If you want, it’s too wide, all you need to do, is you? Take your needle and your thread. You do a running stitch here. Then you pull it a bit, but don’t pull it too tight, so you’ll be able to pass it through then for the edges. This way you leave some inches while you are cutting, so you’ll be able to fold in. We are done. Then you can as well beautify the edges around, you can as well beautify its. This way like you can use. When you are done stitching, you use your trimmings. This is my trims. You can use your trim. Is this this way and you sew round Just so it runs to the other side to cover it up. It’s a way of embellishing or beautifying it and next we’re going to do now, is that ill? Take the skeleton and find the skeleton umbrella. Now, okay, so this is it now. This is you take it now. I still see that, and you pass it through this point and the midpoint. You pass it through this place and take it inside. So the next thing I’ll do now is Ill then take it one. After the order from this point here and I will use, I’ll take one of the cap That was just took that is from the umbrella initially. Then I’ll I’ll take it inside and I’ll press it down. I’ll still need to attack, so this is. How just continue just continue like this? You place this here? Use the cap to cover it. Just continue like this. I’ll place up the other one on. It’s not. I use the cap to cover it. The best way to work by this is that you take your needle and your thread because you want to attack this. Now you take your needle on your thread and you attack it here, then before you take it, you’ll not bring it to this point. There’s a hole! Here you pass it through this. Oh, now, after passing it to them, you then take it to the to the skeleton and you come here. Let me take it to the skeleton. You bring this upward on it like this now. You come here to the back here and you pass your turret. You’ll need a rather this, is it now? So I’ll take my thread backward, and then I’ll die. Okay, so I’m almost there now. I’ll cut out the excess squid. So you repeat the same procedure to get these parts. There are many parts here, so we have it. We have a total of it. I’ve just done one for you, so you’ll be able to do all the rest, then for the inside. Is this inside here? Can you see so what you do, is you? Take your needle on your tray. You tuck it down here. Tuck it down here. You continue talking you. Just take your door and try to tuck it inside here inside here. So you just continue to tack like that and then when we are done. Can you see now? I want to close the umbrella now and this is it. This is it! This is how it looks. This is it! Can you see now so this? This will be the finished look of the brighter umbrella. This is it then you know this this handle. You may decide not to leave it like that. All you need to do. Is that you take your trimmings? This is my trim mix. You can use the same color. This is white! You can decide to use white trims. You just take your trim is apply your gum. You use it to run this. Just apply your gum and use the trimmings to to tape. It’s event, then you come to this way as well. Then you tape this this side around as well using your trimmings, and that will be all for this tutorial. [music] you!