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Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Wife/husband To Be


Hi, welcome back. Friday today, we are giving you some ideas about wedding day gifts for your new spouse. So whether it be male or female, and we are going to give you our roundup of ideas. So the first category is kind of a luxury gift item. So if you’ve got a bit of a bigger budget to spend, let’s splurge on the other half and say there most many obvious suggestions we’ve got. Oh, maybe a watch. Oh, such jewelry. So I know my husband would have really appreciates it looking. Nice watch either. Get one no. [MUSIC] He’s a bit of watch collection now, but yes, he didn’t make it on the day. Yes, either, maybe it’s something you. They might want to wear on the wedding day itself or just in General. Yes, a kind of keepsake memory of the day you can maybe get it engraved on the back with the date, and yeah, a meaningful leaving like that, it was like Tiffany necklaces that are like an infinity symbol, which again is kind of tied in. Yes, obviously don’t have to make me stretch tonight, but it level, but something along those lines as well, a piece of jewelry and it’s just nice again. Something that you can wear and always think of the wedding and your partner. Yeah, and and what she what my opponent he did. Gary, a holiday gift, a search, but for my birthday, which was a few months before so it wasn’t on top of it, but a few months before. I bought me a necklace that I was going to wear the wedding day. So you kind of go away with it. Fear makes them thought we have. It’s not like mourning of Kips. So whether be a bridegroom, you can put together like a kit of essentials that they might want to make use on that morning or through the day and secretly, like like a nicely. Jarmo, top, that says, like wife-to-be on it was something like that feeling like, we’re while she’s getting ready in the morning and when ice like and pretty like a dressing gown type thing. Watch, you see me, though. This type of sum of socks that say, so you didn’t get cold feet. Yes, you know, three minutes to it, yeah? I did, yeah, best type of things screen and then not kids such, but something else could be a morning off and my perfume or aftershave. Especially if you know you’re the half of a favorite plaid, you or even just something, you know? They really like, but then bought for themselves, and then again, that’s something that after the day they can wear and said is really strong like memory trigger, so it’s a minute can remind you of the wedding day every time, and it’s a special occasions like anniversary. Yes, sir, and also just thing else. No, say always that, and it’s some like perfect winter, so no do like wedding clutches like Joe mellow and have a special wedding. Their great affection to yeah. I think it’s more the bottles so bit kind of more special more than a year, and so it’s kinda nice keepsake as well and post in a lot of similar baked lingerie again, It’s probably one of the more of this guess, but yes, and especially what a night or just to have that’s good too, and I think it’s like the more maybe, like meaningful, sentimental type gifts and so actually good thing I did for my husband on our wedding date was I wrote out some of the song lyrics from the chorus of our first dance and had that framed and and so yeah, so we have been in our house afterwards, but yeah, look for your vows, and you cannot say anything next. We were saying it personalized jewelry, But you like them, cuz. My couplings like website, ma. Coordinates and things. Aiesec we make when you had your first date and then the location. Your wedding, all those kind of things like what was meaningful to you guys or personalized pocket square that you can wear on that day, not creating for a memory box. And maybe things either to do with your relationship. I guess yeah, or to put in from. Yeah, for things from the wedding special mementos that you want to keep. And then you can look back on as well. Yeah, yeah, but you’re so classy. Put them in afterwards, but yeah, and then so. I find not category. Oh, sorry, penultimate. It’s like a humorous gift so again touched on this. Maybe with a socks kind of see, didn’t get cold feet, but you can get these books, kind of dos and dont’s for wives and husbands the ladybird books, but for a dog, how to be a husband? Don’t like that Just something a bit silly, mate. You get off on the right foot. Just maybe it can be quite stressful and kind of nerve-wracking the morning of your wedding because there’s a lot of expectations, so it might be nice just to send. It just makes you smile. You know, she wrecks tension about a say, it’s something like that. I actually got one of those for my mother-in-law. So the person that’s we pick. Mother-in-law is like mine experiences, So I was like you can probably see them and like him like stationary sources. That Lady Bunny’s like gift experiences like a – ride or afternoon tea. Any sense, it doesn’t have to be like that, but just. I suppose just buying something this like about Meucci spending time together and thing like that. You it’s showing you trades about time and you can make that time for it day night. Especially maybe think you already got kids and so after the wedding, it all kind of just really quickly go back to normal, and you get to marry spend quality time together so but especially with first dates as married couples and so here so share time, so it wouldn’t even need to spend money on that necessary. You could create kind of pouches and say. I will! We will do this on one day, and if you’ve got about to have enough to beam out together at something like that, then it doesn’t have expected. Cost a lot of money, but there’s the meaning behind it, that’s. You know, just to make sure you. Do you make that time to spend together? And you spend so much time as I run up to the wedding pipe talking about the wedding? Doing things that it can be quite a shock. Afterwards, all of a sudden, it’s over. Yeah, you don’t leave that cut yet to go back into normality. Good to work pretty nice. It’s just nice to know that you’ve got that time carved out, spend time together. Yes, dude, yeah, so there are many ideas if you’ve got any other like brick. I didn’t you wanna share to let us know, and we have wonderful wedding day, and they’ve got us likes to get fit. You chose and we will have put together a Pinterest board for you as well with samples. All these kind of ideas that we’ve talked about for you to get some more inspiration, so check that out, please hit, subscribe and hit like on this video if you enjoyed it and we’ll see you next time.