Wedding Planner Notebook Organizer | $5 Diy Wedding Planner Binder (free Planning Printables: 100 Pages)


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$5 Diy Wedding Planner Binder (free Planning Printables: 100 Pages)


Hi, everyone! Welcome back to my channel today. I wanted to share with you guys. My wedding planning binder that I just finished DIY. I really wanted to share this idea with you guys. In case you two just recently got engaged or are looking for a way to. DIY, your own binder. I was actually able to DIY this for under five dollars, which is so crazy to me because everywhere that I looked for a wedding planner, They ranged anywhere from thirty to a hundred dollars, and I was actually able to do this so simply all I did was purchase a two inch binder from Target. And then I just Dr. Wide it cover page. This is quite heavy idea. Why did cover page and? I hope that you guys can see that through the lighting, But I dare a way to cover page on Microsoft Word, and then I just made some tabs to keep all of my pages and sections organized and I was actually able to get every single one of the pages that I have in this binder for free. I ended up finding a website that offered over a hundred different wedding planning pages and spreads that you could print out for free, So that is what I have put in my binder, and they have worked so well and have kept me so this whole organized in a time where I could be very stressed out if I wasn’t on top of my planning, so I just really wanted to share this with you guys so that you can get some ideas and maybe. DIY, your own wedding planning binder. So I’m going to go ahead and look through this and show you guys how I have organized my wedding planning binder to start out my binder. I have this clear pouch That holds my pens. And he posts It’s paid reinforcers or any random notes, and then after this clear pouch, I began my planning pages. I won’t go through every single one of these pages because there are well over a hundred of them, and I didn’t want this video to be too too long, but like I said, I will leave these linked down below for you guys. So you can download them and it kind of goes through them before you put them. These pages are pretty detailed, and they are super easy to use and I have set up my wedding Planning Finder into 9 different sections, so I took all of those pages that I downloaded and I separated them into 9 Main sections and those are marked by the blush pink tab and then within each blush, pink section. I have all the planning pages that pertain to that section or that particular topic. This first section is for my tattoos. So in this section. I have my calendars. Some empty calendar spreads for me to fill in some empty weekly spreads. I have to do list My check lists any random notes that I need to jot down, and I also have a list of important numbers that I need to remember [Music]. This next section is for my budget and in this section. I have my wedding budget along with the checklist of everything that I need and everything that I need to do to stay on top of that budget. And then I have a section where I just list all of my expenses. [MUSIC] The section following is for my wedding party and this is one of the bigger sections of the binder. In this. I have put in my planning pages for my bridesmaid’s bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen and grooms and homesman attire, the flower girl, the ring bearers, my dress, Our rings, hair and makeup, The Bachelor and Bachelorette party and the bridal shower. I know that seems like a lot for one section, but that’s just how I wanted to organize it, and I thought that all of those little topics kind of fell into the place of the wedding party. So that is why I have put them together like that, but you can obviously put them in. Whatever order helps you. Best [Music] [Music] this next section is for my vendors and this is where I keep all of my information and contact info for my venue, My caterer, the music and DJ, the rentals, my videographer and photographer, the florist. The transportation, my efficient, the cake, the ceremony in the rehearsal dinner. [MUSIC] Next, I have my guest section and this is where I keep a list of all of those who were sent an invitation. And then I have my official guest list for those who have RSVP’d. And then I have my seating chart [Music] then I have a tab for my stationery items, so this would include any inspiration for the wedding for the invitations for any decorations, and then I have my actual invitations of the decor and the favors [Music]. I then made a section for any special stuff, so in this I have the vows. The wedding colors information on our engagement party and the toasts [Music]. My next section is for the day of and in this. I have my wedding day itinerary and accommodations, then. Lastly, I have a section for our honeymoon, and we actually haven’t decided where we want to go yet, but in this for when we do decide. I have planner pages for the location. The itinerary, the budget, a packing list and a checklist and that brings my wedding planning binder to up close. I am so happy with how this turned out and I have really loved using these pages. These compare so so well, it to the wedding planning pages that are in all of the binders that are sold in stores and the best part about that is that these are free. I organized this in a way that was beneficial for me, but you can definitely organize them. In whatever way helps keep you on top of things the best. I did also make these tabs myself so all of the pink and the white tabs I made and they are available on my Etsy shop. So if you are interested, I will leave those linked down below. I really hope that this helped you guys out and that this helps you stay a little less stressed. Thank you guys, so so much for watching. I will see you guys next time.