Wedding Photo Backdrop Ideas | Diy Georgeous 10 Ft Wedding/event Floral Decor/photo Backdrop


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Diy Georgeous 10 Ft Wedding/event Floral Decor/photo Backdrop


[MUSIC] Hi, guys, it’s Lisa Natash. Thank you for watching my video. Stay tuned to see how I create this 10 feet wedding decor. Now watch the video all the way to the end. Thank you, thank you for joining me for all. Those who haven’t subscribed. Please thank you for watching my video first of all and just remember to subscribe below. So today I’m gonna be making, uh. Oh, my gosh, a huge wedding decor. This is what I call my masterpiece. So I got the circle to be honest. I totally forgot where party I’m gonna have to search and see. If I could figure out where I got it. It was just this random website, just pop-up that send sell, Um, wedding decor. This place had it for It was 250 dollars for the circle and it was on sale. So anyway, let’s get to it. I’m going to put it together. It came with around eight pieces and, um, also had like screws and I’m gonna put it together. This part is gonna be boring. So, of course, I’m gonna fast forward it. Okay, so this thing is as you can see huge. It’s 10 feet. Okay, so let’s start working on this bad boy. I’m probably going to be doing this in two days because I have work tomorrow And it’s actually nighttime. It’s April 20th and it’s snowing outside in Indiana. Wow, so I have a bunch of these time of foam floral foam. And what I do was you can see. I cut areas where the metal can just sink into instances. Flush towards, um, flush to the, Um, the sponge. And then I have zip tie that I’m going to attach the foam with. Okay, so I’m going to attach these, so I just push the area that’s cut out. I just push it onto the foam, and you just sit like that. So in order for me to attach them, I need to zip ties and I’m not going to cover this part of the circle because in order for me to take this to the venue, I have to, you know. Pull it! Apart, I’m going to need to use floral wire as well because, um, the foam just to prevent it from sliding down the circle. I’m gonna put zip tie below the foam to kind of use it as you know, something to block it from moving. [MUSIC] Okay, so I need some more foam, so I just start cutting this one, so all I did was use a knife and just cut it all the way down, and I’m going to take this little piece out. It’s very soft, so just push it in like, so see that and it comes up. [MUSIC] Okay, so I’m finished, adding the foam to the circle. I have 13 foams up there. Some were zip tied. I ran out of zip ties, so I used floral wire to finish it. So I have three up there. Four up there with floral wire and it’s secured pretty nicely. Just wrap it around and tighten it. I apologize! Um, I lost some footage here. What I did was add some greenery. I got those for 97 cents at Walmart and the flowers I’m going to be using Are wisterias mysterious. Um, orchids. There’s some roses, And if you have any any hanging flowers, that would be great for this project. So just hang flowers, according to your [Music] liking. Okay, guys, so I end up taking some of the flowers off because I made a big big mistake. I forgot to add some vine flowers that I have, and these these are them, and I got these from, um, Michaels and these I got from Michaels. So I was supposed to add the vine around the foam to camouflage the foam, so we don’t have to put so many flowers to hide the foam, so just remember. If you’re doing this, um, decor after you add the foam, remember to add your vine and what I’m going to use to add them. Is these grip, right. They’re basically staples. I got these from, um, home depot. These are from Home Depot. And this is what they look like. Okay, so I’m going to use these to just hook them on okay onto the foam. [MUSIC] So I went in and I add the vine all around the upper circles to kind of camouflage the foam. If you notice there’s a lot of greenery up there, that’s what that is, and I’m going to go ahead now and add those flowers back in when my took some out in order to do this. So that’s what I’m going to be doing right now. [MUSIC] So I am going to add these in three different areas. I’m going to cut them off and just add them, so just add flowers, you know, According to the fullness, you’re looking for and the style that you’re looking for, all right, so far, isn’t it beautiful? This is what I have. Now I’m gonna add some colors and there’s just a little pink and peaches. Okay, just to give it some POW. [MUSIC] Okay, so I’m going to use these little leaves, and I cut off the flowers that I have here and I’m going to cover the side foam. Um, that’s on the side. Just in case, you know, it’s visible just to make it nice. Look, nice and uniform. Okay, okay, so it is beautiful, isn’t it? So I’m going to? There’s two more things I have to do to the top, but I’m going to work on the bottom. I’m just going to add some greenery. Um, on the bottom. Just wrap it with some wire and, um, that will be it for the bottom here. I’m not going to put any flowers down there or anything. Okay, so because I’m going to be pulling the circle apart when I transport it to the venue right here, I’m adding floral wire to some area to hold it and the part that I’m going to disconnect. I’m just using tape for now, and it’s just easy access when we’re ready to move it. So the base is done. Just vine. Um, on it, no flowers. It just look too much. If there’s flowers down there, the stain part, um, it comes out a little bit. I was going to cover that as well. I put some vine on it. I did not like how how it look. So it’s going to be just like that. Okay, guys, so now I’m going to add some bling to the beautiful circle behind me there and what I got is, um, a silver chain. It’s like, um. It has jewelry on it like diamond chain, but it’s not, of course diamonds, but this is what it looks like. Looks like this is a little string. I’m gonna see if I could show it to you closer. So you see that it has like diamonds in there? You see that? How is this, glitter? Not glitter? It shines sparkle. That’s the word how it’s sparkle. So each of these little squares have like a little diamond embedded inside of it. And, of course it’s not real diamond and I got this, um, from Amazon and it was like came on a reel and I didn’t know what to do with it, so I had it. I was like I have to use this for something, and I came up with a great idea what I did was. I’m going to use these to hang in the middle, so you can get that little sparkle effect, and in order for me to add it, I use the staples and I use my hot glue gun and I glue the end of it on to the staple, and I cut them in different lengths, so you can have like a staggered. You know, look, um, so it’s not all evened. Okay, so I’m going to go ahead and add all of these so excited doesn’t. It look beautiful. I don’t know, I think it does. [MUSIC] So next, I’m going to add our initial and what I got here is a W and it came. Um, it’s wood, so I would call it Brown and I got this off. Etsy and what I did was I? I primed it first, and then I spray paint it with silver glitter. So it has a glitter to it. Okay, and this is gonna hang is gonna hang stop so this. I forgot what I said plan is to put it like here. Okay, and that it looks like it’s just floating in air, and I have 100 nylon and I got this off. Um, Amazon, it’s very, it looks like fish line, but it’s really thin, much thinner than a fish line, All right, now, for the final step. I just add our initial w in l now. The final step is going to be adding the orbs and I have 30 30 of these to add so the way I’m going to add them is still with that floating. Look where I’m going to use that nylon thread. It’s very, very transparent. I tied to this. Um, the staple that I got from home depot like so and on the end of it, which I’m going to use to attach the orbs. Is this little circular little circle? It’s a metal circle and it has, um, it’s like a keychain where you can just attach it to the hoop or the loop, right there of the the orb, so I use the nylon thread. I tie piece onto the the staple, and I’m gonna hang it and it’s to be just like a staggered, so it’s not going to be in line, just different length, so it looks much more beautiful so again where I got. These little circles is from, um, the acrylic crystals. So they all are attached. Acrylic crystals are attached with these metal circle hair. So I just I have a bunch of them and I take them off and I’m just gonna use them to hook onto here, okay. [MUSIC] Okay, guys, this is it. I am finally done. It is amazing a nice photo prop for a wedding or any event. Okay, you don’t have to have the initial. You can hang something else here. Um, but it’s absolutely beautiful. Remember to thumbs up like guys share and subscribe for those who are watching my video and haven’t subscribed. Remember to click on the subscription button? Click on that bell. So you get alerts. Whenever I upload videos. Okay, okay, guys. Thank you so much again for watching my video. This is the final look from top to bottom. I am going to go in, so you get a closer look on what the orbs looks like in the tea. Lights, the tea lights. I need to replace, but isn’t it beautiful? I am so happy you were able to join me. I hope, um, I gave you some ideas. Please remember to continue to watch my video. That is the chain that I was telling you about. It does sparkle. It looks so beautiful. Um, remember to share like and subscribe. Click on that bell any questions. Just comment below. I appreciate your support. Thank you so much again and I will see you in my next video. Thank you, that is a side. Um, which I kind of hide. Just in case guests can see that. So thanks again and I’ll see you next time. [music] bye you!