Wedding Dress With Lace Shoulders | Altering Lace Shoulders (on A Wedding Gown)


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Altering Lace Shoulders (on A Wedding Gown)


Hi, guys! Alyssa, here I’m going to be teaching. You guys how to take lace shoulders on the dress? I have a wedding down here. That needs the shoulders taken up because they’re a little too big. I’m just going to go through how to do that with you. First of all, the biggest goal and alterations is to copy what the original designer did. And you want to make it look like it. Has it been altered? It just fits her. Well, so the first thing you’re going to want to do is gather your supplies. They’re going to need pin and a seam gauge and a piece of paper and a pen and spread the color with that. There’s lots and lots of different colors of white and ivory. So you want to make sure that it matches really well? You can’t see your stitches. I have about 10 different colors of white and ivory thread over here because there are so many and it is really noticeable if it doesn’t match perfectly well. The first thing you want to do is measure how much the dress needs be taking up. Never try to memorize how much it needs to be taken up or taken in and help bar down because you might get pulled away or forget, and then it’s not going to fit correctly when she picks it up and the goal is to always have it fit perfectly the first time, so I already measured an interconnection. You’re trying to get, so I have just threw a crude picture of a shoulder and then label them left and right, everyone has different shoulders, especially women. They were perfectly on one shoulder or the other, so ones typically higher and so they need to be taken up differently, usually on both sides. This one happens to need to be taken up the same on both sides and I measured how far down needs to take a name and then how far over as well sometimes if any may not be exactly even but it needs to be a straight line still because otherwise it getting weird levels on your shoulders. So that’s the first step is then? I’ll take my pin out the second step with me, so either cutter lace in a strategic way or to lift the lace things that go into deciding which way to do it would be. How big the lace pattern is. This dress has a really big place pattern on it. There’s not very many places that are good to come around. That would be hidden. Well, so I chose to lift the lace on this one. Another factor would be whether it’s beat it or not if it is beaded and has a small lace pattern. I definitely cut around it because otherwise I have to take all the beating off so that my machine doesn’t crush the beads or that it don’t pick a meal and beating takes a lot of time, and it’s a way to do it. That isn’t noticeable and it looks just like the original. You can’t even tell if you do want to use the machine. The beads have to be taken off. If you don’t want to use the machine and just want to hand, sew it, then you just want to cut around it. So I listed the latest in the next step would be to actually take it in you. Turn it inside out and then fold it and pin it all my lace to be out of the way, so I can just throw the netting underneath first. So I skin it here. I actually already filled the shoulder, but I did it a corner of an inch down and an inch and a half in and I just papered it, so I started at a quarter inch here and went out to zero here. Trying to make it a nice straight line there you can see where? I back stitch there, but this place is going to be over top of it, and you won’t be able to fit if there’s a lot of seam allowance. Your then you’re going to want to cut them out When does have quite a bit now so? I’m going to cut a little bit here. You want to make sure you leave a seam allowance in it, though? Because if it is too tight, you’re going to need to let it out if you don’t leave enough. It might not look very good and your only option is going to be to try to stretch the netting, which isn’t exactly best practice. So now that I took that in, I’m going to pin the lace down, just like that when these several tins and make sure that it’s laying flat and it’s the same size as their netting underneath, I pinned it all down overlapping or try to have it go farther back behind the shoulder. So that’s that seen as much in the front so that it lays nice and flat, and if there is a lot of lace the overlap, sometimes you can cut some of it out, so it’s not so bulky with something like this. The lace is pretty scattered, but there are empty spots, But I want to try to leave some up here too, but it doesn’t look super dense and heavy up here and then late on the rest of the dress. It’s already did one shoulder, so I can show you guys what’s? This look like she’s so the lace down. Want to look like this where you don’t see the stitches? You wanted to do around the lace pattern? Don’t go through the middle of it. The ship on there. That would be really obvious Need to see your stitches, so I so that all down, really well, so none of it’s coming up soon, lay nice and flat on her shoulder, and then I pressed it and pressing. It’s really important after you finish your work makes it look so much better. Sometimes flaws can be hidden, really well, just by pressing it, so that’s basically all there is to it, so you get one shoulder done and then do the other shoulder. Make sure you go by your drawing and not just memory. It might be different, and if you have any questions, always ask someone and there’s always someone that’s going to know more than you and a lot of them in the network with have been doing this their entire life. My alteration’s manager. She’s worked there for 37 years. And then there’s pretty much anything you can think of. They have a solution for and everyone works as a team name. Some of them that have worked there for a long time. They still ask. People questions is always better ways to do things and we work as a team to get faster and better and come up with new techniques that work better fit better and are faster most. Basically all there is to it. Have a good night.