Vintage Lace Wedding Cakes | How To Make A Vintage Lace Wedding Cake


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How To Make A Vintage Lace Wedding Cake


Alright, my fondant. This is funny! Nothing is mixed with it. Here is my mold. This is the first impressions mold, which is really good quality and then basically what I’m going to do is. I’m just going to lift this and put it on top of my mold that are now the next stage is to just rub. Give it a really good pressing down so that it is taking the imprint of the lace. So I just basically am going to get a really good press all around the sides. Make sure you’ve got all that bottom. See the bottom? Is there scallops like that? Some part, obviously. I roll my fondant out the same thickness. I’m not very good at doing bit lazy, so some bits a thinner and tell that that’s not as pressed down, but it is probably fine. It’s just that it’s a thick a bit of fondant so next part. I am going to get my knife and just start scraping off the excess. I like using a really thick knife because I just find that it’s easier to sit a slice across rather than using a small one. So what I just do and look, there may be a better way. This is just the way I do. It is just slice off sort of the ends that are easy to tell, and then it’s simply a matter. I just sort of aim for the top part and then do the bottom part separately. And you just, basically, you obviously don’t want to slice your mouth, but you just want to remove the parts that aren’t part of the design, gently slicing off the top. You so just taking this out of the freezer. Now you just want to be really careful when you are getting out of the mold. So I really bend it back like that. Even just sort of really gently hold it down. You don’t want it to rip at this point? Excellent, okay, that, okay, so now it is a matter of just tidying it up, So I’m going to start with this side. Just basically cut out what I can and move it away and then what I do. I’ve got this tool so I should have has given this. It’s like a little rubbery tool. You can use whatever you have. I mean, I’ve got a range of stuff that I’m sort of using. This here is just it’s got a flat one, so it kind of cuts it away, so I just sort of come in here. Cut away what I can cut away and scrape it out and then getting this. I just sort of move it around so that it could just help. Get a nice, tidy it up and get that nice scalloped edge to it. So see how already that’s just looking a lot nicer, so just go along. It needs a little bit out then. I just sort of scrape away like that and see it’s just starting to look to look really nice and so I’m just going to go through and do that. You can see how much better that looks. It now really looks like a nice piece of lace. You sort of a lot there. We go, that’s a bit better, okay, So now the next step is just to stick it on. So, um, let me get my cake. Okay, clinic’s, okay. So how did my Keiki? It’s five tiers? Anyway, you see our satellite, and I just have to do this bottom tier. I’m literally I’m just going to wet the side and stick it on so time to don’t know if I can do this upside down. I’ll give it a go now. I’m just going to lightly wet my cake, and then it is. You just need to really gently. Lift it up very gently. Stick it on too. Easy, sure, it’s, um. I’m so scared, excellent, cool. How does that so you can see here when my life ends so now? I’m just literally going to do the same thing. Run more out and just join it up until my full cake is covered in lace. I’ve just run out quite thinly. My circles just got for you. Want for that are in a row in your circle circle container and then what? I’m going to do first step. This is just a foam block, get them from spotlight or a craft shop, and I’m using a large hall tool. I’m just going to thin out the edges. So first step is to thin out the edges, and then second step which I do show in a other tutorial. Is you simply roll around it like that? And that gives you the ruffle two fingers, so I’m just going to continue doing that for the rest, so this is called a flower forming cup. Ah, see how it’s got the circular sphere shape. I just got these on eBay. I think I got a set of four by a lot on eBay. It’s it’s a lot cheaper. Ah, and it just means that when you dry things, it’s going to dry herbs, so even things like if you are making a a fondant head. You wanted to keep that nice oval shape. You were dried in here because obviously if you dry something flat, it’s going to have a flight a slight, so what we’re going to do Is we get the first we get the biggest the biggest one, and we put it actually sorry. I’ll do it here. We just start sticking them all on together. So bit of water. Stick the next one bit more water. Sit the next one bit more water. Sit the final one. And then what I’m going to do Is I bought this? This is a I bought this from first impression. Mold now! It’s a bit more expensive. The nor there are the ones floating around, and it’s quite expensive for shipping, but these molds are fantastic now, really worth the extra money, so this one has just got a whole heap of different flower centers and it is so useful. I mean, I’m always making flowers. Basically, what you do is you. Just get a little bit of your fondant and work out sort of how big a center you want to have and simply a matter of rolling it into a ball, pressing it down. And then there you go. I can see it’s got the texture on it. So I’ll put a little bit of water actually, before I put that on. I will grab my flower’s net. You look, you could just leave this to dry like that. It’s still sorry. I know the lights really bad. It’s still a really beautiful flower, But what I like to do Is I put it in this flower forming Cup, and then I’m grabbing my modeling tool. This is quite a large ball and I just sort of squash it down a little bit, so squash it down. Everything it’s squash a bit too much. You can then sort of let it go in a bit of a bigger one. Depends with you want to really Swash down? Here’s one that I did make for the wedding that I didn’t use because I didn’t like the color that squash down lot, the bigger the flower you use the so the bigger the circles that you’re cutting from the less it’s going to sort of spread in, so it’s up to you to decide, but it’s good to just sort of poke it down and then you get a bit of water, put it in the center and then stick in your flower center, and then you just leave it to dry. Sorry, it’s really funny that. I’m right in front of a window. So here we go so I can leave it to dry like that. If you want it really close together or you can put it in in a bit of a wider one like that now. The other important thing to do the good thing about these is there is a little dot, a little circle, a gap a gap in here, so what? I like to do with all of my flowers is. I like to make a little hole so that before it dries, so you just, basically. I’m just poking up through that center of the flower. Then that’s done so that it dries with a little hole so that when I attach it onto my cake, I can use it once it hardens. I get my toothpick and I can just jam it in now. It’s just a matter of sinking my flowers, and I’ve just sort of started lining them up. This is going to be the one on that. I’m just covering that same Put my big white one on the on the bottom. Basically, what I’m going to do is I’m just going to which this side with water as much as I can. And then I’m going to get my toothpick and it’s just a matter. Actually, I might put the toothpick in to my cake into the spot that I want. Make sure it’s in a laughs. There we go, so it’s just got a tiny little about a centimeter and then, okay, so you just sort of hold it on can actually just see that toothpick at the end, but I don’t think anyone else will see it, so that’s all right. Okay, so I’m just going to do the next ones you.