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Top 20 Vintage Engagement Rings For 2021


Here’s a list of the top 20 vintage engagement rings for the first half of 2021 at the end of this video. I’m gonna give you the top five insider tips. You need to know before buying a vintage engagement ring. Okay, let’s start the first ring that I putting in my top 20 list is called the Middletown Ring It’s from 1910 Um, being that it’s 1910 It would be an Edwardian error ring. Um, the ring is just absolutely stunning. The details on this ring is just incredible. You can see the the filigree. Um, you know, platinum over here. The amount of diamonds you’ll see the Edwardian motif, You know, lots of small diamonds, and you know, very delicate, almost like floral, like, um, decorations going around the entire ring. The detail in this ring is absolutely stunning and the condition is incredible. This is an absolutely stunning ring. It’s a great place to start, and when it comes to vintage, you know my list of the top 20 vintage gazer rings for the first half of the year. The next ring. Let’s take a look at this one. This one is really stunning. This is really special. It’s signed Boucher on, um, which makes it just absolutely incredible. It’s an art Deco boucheron ring it’s made in Paris. In fact, actually, you can see the stamp for France at the back, which you can’t really see in the pictures, but this is stamped. It’s stamped with a you know, a French French maker marks and the simplicity, and yet the detail in this ring is just absolutely incredible. Um, it’s incredible. It’s a 246 carat. Um, ring. And it’s just absolutely stunning. Definitely made it in the top 20 list of top vintage rings. The next one, it’s the Jersey Ring. It’s an Art Deco ring as well and it’s a 132 carats in the center. Um, all the carrot numbers that are shown here is just the center diamond, unless it’s like a cluster where all the diamonds are the same size other than that. It’s all it’s all just it’s just marking the center, the center Diamond. Um, this one is absolutely stunning and the art. Deco motif that you see over here is just so incredible, You know, the the straight the straight lines, the triangular lines, the symmetry, it’s just its screams of Art Deco. It’s a fantastic example of a classic art deco ring. This one is really special. The center is almost three carats and the emeralds on the sides. The accents on the side are just incredible and then the detail on the gallery going all the way around between the filigree and the actual extra diamonds. And then the engraving. This ring is just absolutely stunning. Um, the next ring. And by the way, all the rings that were mentioning over here, you can just look in the description. I have links to the actual ring so you can take a look at them in at more detail. Um, this one over here is really really interesting. This is a very rare type of ring. It’s a genuine Art Deco ring it’s made in this 1920s The center diamond is somewhere around 2 carats. The color is really good, but the design is just so incredible again. You see an art deco motif, but instead of it being, you know, expressing itself with diamonds aside for the diamonds on the side, it’s actually just the engraving, very simple and great engraving and yet so such a strong art deco motif going on, it’s its. A this is a fantastic rig. It’s not for everybody, but someone that likes. This type of style is there’s. Nothing like this, it’s one of a kind. Um, this is a three, almost three and a half carats. Um, old European in the center. It’s very simple from the top. And yet when you look at the side, you see, an incredible basket, incredible gallery with lots of diamonds and really special engraving going on again, really strong Art Deco motif, the next screen on our list. This one is probably the oldest one in the list. I think we have another Victorian one that made it onto this little onto the top 20 list, but this ring is from 1880s that you can see over here. It’s a Victorian ring. So this is this is nice and old. It’s almost 140 years old. There you go and, um, it’s just it’s It’s very Victorian. It screams about its scream is Victorian, the motif like the FL? The scroll motif and the open work over here is just absolutely incredible. It’s a very rare ring. You don’t see rings from Victorian area era that are usually in such good condition. So this is this is really. This is a really special find. Um, this one is just absolutely fascinating. From so many reasons. Firstly, it’s signed. It’s a it’s a vintage ring and it’s it features an antique Asher cuts in the center, which is very, very rare to find a genuine antique Asher cut. So this is this is just a home run on so many levels, A very, very rare ring. The center diamond is five over five carats, and the color is G color. So I’m doing a really high quality ring, a very, very rare Asher cut and it’s flanked by diamonds all around. It’s just it’s a really really special vintage Gatorade. This is 100 years old second 1920 beginning of the Art Deco era. There’s a lot going on in this ring, that’s. What kind of makes it so special it has it has Art Deco. It’s the the motif is clearly, you know, pointing towards so many of the really strong art deco themes, and yet it manages to incorporate the round diamonds and this and the baguette diamonds so wonderfully all in together. Um, it’s quite, it’s quite amazing. It’s a really really special ring, and these are the side views of it all. This one is a classic art deco use of diamond and sapphire together to create such an incredible design. Um, the center diamond is what yeah, 187 and you can see the old European with a very small table and the diamond, the sapphires on the side. They’re not, they’re not taking over the show. They’re just accenting this ring, so nicely kind of drawing your eyes to the middle and shouldering the diamonds all along the in the center and along the gallery so nicely, it’s an incredible, incredible ring and, yeah, it’s it’s just a wonderful ring all around another ring that made in the top 20 list of vintage engagements again. If you want to see any of these rings, just go to the description and you’ll be able to click on the links and follow the links just to learn more about these. The center diamond on this is five carats, so it’s a very large center center stone. And this is, you know, you see Edwardian influences going on over here? The you know the ribbon, the curves, the filigree as well. The detail that’s in this ring is absolutely fantastic and so ramen, so so reminding of the Art Deco era of the Edwardian era and it’s just a fantastic art antique engagement ring, Another example of a of a fantastic ring. Is this one over here? It’s 100 years old. It’s the beginning of the Art Deco era, and you see the symmetry. Um, the detail is it’s simple. There is detail to the ring, but it’s minimalistic just enough to, you know to show you that there’s the crowd. The person that crafted this ring put a lot of thought into it, but not too much to overwhelm someone someone that likes a simple vintage engagement ring. This is a fantastic option for them. The center diamond’s, .45 points, They’re .45 carats. It’s a J color, and it’s just a fantastic ring The next the next ring, another example of an art deco ring that show that that features diamond and sapphire, the center is a diamond, a two carat diamond and two just a little bit of sapphire, just enough to to spice up the ring, but not too much to draw your attention away from the amazing diamond work and filigree work. That’s going on another example. This is a really really interesting ring. It features a two carat diamond in the center sapphires along the edges and more diamonds. This is as well, very interesting. You can also notice the direction that the diamond is facing. This is a really really special ring and what’s also really interesting about it is it’s it’s a late Art Deco ring and it’s almost bordering into the retro era. And you can see like the big the big feel that this ring has it, really. It really expresses, you know that the bridge between the art deco and and retro the next ring, a four carat Cartier ring. This is signed by Cartier and is this? You know, as the end of the Art Deco era. This ring is just fantastic. It’s firstly, unbelievably rare and it’s four carats, its eye color. It’s there’s so much going on. That makes this ring special. It’s just this. I had to make it into the list. Um, the next one. This one is another old ring. This one’s like really old ring. This is a Victorian error ring. I guess this one is ten years later than the than the other one. This is right towards the end of the Victorian era. Very, very simple ring, but you can see, you know the engraving work again. You see, it’s in gold because you know, it’s not even it’s not even the Edwardian era yet, and it’s it’s complicated and simple, all the same time, very typical of Victorian where there wasn’t so much complication like the Edwardian era of the Art Deco era. And yet so much is going on in this wonderful ring. Um, this one is an elongated ring, which is really interesting. This is early Edwardian ring 1900’s and it features a rose cut in the center. So there’s so much going on in this really interesting ring. It’s a lot of detail so but nowadays there’s no real rules about what you could use for an engage ring or not using great drinks. I felt it’s only appropriate to let this. Join the list. Because if someone loves us for an engagement ring, why not use it? Um, the park entering. This is a classic art Deco ring and you could really just see the details that we get on the side. The the under gallery. Work like I showed you before you just. If the symmetry strong this, it’s simple, and it’s very, very powerful at the same time, Okay, The second last top Art Deco Art Deco and the second task of vintage gauge rings from the list. Um, this one, just abs, absolutely fantastic. It’s a dwarian era. You can see all the detail going on all the diamonds along the UN under like under the under gallery and then the filigree work That’s going on over here and the diamond. It’s just a fantastic ring all around. It’s a three carat stone in the center. It’s just it’s unbelievably it’s unbelievable ring. It’s really just an incredible, um, addition to our collection and the last example of vintage engagement rings on my top 20 list for the first half of the year. Is this this stunning ring? The detail in this ring is just so special. Um, you can see the filigree work over here. Diamonds, Milgrain and then the engraving all along here, The platinum work is just absolutely fantastic, and it’s all with a 44 point, You know, a point 44 carat center stone. Is this just an incredible, an incredible reading around in the last the last edition of the top 20 Um, now the I told you at the beginning, I’m going to give you five examples of five examples of tips, insider tips. There are a lot of tips, and if you want to learn more. I definitely recommend taking a look at our blog. Um, but if I had to if I had to label it down into five tips, I would tell you like this tip number. One is make sure whenever you’re buying a vintage engagement ring. You’re buying it from a reputable, an expert company. There’s so much information that goes into vintage engagement rings, things that most people have no idea about, And if you if you’re not aware of them, you’re just not going to know. And if the company you’re buying from is not aware of it, you know you should. You won’t know better. They won’t know about it, so make sure the company whoever you’re buying the vintage engagement ring from, make sure they’re experts make sure they really really know what they’re talking about. When it comes to the vintage education rings, I’ll just give you some classic examples of why it’s so important in regards to dating, there’s so much misinformation out there and even companies that are selling vintage rings. Some of them just don’t are not experts on the topic, so for example, you’ll see in a lot of a lot of Art Deco rings that are listed as white gold. And, you know, most people wouldn’t know any better and the problem, of course, would be that white gold wasn’t around for the beginning of the Art Deco era, even towards the end of the article, Eric started showing some most. It’s all it’s almost impossible, if not very, very rare that they’ll ever be a white gold genuine Art Deco ring so again, that’s a that’s a massive red red alert, red alarm, and if you’re not buying from a company. That would know something like that, you know you. You risk not getting a genuine vintage ring. Um, also the diamonds. A lot of times you’ll see in rings have been listed as vintage rings and the diamonds, meanwhile, are modern diamonds, which is a great indicator that the ring is not actually a genuine antique ring and another thing as well is some of them. Sometimes it is a genuine antique ring, but the the craftsmanship is just not up to power. And, you know, just because it’s vintage doesn’t mean it’s good, so it’s important as well to make sure that whatever ring you’re getting is going to be. High craftsmanship and an expert company would make sure that they would only pick the finest rings to put in their collection. Um, another thing that’s another second. My second insider tip and that is, I would always make sure that you get an appraisal. Not just a gia report that a a gia report for the diamond. Sometimes in vintage rings. You actually won’t even be able to get it because they won’t, They won’t want to take the ring out the diamond out and Gio, Only they’ll only appraise loose diamonds, but more importantly, when it comes to vintage rings, you want to make sure there’s an actual appraisal from an expert company which says that all the information of the the ring a lot of times the appraisal company will take one look at the ring and say sorry this this isn’t what is being played, so make sure, in addition to the diamond certificates. Make sure that you have an actual appraisal that either lists the diamond information together with the ring, at least just the ring by itself the next thing that’s really really important whenever buying a vintage catcher and truth is. This applies to any engagement ring for that matter. Make sure you have a full. A proper return policy. Do not buy any engagement ring for any company that will not give you a return policy, which means you need a few days to make sure that whatever you’re buying, you’re willing to keep if you if that you’re buying from a company that won’t give you at least a 14-day return policy. Do not buy from them. It’s a very bad idea. Something is very efficient. Any company that’s willing to to give you 14 days Means they’re willing to stand behind their product. If you’re not going to get at least 14 days, something is very, very fishy. Also make sure the condition of the ring is very good. A lot of people like they look at the ring and they they, they say. Well, it’s vintage. You know, it doesn’t have to be perfect, that’s. True vintage rings means that you know, either 20 years or even antique rings. They’re 100 years old. You can expect wear. That’s absolutely perfectly normal, but you you have to expect that. The ring is in at least good condition. If it’s anything less than good condition, it’s not worth it. It’s not worth getting a ring where you could be worried that maybe the the prongs aren’t holding the diamond in place and the time is going to fall. That’s that’s too large of a risk to to to take, so make sure that whatever if you’re taking bang up into your engage ring, a little bit of wear and tear is perfectly normal. But if the diamond looks in too bad shape, if the ring the craftsmanship of the ring looks in too bad shape, it’s not worth getting that ring and my last tip, and this is probably the most important tip is do research. Before you buy your ring. Learn about vintage engagement rings. There’s so much information on the Internet. We have hundreds of articles on our blog, and I’ll put the I’ll put the description below. Um, I’ll put the the link. Sorry to our to our blog. Our blog, our blog. We have hundreds of articles. Start reading up. Learn as much as you possibly can about vintage engagement rings that way. When you’re coming to buy your ring, you know exactly anything that you possibly. Um, would want to know about vintage education. If you’re not going in surprised if you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to our channel and, um, like do that. Put click the thumbs up. It will really help us get as much exposure for this video as possible and right and ask comments we answer the questions in the in the comments. So if you have any questions on this video, feel free to subscribe and there will be a lot more videos coming in, so stay tuned.