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Diy Great Gatsby Party Invitations (made With A Cricut)


[MUSIC] All right, I want to slow and I am the entity. Welcome to the third day of our how to Plan and Gatsby Party challenge. Today’s project is these. DIY art deco-style invitations. That will go perfectly with your cat’s bday car. They are made on a cricket, but they have the style of laser-cut invitations that are all the days so to get the file cut file for the cricket. You can go to the entertaining Diva Comm website and I will leave the link below, so you can go and download this cup file that you’re going to need and then follow along with our instructions for how to make it. You’ll also find on the blog. The you step-by-step tutorial that’s written with pictures. If you prefer that rather than following a video, then make sure you go over and visit that as well and while you’re there, if you want to find out or keep track of all the other projects we’re going to be doing for our challenge. Be sure to sign up for our email list. The supplies you will need for This project are gold, the glitter card, stock, white shimmer, cardstock, black cardstock and Cricut heavy grip net and Cricut lightgrip mat, the Cricut machine, Cricut spatula and cricket score. If you want it to do scoring for you you. Cricu’t flex pin. If you want it to write the invitations for you and glue stick and some repositionable adhesive that might make it easier for the glitter card stock to stick to the mat to start the project. You’re going to need to go to entertaining diva comm and download the files from our resource library. You just go there and enter your password. If you don’t have a password yet you can request one by going up to the menu and going to the library. Get a password option. When you click, enter it and click enter and you will go to the resource library. Scroll down to where you see the Great Gatsby party files. And you will see you get the invitation files. That’s where our files or this project will be stored. You can also find the link to the tutorial on the website. In case you want to read it to me? Yeah, and step-by-step instructions there. So when you open the link to the files, you’ll see three. Two of them are actual Google. Docs documents that we’ll talk about later. The one you want right now Is the SVG file. Which is this image of the invitation cutout. And you just want to download it. Once you’ve downloaded it, you want to go to Cricut design space and open a new project go to the left-hand menu at the bottom and click upload, then click the upload images button and then browse for your file that you just downloaded. It’s usually in your downloads folder. Click it and open it. You should see it in your uploaded image space and then click. Save under recently uploaded images. Click the file we just uploaded and then click the insert images button on the right-hand side. And you should see it loaded into your project. First thing we want to do is go over to the layer’s panel on the right-hand side and click ungroup. And then we want to go and convert some of these cut layers into score layers. So you want to look for the ones with the vertical lines that say cut beside them, and if you’re not using the scoring tool or you don’t have a scoring tool, you’re just going to delete these layers if you are using a scoring tool that you want to click on the layer and then go over to the top left hand side under line type and select score where it says cut. You want to do that for the next one down and then also for a couple at the bottom. These ones, you can’t really see the vertical lines too. Well, but they just look like they’re blank there. Isn’t anything beside them? And you can see on the invitation where it shows like a location of where that line is. That’s a score line. You want to do that one and the next one, which will show up on the Left-hand side navigation so now that we’ve got them all set scores now we want to combine them with or attach them to the section of the invitation that we want the score to appear on. So the first ones are gonna go on the wrapper. You want to hold down the shift key and click to select the first two score lines and then the wrapper section that’s underneath it, you’ll see them all selected on your page, and you want to go down to the bottom right hand side and click attach once it’s finished attaching, you’ll see that the attach symbol turns to detach. And that’s how you know that it’s finished and it’s done it correctly and you want to go down to the other two score layers, so let’s hold down the shift key and select them, and then also select the black invitation cut out layer that’s beneath them, and once you’ve done that, go down and click attach for that once you’ve done that you’ll notice that the yellow and white rectangles that were in the middle have kind of disappeared. They’re still there, they’re just not showing up, so we’re gonna go and make them show up by bringing them to the front. So if you click on the yellow rectangle, right, click and then select, send to front, it’ll show up and then select on the white rectangle, right, click and select send different to make it show up now. Now you have a decision to make you have to decide whether you want the cricket to draw or write the text of your invitation or you want to do it on a printer. The cricket does do a really nice job of making sort of handwritten type the invitation text on there, but the problem is that it is really, really slow. So if you have a whole bunch of invitations to do. I would really recommend printing them instead of doing them on the cricket just because it will be so much faster and that’s where those two extra files that we saw at the beginning coming into play. They’re actually Google Docs documents that you can download and put in the text for your invitation and also for the wrapper. That’s that what long white piece at the bottom, if you need to do a bunch of them fast rather than doing it on the cricket? I will show you at the end how to do that, but for now, I am actually going to add some text using the cricket text option here, so we pick text on the left hand side menu, and then you go to the box that shows up where it says. Add text here, and you type in what you want your text to say you’ll notice as you’re typing that it shows up in a bigger box beneath and this text is way too big for what we need because it needs to fit in that white box. I’m also going to Center it so that it’s you know goes. All the text is centered in the middle of my invitation and now. I’m going to make it smaller, so it can fit up there. You just click on the little double arrows on the bottom right-hand side and hold down your mouse button while you drag it in to make it smaller. Once you’ve done that, then you want to move it up to where it’s gonna be centered at the top of the invitation, and once again, it’s still a little bit too big, so I’m gonna drag click and drag those arrows in to make it smaller. Then I don’t really like the font that it select by default. So I’m gonna go up to the font drop-down box on the top left, and I’m gonna go find another font. They have all kinds of options. Some of them are paid so. If you see a dollar amount at the beginning of the line, you need to pay for those ones. I usually look for the free ones, but that’s up to you. I’m gonna go search for a handwriting font to make it look like It was a handwritten, and I like this Lucita handwriting. I’m gonna pick that one, and you’ll see it changes my text to that fund, and I’m just gonna resize it a bit to make sure that it fits the spacing. You’ll notice that there’s some spaces between the letters which I don’t really want, so I’m gonna go to the letter Space option and make those spaces a little bit smaller, so that the you know, the letters connect from one to the other like they would. If you were writing it and I was play around with that for a little bit to get it right, resize things and once. I’ve done that I’m gonna go and add the additional sections to the invitation, so this will be they where they you know what the way when we’re an? RSVP type information If you’re not exactly sure what to put in the invitation and check out our guide on the website that it tells you everything that should be included. And what shouldn’t be on an invitation? Now that you have all of your text written. We need to go and change it from cut to draw so that the cricket knows that it’s not going to be cutting out these letters, but it’s going to be writing them to do that. You need to look for the text layers on the right-hand side of your menu and go back up to that line type box at the top left hand corner and change it to draw for all of your text options and the next thing we need to do is to tell it which layer we’re going to be drawing that text on, so we want to select the white invitation layer again. You’re going to hold down your Shift key and select all of the other draw layers and that white layer together and then go down to the bottom to attach and thatll. Make sure that that that black text gets written on the white paper. I’m also going to add some text to the wrapper, so this is going to wrap around the front of the invitation to sort of keep the gates closed. It’s an optional piece. You don’t necessarily have to do it, but I can’t like look of it with the wrapper on there, So I’m just gonna put some text on the front of it and you can put whatever you want, so yours could be, You know, your name or the date of the event or whatever you want to put on the front that you think would look good, you’re gonna do this. Just make sure to have your text between the two score lines because that’s where it folds around in front of the invitation. Don’t forget when you’re finished to go and change that text layer to be a dry layer instead of a cut layer and also to highlight the text and the wrapper sections and attach them together, so that knows to write that text on that wrapper [Music] and now we’re ready to cut and go up to the top right hand corner your menu and click make it [Music]. We want to make sure that you’ve selected the right size of paper. So the cricket knows where to cut so for each of mine. Mine are eight and a half by eleven eight sheets of paper. So I’m gonna go select eight-and-a-half by eleven for each of the colors papers, and if you are printing more than one of these invitations at a time which I’m assuming most of you will, you might want to change the project copies to be at least two because you can fit two invitations on each sheet of paper for the gold and the white pieces of paper. And that way you would reduce the amount of paper that you need in order to make your invitations. The black ones. They will take up a whole sheet of eight and a half by 11 inch paper. So you can’t really help for that much and when you’re ready, you just hit continue, you’ll see. I mine! It says no device bound. That’s because my Cricut II isn’t plugged in. You’re turned on, so I need to go turn it on by clicking the little button at the top, and you’ll see that it lists the material set to cardstock. I actually like to turn line up a little bit from there because we’re gonna be right, cutting some really thin lines on the invitation, and I want to make sure that it cuts all the way through next. You’ll notice that we have a couple of tools that need to be loaded. So the first one is the scoring tool If you’re going to be using it and you need to load it into your machine. [MUSIC] Now we’re ready to load the paper for the first white paper. You’re gonna need be lightgrip mat and you’re just gonna load put the paper on it so that it lines up along the top edge you can tell which edges the top because it’s got that cutout arrow at the top, and then you’re just going to push it into the machines over, that’s underneath the two little feet and click the arrow button to load it Once it’s in there then the UC will start to blink. And you just need to push that to get it to start. First thing is gonna do is the scoring. If you’ve requested it to score, it’ll go ahead and create the score lines and then if you’re doing printing, you’ll notice that it stops and in your design space, you see tool change required, and that’s because you now need to swap out the score for the pin, so there’s a there’s an extra step in here before it can continue to go on. It’s way doing a little design for you. [MUSIC] Now that it’s finished printing, which literally took it 12 minutes to do that one invitation to print that one invitation, so it really is pretty small, but now it’s been you’re sprinting. It will go ahead and cut, and the actual cutting part really doesn’t take very long, so that’s why. I do suggest printing on your printer might be the better way to go. If you have a bunch of these to do now that it’s done, we’re just gonna unload this mat. Remove the white paper from the mat. Make sense. We have to reuse it again for the black paper, and you need to take this off first, and you might want to consider buying two of these lightweight. Nets, if you’re doing a lot of invitations so that you can start the black paper or printing or cutting while you’re removing the white paper now we need to load the black paper same processes before just line it up in the corner with the edge of the rulers on the top end of the mat. Put it in under the little feet on the machine. Press the arrows to load it. And then before we get going, though, we need to take out a pan and swap it for the scoring stylist. If you’re having it, do this going for you if you have a whole bunch of invitations to do, you might want to do all of the black ones at one time so that you don’t have to keep swapping scoring stylist in and out and I know if it were me. I’d probably forget. Sometimes once you’re ready, just hit the blinking C and it’s off. The race is doing this thing now. We’re ready to wear, remove the black paper from the mat. You can take off the outside edge pretty easily. The insides. You want to be pretty careful because of those thin lines and we didn’t want to rip the paper as we’re removing it. So I actually like to maybe take out the center part at first and then use the spatula to lift up the lines off the paper to make sure they come off without ripping. Now we’re ready to do the gold glitter paper for this. You’re going to need the heavy grip mat Because the glitter tends to make it not stick very well and actually on mine. I even had to spray it with some additional adjustable adhesive in order to get the gold glitter paper to stay on the mat. So you may have to do that if that if you have problems with it coming off other than that, it works exactly the same way. Line it up with the edges. Make sure it’s sticking and then load VMA and let it cut now. We’re ready to assemble the invitations, so you’ve got your wrapper, which is the long white piece and the shorter gold glitter, and then you’ve got the two rectangle pieces that are going to fit inside of the black outside part of the invitation. The first thing to do is to fold the black part along the score line, so this is just inside the cut part and there should be on should be able to just fold it straight along the score. Line there on either side. Now we’re going to glue the gold glitter cord cardstock piece inside the black invitation to do this. I’m going to use some glue stick. You can go all the way around the outside of the gold glitter paper. [MUSIC] You know, once I’ve gone all the way around and I’m gonna feel in the middle. They cut glitter card stock. It’s hard to get it to it here so as much flu as you can get on there as possible is good, and then we will just eyeball it in the middle so that it’s centered on all sides inside the invitation, then press down all the way around to make sure that the glitter paper sticks? It is a little hard to get it to adhere. Finally, we just need to glue in the white piece of paper same way. Just make sure it’s right side up, So those swirls on the outside of the invitation are around the top, and we’re gonna use the glue stick in the same way we did with the gold glitter to put this in the middle of the gold section. Find the edges. Don’t want to stick. You can always try adding a little bit more glue with the glue stick. Step is to make the wrapper so for this we are going to fold the white piece of paper along the score lines and we’re going to put the piece of gold glitter paper right behind that in between those fold lines again. We’re just gonna glue it on with the glue stick. I find it sticks better. If you put the glue on the glitter side rather than on the paper side, just make sure not to go too close to the edges so that it’s the who shows outside of the white you’re just gonna. Center it on there. Stick it on, make sure it’s stuck [Music] and wrap it around the front of the invitation bowl should go right around right at the edges. [MUSIC] And on the back, I just glued the two pieces of the wrapper together, so I don’t put the glue on the invitation just on the flap, where the wrapper is overlapping. Take that down! Yeah, your imitation is dead. How pretty is that? I think, regardless of whether you decided to use the invitation with or without the wrapper, you would have a beautiful start to your party for those of you. Who want to be able to print the invitation text on your printer? You’ll need to go back to the resource library and open that invitation drive to get to these two other files. Now these are both Google Docs documents, which means you can make a copy of them in your own, You know, Google or Gmail Account and edit them. However you want to. All you need to do is click on them to open. This is the wrapper file so again you can put text on here. You won’t be able to edit this file directly, but if you sign in to your Google Gmail account, then you can go to file, make a copy or you can download it into Microsoft Word or one of these other formats. If you wanted to, and you can edit the text and do whatever you want here and print it on your printer and just kind of out a lot around the lines. That’s the size that they need to be. Wrap the invitations correctly. So same thing with the other one you can go do. Gatsby invitations. These are the right size and square to the right size to fit inside the invitation, so you just need to make a copy of this file and then you can edit it. However, you want to with whatever text you want again? If you’re looking for some information on what to put in the invitation, you can look at our guide, which is available on the entertaining to the website. We have a invitation guide and I will include a link below on where to find that. Well, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed our DIY invitation project as much as I did. Thank you so much for tuning in and we’ll see you again next time. Bye [Music]!