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Unique Summer Wedding Cake


Hello, welcome or welcome back to Auntie’s Cakery. I’m Tracy in the picture. I just showed, what will I do? The central cake in this video, starting with a 12-inch vanilla sponge cake and here. Have a delicious raspberry buttercream filly. I’ll wear a white chocolate ganache edge to hold that up, filling and makes a smooth and flat feel [Music]. Next I will give you a quick layer of crumbs Also using a white chocolate ganache. I how to use ganache because it configures firmer buttercream [Music] and after chilling it in the fridge for about 20 minutes. I’ll put another layer of chocolate ganache on the pie [Music]! I love these little ones if you want to see how I do them. I have a video of that on my channel. Then I covered this chair in a white marshmallow fondant, cut the excess and smooth it outside [Music] and now for the wavy ruffles, I’m wearing my pasta roller to make these all the same. I think this, but I’m not rolling them out too thin. I’m just using a number six on the pasta wheel. Then I’m cutting out kind of hill shapes and I’ll turn these into the ruffles [Music]. I’ll do that with a dark-blue, a medium blue and a light blue. After I’ve got all those cut off. I’m going to thin the edge. I’m actually using my fondant roller for this and now have to glue it onto the cake and to glue it on. I’m using plain water. Wrap it around like that, And then I’ll bend the top down just a bit for effect now the next trip. I’m having a little bit of a hard time with this one who we all struggle in life. Sometimes don’t we [Music] you [Music]! Oh, I think I want to overlap these colors, So let’s stick that dark blue under the light blue. That little rip won’t be showing. I’ll just cover it right up and like I said, before I don’t mind showing you guys the process I go through to create these cakes, even if I make mistakes and I’ll just continue to layer and flare [Music]. Okay, that tear is done now. I’m moving on to the middle tier onto which I will use a brush embroidery technique to create this flower pattern to transfer the pattern on to the cake. I drew a design on a strip of parchment paper and on the backside. I took some black petal dust, So when I traced it over with a pencil, The black petal dust transferred on to the cake. And, as you know, Petal dust is used for cake decorating and is non-toxic in this bag with a number 2 round tip. I have some on the room colored royal icing. I’ll just pipe a little strip of icing along the design and then using a small round paintbrush that has a little bit of water on. It is just damp. I’ll brush from the outside to the inside on each petal [Music] after I’ve got all those flowers embroidered. I’ll move on to leaves and here. I have kind of a mustard yellow colored royal icing. I think it’s a really good base color for the bold. I’ll be painting over later and I’m using the same brush embroidery technique to texture those [Music]. I’m also going to paint the center of the flowers, gold and the vines hoozy. I’m just using a little water to clean that up [Music] you [Music] and now I will add some dots. I’ll put some dots in the center of the flowers and around the design as well. If you watch the watercolor cake, I published right before this one. You’ll know that a bride came to my house asking for three wedding cakes at her wedding, and I was so excited. We designed them together. We did a one guru’s cake and two wedding cakes, the watercolor one, this wave brush inverted one and then a simple black and white cake. For the girl? It was a really fun experience and the end result in the picture was just beautiful. All those three cakes on display loved it. I’m just placing these dots randomly where I think they will look good. Pink dots add a lot to a piece. [MUSIC] And while that royal icing dries, I’m going to mix up some gold luster dust with some lemon extract and paint the edges of those beautiful blue ruffles. [MUSIC] You [Music] and this is the top tier! It is a six-inch tier. I just covered it in a beige color fondant. I’m just putting splashes of gold randomly on the cake. I really like that. The gold is repeated throughout the entire design, So it looks like my royal icing is a little dried. You can see that it’s matte color mount instead of shiny, so paint the gold over that mustard yellow color. See how the gold really pops love it. [MUSIC] There we have it and they look great all together on display. Thank you so much for watching. I invite you to subscribe. I gotta get those subscribers up. Thanks again, bye.