Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Wives | Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Women 2019 | Vlogmas Day 9!

Kayla Celenza

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Women 2019 | Vlogmas Day 9!


[MUSIC] [Music]! Welcome back to my channel. Today is day 7 of in today’s video. I’m gonna be giving you stocking stuffer ideas for her now. The herd can be your mom. It can be your girlfriend. It can be your sister, your best friend. Your teacher, whoever these gifts. I’m gonna show you apply to any female in your life that you want to spoil this holiday season and to top it off all of these gifts that I’m showing you are under $20 so if you’re on a budget and you’re looking for some more affordable options for you for this holiday season, I have you covered. We’re just gonna get started because I have a lot to show you guys, so let’s jump into it. So the first thing we’re going to show you is for all the hot chocolate lovers out there. It’s a hot chocolate mix, French vanilla flavor. It’s in a cute little package. It’s a one serving. I got this from Bed. Bath &! Beyond for a dollar 49 You cannot go wrong with that, But I also found that you can buy it on Amazon. I’m sure you can also get it places like Walmart, or like, probably even the dollar store. Maybe, but I thought this was a really good idea. I bought this for one of my girlfriends. She loves hot chocolate And she loves French. Vanilla. They also have so many different flavors. I can’t even think of them off the top of my head. The brand I believe is Gourmet Village and on the back. It gives you the instructions. It gives you the nutritional facts the next thing. I wanted to show you. Was these cute? Little mini pocket-sized hand sanitizers. They’re so cute. I got them from Bath and Body Works. They were six for $10 and I can put it in six different stockings. If I needed to, or I can like tag-team them up. I can put two in one stocking to an another two in another. This one is making spirits bright and it’s blue with some like little sparkles in it, the other one. I got was the champagne toast. Its pink and very sparkly. There was probably like 20 different scents of these little pocket-sized hand sanitizers. So what they did is they put little testers on a shelf so you can smell each individual one. I had initially picked up a different scent and good thing that I smelt the tester because I did not like it at all. So I definitely would make sure to smell them before you purchase them, and they’re honestly the perfect size you can. We fit them in your pocket. If you want, you can put them in a purse. You can put them in your backpack. You can keep it in your makeup drawer like it’s literally the perfect size now. This next stocking stuffer gift. I’m gonna show you. I wish somebody would think of this and buy it for me because I have been wanting this for so long. If you own a pair of ear pods or if you know somebody who owns a pair of ear pods, getting them an air pod. Silicone case is such a great gift. I got this from Amazon. It was $9.99 I got it in the color pink. The brand is called a logo now. They also had other colors on the website. There was a variety, probably. I would say, like ten different colors. The prices ranged between $9.99 and $10.99 This is the perfect little stocking stuffer, Just because one it will protect your air pods from getting dirty. We all know that ear plugs get super dirty. It’s really gross, and that’s the main reason why I would like a pair and the second reason would be. It just protects your air plants if you ever drop them or anything like that, protects them from being scratched. So my mind was absolutely blown when I found this in Walmart. It is this Oriole brownie. Skillet thing. It was 10 freakin dollars, and it has this cute little bow on it. And on the back hand side, it gives you all of the instructions on how to bake it. It gives you the nutritional facts. Tells you all of the ingredients one thing. I do want to mention is that it does say that the cast iron skillet is a hand. Wash only not dishwasher safe, though. Whoever you’re gifting this to, I would just maybe let them know you. Don’t want the break-in this. This cast iron skillet can always be used again. It’s so small like it would be the perfect size for eggs. And if you’re thinking of buying this for somebody, but they don’t like. Oriole. There was also an M&M option, So this stocking stuffer item was also from Walmart. It was only $3 and it is for anybody. Who’s like a coffee drinker? A tea drinker, a wine drinker. So these cute little Christmas coasters, It comes in a pack of four and one of them, says North Pole or bust the other one, says hohoho one says holly-jolly and the fourth one says you better not pout. This next item smells so freakin. Good, it’s in my lap right now, and I could smell it. But, oh, my God, when I saw this, I was honestly shook. I could not believe it, So everybody knows about Bath bombs. Everybody goes crazy over bath bombs. But have you ever seen a bath bomb that has jewelry in it? What so I bought it from a store called charmed Aroma and it has a surprise jewel inside now. There was different categories of jewelry. So you could buy rings? You can buy earrings. You can buy necklaces. I literally could not believe it, so I bought a ring and I bought it for my friend, and I know she’s a size 7 because I bought her rings before from Pandora. It was only $20 and the rings are actually super legit like they actually look like engagement rings, basically, but I didn’t buy her one of those because I feel like that’s something like boyfriend should buy their girlfriends like it’s actually like a huge ass ring, so that one. I got was a very dainty thin gold ring, and I had like a black little diamond if you don’t have a charm to Roma store near you. I’m sure you can find this online. I’m sure you can find it at, like, a luxury bath store. I personally don’t use them too often, but now that I saw this, I’m, like, uh, for $20 and I get some freaking free jewelry from it. Buy me one of these. Please think a stocking stuffer is one of those gift ideas that actually applies to absolutely anybody and it is these face masks from Sephora and they were only eight dollars each. I actually still have some of these myself from last Christmas because I got so many. Everybody literally bought me Face Masks. I know us. Girls love incorporating these in our nightly routine. So this is a great little idea. I’m not gonna lie, but I actually bought this next stocking stuffer for myself. And it is these mini clip. Led string lights. This is such a cute idea for, like, putting photos up and decorating them in your house or your bedroom or wherever it may be now. I got this from a clearance warehouse. The tanks is 998 But I got it for, like, 70% off. I literally paid like three dollars for this. I’m pretty sure. I’ve seen these at the dollar stores so you can definitely check it out at the dollar store. I’ve definitely seen them at Walmart. I’m not sure how much they are there. But they also have them on Amazon for like $13 or something like that. So you definitely have options of where you can buy this it. With 16 removable of metallic photo clips and 36 warm white LED lights, They can be hung inside. They can be hung outside and the total length of it is 15 feet, which is pretty freakin long link. You can do a lot with this. I don’t know if you can see, but the lights and clip are like on this fashionable silver wire type of thing, so that’s actually like very flexible, so you can, like maneuver it and like manipulate it to shape. However, you want it to be shaped. If you want to just straight across your wall, or if you want to make it into a shape of something you definitely could. The only thing is, it’s not plugged in. It is battery-operated. It takes three double. A batteries. So I mean, if you are gifting this and putting it in, somebody’s stalking, you can also maybe give them some batteries. You can literally never go wrong with chocolate. So my next stocking stuffer idea is these. Lindor original chocolates. I got these from Walmart and they were four for four dollars, So literally a dollar each. You can also find these at the dollar stores, so you’re getting it for the exact same price and the good thing about it is they didn’t just have the original flavor. They had different flavors like the green one. The blue one, the brown one. I don’t know what they are like hazelnut or something. And I mean, if the person you’re buying for doesn’t necessarily like Lind or Walmart had such a selection of like candies and chocolates that you could buy four for four dollars. You can obviously buy these from the Linder store itself, but I mean, it’s usually a lot more expensive there. The next stocking stuffer idea is great for girls because we use these every single day, and that is these makeup life. You can find them from anywhere from, like a dollar fifty to up to ten dollars. Depending on where you buy it, you can get them at the dollar store shoppers. Drug Mart, Walmart Target. Literally anywhere. You can find these. These are great to just throw in one thing. I would say, is to buy a pack of makeup. Remover wipes. That has the protective seal. I don’t know if you guys can see it, but this is a great way to keep the wipes actually moist. If you buy the packs ring up to cut them yourself, then they dry out now. Who doesn’t love a good loofah? These are our great stocking stuffer idea. I literally get one every single year for my stepmom. She’s so cute, she’s always buying me new ones. These you can literally buy at the dollar store you can buy at. Walmart, they’re like a dollar fifty or two dollars. There’s we’re cheap. They come in multiple colors. One thing I would mention is to buy one That actually has like the string that you can hang it. I’ve actually seen Lupes that don’t have it. Which kind of defeats the purpose for me to have it in your shower because there’s nowhere to hang it. So what it’s like if it doesn’t have this part, What am I supposed to do just like, keep it on the shower floor. I feel like that’s kind of weird, so always look for ones that have the hook for it to be hung, so a unique stocking stuffer idea. I actually came up with, and I think it’s actually so great because everybody has one nowadays. Whether it’s a Fitbit or it’s an Apple watch, but you can buy the replacement bracelets off of Amazon, these ones. I bought for my friends. Fitbit charge, too. They come in a pack of three, so I got black/white and like a grayish blue kind of color, and it was only 1199 so like you literally cannot go wrong and Amazon’s great because they give you the option to choose the size, so you can either pick small or you can pick large and it does come in other colors like I saw packs that had white and purple and like a light, blue or packs that has like pink, white and black. You definitely have options on the website, which is great because it lets you cater to what her favorite colors are. I think this is a great little gift idea, Just because I personally own a Fitbit And like I have to change the band Pretty frequently. I would say every couple of months if that depending on the color. I’ve had like two of them break. I had a white one in and obviously got really dirty, so I had to switch it out, But if the prisoner by for actually doesn’t own a Fitbit and say they have an Apple watch, you can also look on Amazon. It also gives you the option to choose the sizes as you can see there’s. A bunch of different colors and the average price is 1099 for one. Alright, guys, that is the end of today’s video. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and I really hope that it gave you some stocking stuffer ideas for the special woman or women in your life. Whether it be your mom, your girlfriend, your sister, your best friend. Whoever it is, these are great, great, affordable ideas and options and don’t be the. Grunch this holiday season. Make sure you subscribe below and give this video a thumbs up and we will see you guys tomorrow for day. Eight goodnight.