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Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide 2020 | Sarah Brithinee


[MUSIC]. Hey, guys, it’s Sarah here. Welcome back to my channel today. I’m going to be sharing my stocking stuffer gift guide. So if you’re interested in that, keep watching, and if you’re new here, don’t forget to subscribe before you leave. So you don’t miss any of my future videos? All right, let’s get into it. If you haven’t already seen them, I’ve posted quite a few gift Guides already this year, so definitely check them out. I’ll link them down below in the bottom bar, but there’s a lot of ideas and a lot of those would be good for stocking stuffers as well, so I’m not going to mention every single small item that would fit into a stocking. I’m just going to mention new ones here, so definitely check out those other videos. If you’re looking for even more ideas, stockings are my favorite. I love to put stockings together. I just think that they’re just so unexpected and fun so today I’m going to be sharing ideas for him and for her and I have done this video for the past couple of years. I think this is the third year in a row that I’m doing it, so I will link the other two videos down below. If you want to check out last years and the year before I’m going to try to not repeat myself, I actually haven’t watched those two videos, but I do know some of the stuff that I’ve mentioned that I’m going to be mentioning. Today are things that I haven’t mentioned before, so I hope that you guys enjoy it. Every single thing that I talk about will be linked down below in the bottom bar. So definitely check down there, including my sweater and my necklace. My nail polish. All the things will be in the description box. I would also love to know in the comments below. What you put in your stockings. I know everyone is different. I’ve heard tons of different things. A lot of people put oranges in the toe of the stocking. I’ve heard some people wrap everything in the stocking in aluminum foil. I’ve heard tons of different things, so I would love to know what your traditions are, and I will be sharing kind of what I do as I go through, so I have my stocking and Adam stocking in front of me. I’m just gonna go through them. I kind of stuffed them already. I have some stuff in here that I don’t personally have on me that I will share with you guys, and we’ll go through it all so first off. This is my stacking one of my favorite things to do for a stocking is to have something hanging out of it. So you can either. Hang something off of it. Whether that’s an ornament or you can have stuff hanging out of it like socks or something hanging over it. My family always does scratch off Lotto tickets, which is funny because none of us gamble ever. But for some reason on Christmas, we always do scratch off Lotto tickets. Usually my mom will put Lotto tickets in everyone’s stockings and those kind of hang over it because they’re all together, so they’ll hang over, which is really fun. I’ve had slippers. Put in my stocking before, and it had the little like cord in between the two slippers, and that was stuck here. So my two slippers were hanging off of my stocking. I just think it’s so fun to have something hanging off of the stocking first up. I just took this off of the stocking. This is a little ornament from slip. I really like gift sets like this. If they make sense if they don’t make sense. I don’t like them. A lot of them are such a waste of money, or they’re junky products or something like that. This one is this little ornament. You open it up and it has four scrunchies inside. This is three of them and this is the fourth, so I like the colors of these, and these are such high quality, Just like incredible scrunchies. They’re really, really stretchy, but they hold. I just love them and I like that. They’re nice and skinny compared to a lot of other scrunchies because I can put my hair like half up and you see it, but it’s not like super obvious or really, really dramatic, so absolutely love these, and I think a lot of women would love to get these scrunchies because they are more of like a luxurious purchase. Even though this set isn’t overly expensive, I can’t remember how much it was. Um, but it’s not overly expensive, but it’s something that is still a treat for whoever is getting it and it’s fun because of the packaging and how it comes to go into the stockings next up. Are these mittens? I love to put cozy things in stockings Because obviously it’s the middle of winter time, and we all need to stay warm. So these are mittens that I absolutely love. I got them last year. They come in a few different colors. They’re still available this year. Um, they’re just these faux fur mittens. I like that you can dress them up or dress them down and they are so warm. I love when my fingers are together. I don’t like having my fingers separated in gloves. I know that I’m weird and some people love that, but I don’t. So I’m gonna link these. I will also link my favorite beanie. Um, that has been super popular this year as well and that would be a great item to kind of roll up and stuff into a stocking or you could even do it long ways and have the little poof on top of the stocking or on top of the hat. Pop out of the stocking. That would be really cute, another item. You’ve gotta have in a stocking is a good snack, so this? I promised myself I would not open this until I filmed this video and here. We are anyway. This is from target. This is the Rudolph’s mix trail mix and I have already been in it. Just I cannot resist. So this is what it looks like, and this is a really good item for a stocking because of the shape and size of it, it fits right inside, but it takes up. I mean, quite a bit of room in the leg area. Which if you’re trying to fill the stocking to the brim? Which is what I always try to do. It really does fill up a lot of space in the stocking, but this is delicious. So I think anyone’s favorite snack. Whether that’s like a bag of pretzels or Adam loves pistachios, so I usually put a bag of pistachios in there or like Pringles, or whatever that is a trail mix chips. You name it anyway? This stuff is incredible! If you have not tried it, just believe me and thank me later. Um, but yeah. I think that a snack or a treat is a great addition to a stocking last thing about the snacks. Is that if you are trying to fill a stocking all the way up, it can get expensive, depending on what you’re putting in it. So a snack is usually not that expensive, and it usually takes up a little bit more room than other items. It’s a good filler item without just being junk next up. This is actually the gift wrapping from my brand espy. Which is my jewelry company. This is the necklace from there or a necklace from there rather. And I have a few pieces here. This one is the flower pendant. And then these are the hammered hoop earrings and I just love. I mean, obviously, I love them. It’s my brand, um, but I offer gift wrapping as well so you could buy them without the gift wrapping and put them right into the stocking with the wrapping. They come in or you could buy. The gift wrapping and the box is small enough, and it’s so cute. It’s so easy to gift it and you can just throw that into the stocking either way. It’s a great gift to give next up. Ooh, I love this stuff. This is from fresh. It is the sugar lemon moisturizing hand cream! I wish you guys could smell this because it smells incredible and it’s thick, so you definitely don’t need a lot of it to moisturize your hands, but a little bit goes a long way, which I love for products like this and it doesn’t. Leave your hands feeling too, like oily. After the fact you feel like you can just go right on living life again, but your hands are moisturized, which I love that I don’t like when my hands feel gross, and I feel like I need to wipe them off on something, so this definitely doesn’t do that at all, and I think all of us could use a little extra moisture in our hands this year because we are just washing our hands way more than we probably normally do. So this is a great item to put in there. Um, there’s really good ones from. What is that brand now? I’m not gonna be able to think of the brand that I’m trying to remember anyway. I will link some really good hand lotions down below. The next item in here is the nail polish I’m wearing. I’m pretty sure I found the perfect holiday red nail polish from the asi gel couture line. This is my favorite line of nail polish, and I’ve had a couple about shades from them. That are like more maroony or dark, but aren’t that like bright poppy holiday red color? So this I just feel like is the perfect holiday red, and this is in the shade rock the runway. Yes, yes, yes, absolutely love it and this is so small that it’s perfect to go into the stocking. It’s an easy grab-and-go gift. You can get it at Ulta, super easy, easily or order it online, but it’s just a great gift that somebody will actually like to get in their stocking, and if red is not that persons shade, you can buy something else. That’s a little bit more middle of the road or neutral or whatever, and then the last item in here is this which is going to be no surprise. If you’ve watched any of my videos probably ever. This is from fresh. This is the sugar lip treatment in the shade bloom. My favorite shade is rose and I actually just opened a brand new one of the rose shade. Put it in my car and I remember bringing it back into my house. No idea where it is, not in my bag. It’s not in my coat. So I’m very sad, but bloom is beautiful as well. That’s what I have on my lips today. Um, this is a great shade. There’s a ton of good shades. It’s just a really nice wash of color. It has SPF in it. They do have clear which I always get for my mom every year, and this is just like a great item that even a tomboy type of a girl would like, especially probably the clear one. If they don’t wear makeup at all like a lot of the women in my life, don’t wear makeup. And so they would probably like the clear, but if you do wear makeup, I mean, I wear makeup. Basically, every single day. But I still like that. It’s just a nice wash of color. It’s not super opaque, so it doesn’t fade unnaturally. It looks good when it fades and it just is an easy item to put on without a mirror. This is a bonus item. I guess for either men or women, but like a 20 20 thing is cute. Face masks this. I really honestly believe this is going to be one of the most popular stocking stuffers of 2020 which is insane, but if we’re all wearing them, they may as well be cute. This set is from kitsch, and it just has some cute little patterns and colors. Um, I think we’re all just doing what we have to do this year, and since we’re all going to be wearing them, I think a lot of people want to match their outfits or look cute and whatever so that is probably going to be a very popular one this year and then moving on. This is Adam stocking and I threw this ornament on here. I am actually going to get him an ornament. This is not the one that I’m going to get him because I haven’t purchased it yet. But this is a pizza ornament that we already had. Um, so my family gets us an ornament every year they have since I was a kid so every year. If there’s a milestone that happens, you get an ornament that correlates with that. So for our 16th birthday, we got little car ornaments. When we turned 21 we got drinks when we when I ran my last business. I got a little business woman when I started my blog. I got a camera when I bought my house. I got a house, I’m sure this year. I will get some sort of like wedding bride, something or other, but anyway, I now have this collection of really sentimental ornaments that I’ve been collecting since my childhood. I will definitely do that someday when we have kids because I just think that it is so fun, and it just adds so much to our tree and Adam doesn’t really have a lot of ornaments, so I’m going to start building up his collection so this year I’m going to get him an ornament. I’m not sure what it’s going to be yet. He is an architect, so I was thinking about trying to find an architect ornament or like a blueprint ornament or something like that. I don’t know, but I’m going to start building up his ornament collection every year and I will hang it off of the stocking like this one is, and then first up in here. I’ve got some socks these. I got from Abercrombie for him and I get him socks almost every year in a stocking. I just feel like this is one of those things that every man needs doesn’t really want to buy for themselves and I know that he’ll get use out of them. This set comes in a pack of three and they came with just neutral colors and patterns. So I know that he’ll like them, but they’re not like super exciting, but they are functional, and it’s always nice to have a new functional basics. I will also say there’s certain things that carry over to both when it comes to like the formula of how I stock a stuffing. How I stuff a stocking? Wow, um, so I usually will put a snack in the stocking as well, so that will be something that I put into his. And then I mentioned the fuzzy mittens. You could do like a scarf for a man tight like completely. Roll it up so that it’s long and skinny and stuff it in there, you could do a cute holiday socks for a girl like these work both ways. I’m just showing you examples for each, But obviously you could do them for anyone next up. I actually grabbed this out of our bathroom. This is not the brand of hair stuff that Adam normally uses, but he ran out of his and he gets his from his barber. So if your man or the man that you are doing their stocking for has specific hair stuff, you could get them that or like a beard. Oil something luxurious like that. This is the one that is in our bathroom currently, but I know that this is not what he normally uses. So I don’t know if he even likes this one or not. I just know that he ran out and we went to like the drugstore and got this so, um, yeah, I don’t have a report back on that one, but the one that he normally uses is really good, so I could totally get him Some of those and then kind of on the same lines of that. This is from bath and body works. It’s in the teak wood scent, and it is a three-in-one hair face and body wash. Okay, you guys, if you are around my age like early 30s or around that age when Abercrombie was really popular back like when I was in middle school, so you know, early 2000s This is what that scent is like. This smells! Oh yeah. This is like there’s. No scent. I can imagine wanting Adam to smell like more than this one. It is just outrageous! How good it smells. So if you are around the same age, and you like that old like walk into abercrombie, and that’s what it smells like smell, you will love this scent. I have no idea if Abercrombie still smells like that. I don’t think I’ve been into a store. I’ve actually purchased quite a few things from there, but I haven’t been into a store in a while, so I don’t know if it still smells like this. I doubt it, but this is just so so so good. I also like that. This is like a luxurious product, but it’s a three in one men are so lucky that they don’t have to do all these different steps to like, still maintain their skin and whatnot, so that is just perfect for a low maintenance kind of guy. I put a pack of gum in here. This kind of goes along the same lines of the snack, but it’s kind of like a snack or just something that they use or chew or whatever every single day. So whether that is gum or some sort of snack. I just think things like this are small. They take up some room, but they’re really cheap to buy, and they’re usually really appreciated because it’s something that that person uses often. And then next up, I have this. Which is the lip balm that Adam uses or chapstick. Whatever men call it. But this is the blistax. I’m actually banned from buying this for Adam. Because I bought some for him the first year we were together and I’m pretty sure he has a life supply now because I got like a three pack or a four pack or something and he uses it. You know, for three months out of the year in the winter, like once every other week. So I’m not buying this for him. I took it out of our bathroom again. But this would be a good item to get in their stocking. Lastly, this is a splurge item. These are my air pods. I love them! I just use them every single day. They are so good, they’re on sale right now. So they’re not as expensive as they used to be, and these are not the pros. These are the like older version, which I love these, so I don’t have a need to go to the pros. Um, so I just think that these would be such a good item. If the person you’re putting their stocking together for does not have them already, and it’s something you think that they would use. I can’t recommend these enough, but again they are a bit of a splurge item. I have a couple of items that I didn’t put into either of the stockings. The first one is art supplies. These are dual ended markers that have a skinny tip and then a thicker tip. You could do any art supplies that they like though, or these are my planner markers if they like planning like specific pens that they use or anything like that under that category of art supplies. I think would be a great gift. Last year. I put these in atom stockings. They are the copper, Um, measuring cups and measuring spoons. I thought that these were a great gift because we needed new sets and we both agreed that we loved the copper color. So those were a great gift for him. Um, but you could do like a spoon rest or any other kitchen gadget. If they need like spatulas or even like a new oven. Mitt, you could roll up and stick it in there. Um, yeah, any kind of small kitchen gadget would be awesome to put in there. Oh, I got a lemon squeezer last year in my stocking. And I love that thing so yeah. I think that anything for the kitchen would be awesome. All right, you guys! Those are all of my stocking stuffer ideas. I hope that you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe before you leave. So you don’t miss any of my future videos? Thanks so much for watching bye, guys.