Side Braid Wedding Hair | My Wedding Hair Tutorial – Beautiful Side Braid

Abby Smith

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My Wedding Hair Tutorial - Beautiful Side Braid


[MUSIC] just showed up to intrepid salon. This is where I get my hair done. Christina was so kind to let us use her space. This is Bailey. Hi, guys, what’s your Instagram handle? She Styles C-h-e-s-c-h s-e-h-i-i-e s-s styles ill. Leave it right here. She helped me with my braid bar when we did a little get-together here in Orem. And I just like, adore her so much, so she’s thank you. She’s gonna do all the things today to make my hair beautiful. So she’s got a whole box of goodies. We have the veil. All the products we’re gonna use. We’ve got it all and look at her jumpsuit. Thank you, I can’t! He looks so cute. [MUSIC] [Applause] Okay, so you’re like this is what I’m not good at is prepping the hair. I’m because I’m too lazy for it. Yeah, it’s like no. I want my hair to last for, like, seven days. This is all like tons of products. So you guys one of my tricks that I do know since my hair is shorter with my extensions. I have my hair stylist. Cut them when I get them because these are too long for my hair right now. And then the bottom one, I’ll take it out and I’ll put like marker just one dot on the left clip, and then the second one up. I’ll put two dots on this middle clip, and then the third one up three dots on the third flip and then the biggest left. I always know what that one is which is like in the top, but that’s helped me a lot because I’ll always put them in, and then I’m like crap. The bottom ones are too long. I have to redo them all. [MUSIC] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Great [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music]. Oh, my god! Did you guys see that? That was a little trick, right. This is so pretty! Are you kidding me right now? [MUSIC] Abigail Smith. Do you take Matthew Taylor Hoskins to be your lawfully wedded husband again? Matthew Taylor Hoskins. Do you take Abigail Smith to be your lawfully wedded wife? I do by virtue of the authority vested in me through the laws of the state of Utah. I now pronounce you. Abigail Smith and Matthew Taylor Hoskins legally married as wife and husband happy. You may now kiss you.