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Wood Invitations?! Diy Suite Tutorial


Well, hello, lovely humans and welcome back to my channel. Today we are doing something that’s very near and dear to my heart. It is a little. DIY tutorial on my actual wedding invitation. It’s a little self aggrandizing. Maybe a my little bias. Maybe, but I literally held on to these supplies for years, so I can either write a blog post about it or so I could do a video about it, so it’s here today’s the day. Congratulations, we’ve made it So when I was planning my wedding. I knew that I wanted an invitation. That had a lot of different texture to it, so I wanted different elements. I want it to, I wanted it to be a tactile experience and not just like a visual one. Does that make sense? It’s kind of, like, a weird thing to want for an invitation, but I think texture adds so much depth to a design, and so that’s something I definitely wanted to do for my wedding invitations, so naturally, I took to Pinterest and it came across this image right here. Ironically enough, I’m actually an acquaintance of this bride, and she actually designs annotations and they are gorgeous. I mean, laser engraved wood invitations for your wedding day. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want something that cool? I know I certainly did, but the problem was my wallet couldn’t. Afford it hipster. I wanted to come up with a DIY alternative to get me that same look so again jumped on the interwebs and started searching around came across a wood paper company called Real Wood Paper. Comm got myself. The sampler pack picked out the color. I wanted picked up the thickness. I wanted and ordered myself a bunch of wood paper. Get them home! Throw them in the printer, get to working on them and they get stuck in the printer, and then they start smearing. And I’m here I am thinking. Oh, my gosh! I’ve got like a whole ream of wood paper that I literally can’t do anything with because my whole plan is shot, but as you probably guessed, I did not give up. No, no, no, sir. I persevered and I kept going because I was a dog with a bone with this idea. So I came across this specific stamp company that does custom stamps and the biggest one they offer is 5×7 now. I don’t know if you guys know this. But a standard wedding invitation and a seven with wedding invitation is five by seven. So I thought I know what I’m gonna do. I’m going to send my invitation design to the Scout and she can make me a stamp for both my invitation A MY RSVP card, so I can use the weird paper that I purchased that doesn’t work with a printer, even though the website said that I would work with a printer like I couldn’t get it to work. We’ll, chalk. It up to user error was like realtalk. That was really hard and I couldn’t figure it out. So this company took my images. Turn them into these ridiculously cool stamps and saved the day when it came to my invitations and yall. I am so thrilled with the results so but that’s enough of like the back story behind it and enough of me Rambling without further ado, Let’s just jump right on into it. Shall we were good, guys? I can’t talk [Music] okay, so supplies? First you need is a paper cutter and yes. This works beautifully on the whoopee, of course, the wood paper of your choice and that beautiful, handmade paper with that cute deckled edge that I mentioned earlier some craft round paper so each had some grosgrain grosgrain ribbon. No, no, no, no a stapler, a punch thing that makes a tag and, of course, your custom stamps that clearly got a hole, a lot of love, and I already lost my invitation and my RSVP cards were just so I can use two different textures for my invitation and, of course, and don’t forget the omelet. Here’s that sample pack that I’m flying you about a little bit earlier and the reason I learning this is. I wanted to make sure that I like the thickness, and I liked the color of the wood paper that I’d be getting and there’s the cherry one that each side on now grabbing your wood paper, which we’re just gonna kinda mine this cuz. I don’t have any good paper left, so that’s what it looks like. I don’t know, um, but here. I’ll show you with a regular piece of paper instead. Go ahead and trim off the edges to cut it down to a five by seven invitation. Grabbing your ink pad and your paper. Both of them straightened. Go ahead and stamp your custom stamps straight onto the giant ink pad. And this is the hardest part is making sure things are centered so as you can see. I take my time and press really firmly to make sure the ink transfers. There is a little bit of a learning curve to this as you can see some of them. I pressed a little too hard on, and there’s a little bit of leftover residue, But for the most part, I got the hang of it pretty quickly again, pressing very firmly to make sure there’s enough ink, also because this things had slightly dry it out probably shows up on anyone for a tutorial pressing super super firmly onto paper, and this is the end result, Tada. This is okay. Let’s be honest! This is one from our actual wedding, so it’s several years old, but look how well it held up. Oh, and quick side note. Be sure to not do it on the shiny side and do it on the mass side of the wood. Instead, now, for our tag, taking our craft paper, go ahead and pop out a cute little tag piece. And here’s another stamp that I totally forgot to mention. I didn’t get it from Jennifer with originals, but on Etsy instead. Um, but that’s okay, because I’m sure Jennifer Lim can make this for you Anyways. Go ahead and stamp our initials with cute little floral swag bits underneath and on the reverse side of our scam machine dressed a little homemaker now. This thing sucks, It’s not good, but I don’t have a hole punch, and so I just had to make do. I got better at when I was making Mamet. A shions and clearly got the more centered. But you have a better option, go with that. We have grabbing a couple sprigs of rosemary and peeling off the dead leaves much like. I did in the other. DIY wedding invitation video because it was inspired by my actual imitations. I just go ahead and taste those suckers to the back of a tag and I know what you’re thinking. What about the Rosemary? Does it not fall apart the meal and some of them do but like. I said my last video and end up being like a little bit of rosemary confetti. It was crying, trimming off the excess to make sure none of those twigs stick out because added like that. Look, and now it’s time for assembly. Here’s where that ribbon comes in three measuring it out by stretching it around the back. I’m just going to cut this ribbon long enough that it overlaps just a little bit, so a staple can hold, yeah? I know a staple is not the most glamorous thing to use, but trust me. It was a heck of a lot more effective than Chinese Hot glue or like any of the other sort of adhesive like that. So I hope my guests didn’t think it was tacky, taking the ribbon and putting it through the back of the tag. I don’t know why she’s calling it a tags. Let’s just with Monograms piece of paper. Be sure to bunch up the ribbons before putting it through the hole because it makes it a lot easier to read. Oh, wait! I totally forgot to actually attach the RSVP card because I don’t want it sliding around. Just gonna grab a piece of tape loop it around. Plop it on the back and the RSVP card and Center it on to the invitation. Now I could have used glue dots instead, but I just preferred on the surface area of tape, cuz. I feel like it’d be more secure now. Here comes probably the most challenging part and that is getting the ribbon at the perfect tightness where it’s not too tight, but not too loose. You don’t want it so tight that the invitations, bubbles or bends, but you want it tight enough that it’s not going to slide around when it’s you know, being transported and Mail, Give it a good staple and well. This one wasn’t exactly spinning its. Okay, cuz it’s on the back. Give it a little shake to make sure everything stays in place because again. You don’t want things moving around the mail, so keep it as secure as possible going back to that monogrammed stamp. I grabbed my envelope and just give it a little extra touch of our initials on the envelope and one thing I do highly recommend that you guys do is doing an invitation like this. That may have a little bit thicker paper or have some extra elements to it is to take it to the post office and have it way to make sure you don’t need extra stamps because heavier. Imitation sweets may need more stamps, and that could be a little bit of a downer on your budget as you can see. It’s super easy to disassemble and pose for a very cute. Instagram bubble moment, one goal today [Music]. So what do you guys think? I, of course, like completely in love with them. I know it’s been a few years, but I still think that this is a pretty rad design, and I hope it encourages a lot of you guys to try something a little bit outside the box. Well, my design was actually created by a couple of friends of mine. If you are looking to do something similar know that you can find something on. Etsy wedding chicks has their free template. I know I keep saying her name know. This video is not sponsored, not at all. I’m not getting I am simply giving her a shout out because her customer service was on point and her attention to detail was incredible and because she saved my wedding. Invitations went like, like all of my hopes and dreams were pinned on this image, and then I couldn’t get it to print and was just without her. My wedding invitations would not be what they were and so she has graciously extended a 10% discount to all of my viewers. If you guys are interested, just go to her website. You can use code. Jamie, that’s me, J. Ami, I’ll leave that discount code below for you guys just in case. But she would love love love to help. You make some sort of custom stamp for your wedding day or heck? It doesn’t have to be free wedding Dia either, just like any sort of custom stamp. The sky is the freakin limit with these so. I hope this encourages you to go out and try something different, really push the boundaries on what a wedding invitations should look like and create something that really defines who you and your fiance are if you guys are interested in any of the other products. I used in this video. I will link them down below, so that’s. All we have for today. Folks, thank you so much for stopping by. If you like the video, then you know, like the video down there, and if you haven’t done so already subscribe to this channel for more tips and tricks for the modern day bride. I also wanted to say a huge. Thank you for your all, yalls. DIY suggestions that you threw in the comments last week. I’m so excited to do some more. Diy’s coz Yall came in hot with the suggestions. And I can’t wait. I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun, creating a bunch of messes in my home instead of in yours, so I’m just gonna try stuff out for you and let you know how it goes and until next week Bye, guys, yeah, hi. Hi, you owe me! Hold you stay, okay, Bye-bye! [MUSIC].