Rustic Double Sink Bathroom Vanity | How To Make A Simple Single Sink Bathroom Vanity (the Legs)

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How To Make A Simple Single Sink Bathroom Vanity (the Legs)


I was gonna originally make the base at a pond. Then I decided to use some Hickory. I had bought for a table last year and never made the table so here. I am cutting two pieces to length, and then I’m gonna go ahead and plane them [Music] once the board was squared up and flat. I go ahead and cut them into two net. Quarter-inch wide boards. And there’s gonna be about 33 inches long now that I’ve cut up the wood, The rough width and length. I need to glue them up to make four legs. I decided to glue them up together. Instead of using a million clamps on this one after the glues dry, I run these pieces through the table saw to get them almost aside, but still need to run them through the planer again. Nice and flat and use my plain inner to take them down to follow size of two inches square after our planning down. I’ll use my crosscut sled to get them to a final length of thirty one and a half inches. I thought it would be kind of neat to get a first-hand view of me. Tapering the legs on two sides. So that’s what this is. I call it [Music] actually, I had a lot of vibration and the pieces went through the blade. [MUSIC] then came everybody’s favorite part. Seeing me you notice, there’s not just the legs there. There’s also the rail system. It’s hard to split up a video. We have to sang that stuff down. I extended them all to 320 I think it took me about two hours. Maybe a little bit more to sand, everything down. I’ve cut some pieces of plywood So I could get a uniform amount on the -. Now it’s time to start assembling the legs. Well, the madding here is some glue to the ends and then. I’m going to use pocket hole screws to secure the legs to the side rails. I’ve already pre-measured these, and I am adding the bottom rails that will hold all the slats for the bottom shelf. OK, so I went in checking the floor in the bathroom and it is not level at all, so I need about a half inch height on the up on one opposite side from this side, so I’m going to put some of these leveling feet on here. They’re going to go in here and I don’t know if you’ve ever drilled into Hickory and green, but it is not easy, so I’m going to first mark the center point good thing. I have this from attorney. Huh would be both sides here, all right, and all. I have is a 3/16 bit. Is this portion of it and it? This seems to be dull too, so I will end up super glue or c8 gluing these in will just push right into there and I’m going to glue it. And then I can use it to level the cabinet. Alright, stop the video right there. We have a leg completed, and you see, the whole side assembly is done next. Step is to assemble the base. You’ll see that on the next video. I’m hoping, and we’re gonna use that adder over again, Even though I didn’t like it in the top that I did, I’m gonna buy some high quality brushes and see if that helps out and see if it makes it. Look a little bit better than me, okay. I hope you enjoyed the enjoyed the video. If you did go ahead and tell me down. Below in the comment section hit that thumbs up or the thumbs down doesn’t matter which one you do. If it’s your first time here, go ahead and hit that subscribe button and hit the little bell. So you know when the next video comes out. Alright, until next video. Stay cool! You baby baby. Just let it be land with me. Ride with me. See where this thing goes, baby? Just let the be uptight.