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Affordable Hoop Centerpiece Or Cake Stand


Hey, guy isn’t. Stephanie, here from a year lovely where we carry the largest selection of saluteth flowers in the United States. Today’s tutorial. You guys any any guesses on the main poop part that we used for this affordable fun hoop centerpiece, yeah? I’m really bad at hints. I bet you’re gonna guess it, but let’s just jump into the tutorial, and you can see if you were raped for this tutorial. You’re going to need two two by twos and these are approximately 25 inches long. We’re gonna have another piece of wood and this is an 8 by 8 square that I’ve created not super thick. We’re gonna want some sort of type of wood circle. I’m using an MDF. This is a 12 inch circumference, so it goes across 12 inches and this is going to be used as our platform. Just a couple of screws. These are going to depend size-wise on how thick the wood is that you’re using. So you want to make sure that they’re long enough to go through, but not so long that they’re gonna go right through your would spray paint on the secret piece to this particular tutorial. A child-size hula-hoop. I completely forgot it. The most important part of this tutorial coffee. So with this particular hula hoop. It has this like your doesn’t thing to it. I used this style before it’s a sticker. Yay, for that, so what we’re gonna do is just get a knife out and we’re gonna score this ever so gently and we’re going to take off. Mister, so you see, right. There it’s a black hoop underneath. I’m trying not to. I don’t want to, like, actually cut into the hoop itself, though. Cuz that’s gonna leave some marks when we get our spray paint on here, so I’m trying to be aware of it, and now this is just gonna take a while to take this approach, so we’ll speed this up and we’ll make it into a non iridescent crazy [Music] and then to hold the hoop together. There are these staples. Don’t worry about those. Those are going on the bottom. Alright now! We have our hoop fully iridescent ticking away. I don’t know, I’m trying to say, but now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go sneak this outside and I’m going to spray paint it and they’ll come back and shoots up. She shall be a lovely goal while you’re spray-painting, said Hoop spray paint all of your wood pieces as well, okay. I’ll be right back so everything is now spray painted and while we put this together. I have a fun little story to tell you about as I was making this and putting it together, so I went outside to spray paint because I was trying to be responsible and not spray paint in my studio. I locked myself out of the studio. So this video has not gone there even before. I never expected, but that’s alright. So now what we’re doing Is we are putting a wooden black or the that wooden piece. We’re gonna create that to hold these two pieces together. I put the hoop in between so that it’s snug in there. I’m going to use my power drill to put the screws in. If you wanted to do this by hand, you probably could. It might be a little difficult, though power. If you can get a power tool, that’s gonna make it a hundred times easier one in and then we’re going to go kitty-corner to the other side for the other one. Alright, so no, that’s nice and tight in there. We’re going to do your circle now. You don’t have to worry about filling in these particular screws, but for this one, you can put a little bit of the paint on top of it. So there we have it now. Let’s put some greenery and a little bit of flowers and well. Finish this up to finish this. I am going to grab a just a swag of greenery. This has actually been cut in half whatever you want to use if you want to individually wrap different parts of greenery, That’s completely fine. I’m just gonna go. This is the easy way to do it. Let’s just be honest, we’re just an input. A little bit of greenery on here. Since this is a little smaller hoop than the one we’ve done in the past. And if you’re interested in that video, we did a very large cake hoop if you will, um. I’ll link it in the description below, so you can check that one out. This one is a little bit a little bit more low-key. This could be used on the centerpiece or on each of the tables and have your table numbers in the center. I’m going to use cable ties now because we’re using. This is spray-painted on plastic. You might get some lifting of the spray-paint. I did use spray paint. That’s supposed to go on plastic, but I am noticing some lip stuff. So using the cable ties helps a little bit in scratching as much versus wire, but if you’re even concerned about that, you could probably use a green floral tape to wrap it around [Music] flowers. I’m using a petal layer that I’ve already hot glued into the stem. I’m using a 22 gauge cutter wire [Music] now where the paint has lifted. If it’s bothering you, you can go in and just touch up that teen’s a little bit as well. [MUSIC] There you have it there, you go, guys! Here is an alternative hoop centerpiece using a hula hoop, a couple pieces of wood. And you’re going good to go. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you’re loving what we’re doing around here, make sure to subscribe and to bring it that fell and to learn more about the hundred-plus. Sola, Wood style flowers. We have in our shop. Go to, oh, you’re lovely. Calm until next time. This is Stephanie from. Oh, you’re lovely and you, my friends are absolutely lovely. Hey, guys!