Rose Gold Foil Invitations | Rose Gold Foil Over Marble Wedding Invitation Diy Tutorial | Best Gold Foil Results

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Rose Gold Foil Over Marble Wedding Invitation Diy Tutorial | Best Gold Foil Results


Hi, everyone as requested by you guys. I’m going to show you how to get flawless transfer foil over a marbled background. Our patent invitation will be the example today. Eternal stationery is a business. So if you prefer for us to make your invitations, please see our website or Etsy store and contact US. Links are in the description and also at the end of the video. So a common problem we hear is fall out around your foil text. There are so many factors for this and I will detail them in another video, but I’m going to show you how to get no fallout when using a printed background that you do not want to be foiled. Firstly, I use illustrator to design. Invitation you can use Ms. Word or any other design program. It’s pretty simple, just text and a high-resolution Marvel JPEG file. I deleted the marbled backgrounds so only the text and crop marks are showing. I want these elements printed in 100% black CMYK laser toner and not inkjet, black or any other black compasses. I say this as a high resolution PDF by going to file save as the folder containing the artwork, selecting Adobe PDF from format, renaming the document and hitting save here. I change the preset to high quality print. Uncheck optimized for fast web views, compression settings. Okay, marks and bleeds are okay. In output change color conversion to convert to destinations advanced is okay, security and scenario also. Okay, then click save PDF now. I’m going to work on the marbled background. I click Command C or control C on my keyboard to get my image back. I select all the text and crop marks and delete them so all I’m left with is the marble. This also needs to be saved as a PDF, so do the same steps as before click. Save and open the folder with your desired files. I open up the marble PDF and I’m going to print this on an inkjet printer. The reason why I’m going to use two printers instead of one is because the marble image is so detailed and made up of Grays and blacks. If I printed this on a laser printer, The black pixels will be foiled And then I will get the fall out as transfer foil. Only sticks to laser toner. I’m going to have no foil transfer to the marble area. I open up the text PDF document and print this with the laser printer. I insert the paper. I have already printed with the marble design. Make sure it’s the right way around. You want the final printout to look exactly the same as it does on the screen next? I cut my paper in half, so it’s easier to foil. I’m going to use Heidi Swapp for today in the color rose gold. I get my invitation and cut enough oil to cover the future text. I place it inside the transfer folder and cover the design completely with baking paper so that no ink or toner will lift onto the folder. This prolongs the life of the folder. Now it’s ready to foil. I switched the ink line and go to heat setting 6 Wait for it to heat up and insert the folder closed side first. This method never disappoint. Look at that coverage and also no fallout so now. I thought I would show you how to finish the rest of the invitation. [MUSIC] [Music] you [Music] [Music]!