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Imogen Abbot

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Diy Make Your Own Wedding Shoes - Bridal


[MUSIC] Hey, guys, this is a video to show how I made my own. DIY wedding shoes? It’s a great option. If you like crafts, and you want to keep your costs down, it’s super easy to do. Stay tuned! I got these basic white heels from silk thread. I wanted a chunky, small heel so that I won’t slip into the grass and they have this really nice silver on the inside. These are still available, so I’ve put a link in the description below. If you wanted to get the same, you need to make sure that you have your shoes first before you can go ahead and buy any of the appliques. This is because you can decide where you want to put them on the toe strap or the ankle strap or even on the back of the heel, and you can then measure these areas to make sure that you know exactly what size pieces you want and get ones that are going to fit. If you wanted to do exactly the same as I have my toe strap measures two centimeters. I’ve decided I’m gonna leave the ankle strap as it is, and instead I’m gonna go for a back of the heel, which I’m measuring here And it’s 10 centimeters. I got this band of diamantes and pearls from ebay. It was around six pounds for one meter. I’ve put a link down below in case. You wanted to buy exactly the same. This measures perfectly two centimeters for my toe strap. There are loads of different kinds of these trims, so I’d recommend search around until you can find something that fits with your color scheme and it’s going to be the right size for your shoes. Here I’m just measuring out how much I need and cutting it off. I’m going to leave lots of excess so that I’m not going to cut it too close to where I actually need it to be. [MUSIC] Because these individual pearls and gems have been sewn on the end ones are now going to fall off where I’ve cut it. So this is why I’ve left a little bit of extra space. I’m going to go ahead and pull off the loose ones, and I’m going to leave a little bit of blank tape at the end, which I am then going to fold underneath so that when I stick it down, the ends will be nice and secure, depending on what type of trim you end up buying. You might not need to do this. I know some metal chain link type trims. You can just twist them and snap it off to be the right size, and you don’t need to worry about the stitching, but if you have anything that has been sewn on, you want to make sure that the end ones aren’t going to come loose and start dropping off when you’re walking around on your wedding day because that’s not cool because I have three rows of stones here. I am actually just tapering the edge to a 45 degree angle so that it wraps around the toe strap really nicely, but you don’t need to worry about doing this. You can just cut it straight and it will still work perfectly. I’m just going to do the same for the other end, so I’m going to remove the stones from this excess part at the bottom, but leave a spare bit of tape that I can fold underneath to secure. Most of these types of appliques tend to be sewn down onto a really thin little piece of fabric. Mine is actually overhanging at the edge ever so slightly, So I’m just going to trim down that very edge bit so that it’s not sticking out. Just make sure if you’re doing this, you don’t snip any of the stitching, and that way none of your gems will come loose once you are good to go. You’re going to want to go ahead and get some glue. I’m using a glue gun. You can also use super glue. Anything that you think is going to hold it down firmly enough to last the day. Obviously you don’t need to wear these shoes more than once, but you don’t want anything to be coming undone. I’m applying the glue directly onto the shoe strap, not too close to the edge so that it doesn’t spill and you want to make sure that you’ve got enough glue on there and then quickly before it starts to dry, I’m going to attach the strap in place and it should fit perfectly because we’ve already measured it out here. You can see how I am just folding underneath the extra little bit of tape that I left at the end, and that gives it a really nice edge and you can’t see any sort of raw bits where you have cut it. I’m just going to put a little bit of extra glue under there to make sure it’s really nice and secure. Now I am going to go ahead and do the other shoe exactly the same now. I am moving on to these slightly larger appliques that I got to go on the back of the heel. Originally I was going to put something like this on the toe. Strap or actually around the ankle, which I think would look beautiful, but on this particular shoe, I decided to go for the back of the heel, and I think the shape of these is going to look perfect. These are also from ebay and it was 14 pounds for a set of two. These are slightly pricier, but when you think about how much actual bridal shoes cost, I think it’s no comparison and these are just absolutely stunning. I am going in with my glue gun again. This time I’m putting the glue onto the applique itself rather than the back of the shoe, and that’s just so I can avoid having glue in parts, which might end up showing. And this will help you to position it to make sure that you’ve got it in exactly the right place. I’m just going to follow along the seam. That’s already there and that can be nicely covered up. [MUSIC] There you have it we’re all done and I think they look stunning. I’m super happy with them and I actually cannot wait to wear them when I go and try on my dress. I hope you loved the video. I have my fingers crossed for all of you and all of our weddings, and I hope that in the meantime, you can make yourself some amazing shoes. [music] you!