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Finding My Second Wedding Dress! | David's Bridal Wedding Dress | Noelle Downing


Hey, guys, so! I have been bad blogger for like a week, but I am getting ready to go to. David’s Bridal and I have kind of been sharing a lot of like the bridal dress. I’ve been trying on with you guys. So I thought I would vlog today, too. So Abby and I are about to head out and go to where as statements. Riedel, is it like 14th Street? Yeah, okay, and we’re getting ready to go to for, like, near 14th Street to go to David’s Bridal. I have one this really gold outfit. I honestly look a little crazy, but it’s what I was feeling. So here we go. [MUSIC] Okay, so we just got to David’s Bridal, and they have a bunch more dresses and they had last time I was here in. I think December, so I’m really excited to go through these and kind of see what they have. That’s new. It was really beautiful. [MUSIC] Okay, guy’s dress. I am like in love with it. I love the detailing everything so much, and then I go to the prices. Everything under one thousand dollars. Just freaking awesome like that’s crazy. It’s a beaut, it’s so beautiful. I love it so much. [MUSIC] Is the Sun! Leave a free, okay. Here are my five dresses that I picked out to try on episode. Oh, and I think this is like my food. Hey, babe, this course. That was huge, sledge. But I got worn into trying so many wedding dresses. They were her engagement party and it is like my secret weapon. Okay, so this is the first dress. It is a Veera. And it is stunning! It’s like very, she’s fancy. She is Bujji [Music] [Music]. Okay, so this is another Veera, and it is so cool, so it’s actually like the shorter dress underneath, and then it has this long tulle overlay skirt and I love it. It is so cute, very like 60s I always love having a veil on to feels extra Bridal II [Music] okay now! I’m trying on this gold dress, which obviously does not have to be a wedding dress, but it is so so so beautiful. The back is just like stunning and has like these buttons lining up to that and it’s stunning. I’m just like so in love with it. I love how much it sparkles. [MUSIC] It’s dresses, a bunch of buttons and Abby’s commenting found out how hard it would be for your husband to unbutton them anyway. On a different note. I have tried on three dresses and I love all three of them so much. I have two more to try on, and I’m really excited about them one. I’m gonna pair with a cape and so this is a new Bureau and it is everything, you guys. This is a dress that I was showing you before. That is under a thousand. It’s like eight ninety three, and it is beautiful. It just looks so really cool. I feel like it has a really cool design element. It’s so comfortable. The lace feels really good. It’s not too itchy, and I just love this detailing. It is so cool like I just love this dress. How many wedding dresses can one have my question because I really want this? [MUSIC] Her stories get [Music]. Okay, so this is the last dress I pairing it with this cape, and I am, I’m obsessed. It’s so so so beautiful. I honestly, like really loved every single dress. I tried on, it’s so so beautiful like this cape over it too. It’s just a little bit different and I love it. I love capes, though, So I’m very, very, very obsessed [Music]. Okay, so I’ve just finished trying on all five dresses, and I love all five of them Almost equally like they are also so gorgeous. I freaking love them, so so so much. Okay, so I want you to tell us a little bit about yourself because you’ve been so helpful today. She made sure that my train was looking flowing every picture, and she got so many accessories. I the accessories. I really appreciate so so much of it and I love dressing you up. So tell us tell us your name. So my name is Patricia. I’m a Davis bridle. Bridle, stylist. I’ve been here for three years. I love what I do. It’s just so exciting to dress every single person that I do every single day and got to be a part of that amazing moment when they say this is my dress. Oh, my gosh! Did you like cried before? I have cried. Oh, my gosh, it’s very emotional for here, oh! I bet it is really emotional. I feel like I would cry every day. Yeah, it is happy here. Yeah, no, it’s good, it’s. Good, it’s thankful tears. Yeah, thank you for watching.