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How To Make Wedding Invitations | Creative Diy Save The Date & Invitations | Himherhislove


That’s sorry. I’m so sorry, I’m Ima say it again. Are these fast-forward that beginning? Part [Music] [Music] what’s going on Youtube Big Virginia to another edition of him her he’s? No, no, thank you so much for it to me until each and every week we appreciate it. If you haven’t already make sure you hit the subscribe button in my EP. Ike, yeah, today, right into the details. Yes, I do a do-it-yourself invitation’s wedding invitation visitors. Yes, we did ours. Do-it-yourself wedding invitations. I will show you pictures of them throughout the thing. I shall show you them now. So we did too, because we’re having two weddings. Well, one wedding and a reception somewhere else because we’re having [Laughter] [Music] these fast for that beginning part. Yes, – we’re having to kind of save. The destinations are not yet. Yeah, okay, so one of them is in Los Angeles, and the other one is in Jamaica so to give you a little more insight into why we chose the particular invitations that we chose so the first thing don’t try to come up with two different locations just behalf. – wait, don’t do that. Yeah, that’s just rude. It’s a lot going on online. You don’t have to do it, don’t do it. But there are some family members and friends that won’t be able to make it to Jamaica with someone to celebrate with them. Yes, I wanna have two words on the site. First thing you do. When you’re doing your wedding invitation, especially so ours are a bit. I guess creative. You will really really love them. Yes, people raved about them. This is the first one, and this is the second one and people like open them and absolutely loved man like, yeah, love them, like, be like raving about them like. Oh, my gosh, you’re so creative. You must’ve been thinking about for two years. It wasn’t okay. I guess, so, the first thing you want to do is have a good concept. Whatever your concept is, whatever it whatever you were presents, you and your boo. Like whatever that is, you want to figure out that concept in the federal? What you need to make that happen so for us? We did we because it’s in Jamaica. We chose do a little passport And then we also because of Los Angeles. We just happen to love the movie Hitch. It’s over, We’re like it’s not our favorite movies, so he’s decided life. Why not recreate this little hitch? You know, cover like, why not make it a magnet. It likes to go into present, but super cute, so everybody ready. Yeah, mine too. So like a real lets. Do this like so, you know, that’s how we decided to do the hitch theme. He always gets, you know, teased for his big ears and any kind of illegals. My ears are gorgeous. Thank you, you also want to try. If you need to have a photo shoot. Yes, your salvations. If your if your concept requires you to have photos, which both of ours did you need to have a photo shoot for that for your rotations? And we did do two separate photo shoots and so different. I’m one for one one for the other I don’t want does not need to be somebody professional that does modeling headshots because that cost money. Yeah, you have a friend who will do it for you. Yeah, you should be able to do it for the super low. I will give you our photographer’s information. I’ll put the link in the in the description box. So you can definitely hit her up. She’s super awesome. She’s amazing. She’s super affordable. She’s really good, really friendly, super talented with an absolute love her. She was a lot of our pictures on Instagram. As well, so shout you out, girl. Her information is right here, right in the link below. You can definitely like hit her up if you’re in. Los Santos areas. She’ll definitely got you so for exactly how. We did the photo shoot. I would put all the links in the description box from where I got that one from so the the sorry the passport We’ve I designed it and it was printed. Twos a soul. I guess I said zazzlecom Zam devil! I think is EA’s easy. Yeah, dot-com. Lee, that’s where we got that password problem. I just found a template and went ahead and printed it. Um, I got it printed through them. What I had to do with that particular one is I had to get. It scored so. If you don’t know what that means, it means you take it to a print shop when one sews a random local print shop out in Burbank and they just put a crease line in it so that it folds a little better because it Weasley printed like a flat card. It was sick, It’s very thick, so I. We got fit good paper, so it feels a lot like a passport, but when we closed it, it like me crease marks like little like, you know, crease lines like when you fold cardboard. It’s not like straight, something like a tear that almost. Yeah, so what we did was. We got the score which cost like ten fifteen dollars and they scored like. Oh, yeah, like every hundred five hours. Are you guarding that one seven? Yeah, yeah, like a bunch of ten to fifteen dollars, like wasn’t a big deal for them, and it took like an hour and they just ran it through their machine. That, like makes that crease exactly where you want it, so it folds beautifully and then we got magnets. Amazon super cheap. Yep, super cheap and we had a magnet. Quit Nolan Party. So our cast coordination board. Yeah, our passports are actually, and I’ll show you a picture of them right here. Yeah, so this is a detail description of what it looks like, so they have them scored here. They just put a little crease know? If you guys can see that, just put a crease right in the middle to make it, you know, pretty simple. This is what our past what it looks like. The back is actually a magnum. Oh, if you guys didn’t see, but yeah, we just bought stick and fill magnets and just appeal party. Hell just Dick Bill and six kind of cut it, so we had to cut it a little bit because they were a little off, but we didn’t mind gonna slice urge. Gonna work. Dolls is very DIY. Mary, do it yourself project. When it came to these, it wasn’t a lot of work. It wasn’t hard no, but it was something, but it was a lot so I would say I would that. We say have a invitation making party. Yeah, but this is the passport one. This is passport you’re invited, and then it just has the details that kind of look a lot like our that’s. What United States That’s work so clip here? We decided to put pictures and there was. You know one you’ll see. They have like words up here. I got my words unless pictures people put in the fridge. So this is the passport invitation for Jamaica and so for the hitch magnet that was designed through inspired graphics and I’ll put that information also in the link down below in the description down below, it’s inspired with an in so in. SP ired or home straight expires in as PIR. You get yellow spies in letter inspired. Oh, God, thanks, babe. They’re great. They do a lot of different cool designs, including all the wedding favors and magnets and websites approach everything so there are super awesome and they design this one and I’ll show you guys what they close a picture of this. But this is our hitch. Magnet is literally just the we took the picture by itself and then, like a white background. Yeah, we tried to do a white background. We didn’t do a great job like Uli’s. A lot of work like making this actually look like a cover because we do a great job. I hate making like the space and the lighting. We know that that much went into it, so we had no idea when we went through this process and they just kind of, like went in there and the best they could like cleaned it up and made it look super beautiful and like just like the cover-up amazing. Thank you guys so much, guys. We love bomb and yeah. They printed this on like it’s kind of a flexible, but this came on the magnet. Just like this prints it on the flat. Flimsy magnet was really sturdy and six to like everything, yeah. I didn’t, um, I’m going to do what that one was like. Trim a little bit just to make it a little even but yeah. I think we trimmed it because we, we originally put a black border around it that we ended up not liking some room. I like this columns. It was just kind of crosses. We like to do it ourselves anyway. So we kind of had a cut party and we’ve got the next thing that we did was on those after you have what you’re looking for. You Just get your envelopes and I will show you. This is a picture of what the invitations look like. We decided to fold them this way, so there’s basically two gold envelopes that I got from Kelly paper and I’ll put that link down as well. We step cold, so there’s. The hitches in the big one. And then the passport is in the smaller envelope. And we got this ribbon. We got some of it from Hobby Lobby, Probably Hobby Lobby. We love you, love you. Hobby Lobby like love. You love you! Welcome to stroll was absolutely amazed in love love you. Hobby Lobby. We also got these beautiful heart double heart stickers which I’ll show you guys close up. But, um, on there as well also from Hobby Lobby, you get like seventy two Villard for all those great great like we absolutely love Hobby Lobby and the labels we Stefan. Walmart everywhere she super cheap super chic for labels and we generally with ourselves and we literally just stuffed when I stop the party. Nobody listening and get to stuff in. So we stuffed both, yeah. Everybody loved it so thing to remember. You can’t send it this way. This double envelope thing, which is like a really good idea. I’ve showed up. Yeah, literally. I literally showed up to the post office without box. Like, alright, ready to mail in like here you go and I can’t footage of this. I will show you guys actually check it out in our next video of me. Elena’s are getting box trying to figure this out in the post office when I walked in. There realize that they will not accept this double situation this to our local situation happening. They’re not having that, so I had to go back and get plain white envelopes. Tuck these in the plain white envelope and then mail them. So if you’re gonna million. Veloz remember that so to save cost on all this, it really wasn’t. It Keeps it intact. If you do it that way, yeah. It really was a elbows. Look, let’s just because at first we’re gonna you don’t undo it or put the small, but we already this took. It wasn’t a long time, but it wasn’t easy either and so, and I kind of like this. Look like this looks really pretty to me, And, of course with your mail. I mean, I have the other. Had this label here and speaking of a mailing if they look close enough. Yeah, what we did to see. It cost was hand-delivered the ones that we’re closing that you didn’t need the extra envelope in the same year. This was kind of costly. This password is kind of thick. This was thick. We didn’t know to get like a thinner magnet, so it’s kind of heavy. So this password costs about 79 cents. I think it was about a dollar. Yeah, so this was 79 cent. This was 71 cent and so together, this was like 99 s at 98 cent like almost a dollar. So send them together like this with this. Wait, yeah, save yourself. The money people will understand like no ones. You know, they’re actually kind of like they’re split up for me like it feels like a gift. Yeah, if those are good gifts, Yeah, so don’t don’t feel free like a lot of my family is out of town, so I just a meal, a bunch of them, but we went around. Yeah, also, you can use if you happen to do engagement parties. Yeah, you’re hanging them out. There, too, sure can be waited for people that we couldn’t really get in touch with, but that knew already we kind of, uh. Yeah, went ahead and we disengage your party. So we saw them for sure. They’re right in one spot to hand these out. If even really don’t mind, they really didn’t mind. People really actually liked it. Hmm, yeah, so you can check out another video that we have about the imitation process and you’ll see some people opening them. You’ll see the process of us kind of making them kind of put them all together for you guys just for you. Yeah, if you have any other questions about ways to save money and how to do lighting invitations about the people we used are like creative ideas like. I love doing something this. So this was super fun to me like both of these super fun. So if he doesn’t help. Let us know we’re seriously here for you. We are like we really mean that like. We legit, said that in another video about buying wedding rings, and we talked like three other couples get rings since then, like legit and not look like three weeks ago. So we really really want to help you guys. And if you guys don’t like, what am I gonna do? How can it be creative like this like? What if I want to try that, like, let me know? I totally love you if you knew those up on Youtube, you can DMS on Instagram, Facebook Twitter anywhere. We give you guys all of our contact detail. Make sure that you can get ahold of, and we actually make sure that we contact you back and talk to you. Guys, there’s totally when I hope you guys. Yeah, check out our next video next week every Thursday every Thursday. I can’t think of anything buzz you.