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Gift Guide For In Laws & Parents 2020 | This Or That


For those of you, that don’t know I’m Maggie and I am so excited that it is finally gift guide time this year. I’m gonna try to focus on all brand new gift guides last year. I did one on the gift guide for guys. It’s actually a two-part video one for presents under 25 on Amazon and so this year, I’m trying to get more creative and expand the types of people that we’re going to be giving gifts to this year. The first one happens to be the most requested gift guide. I put out a little ask on my Instagram, saying, you know, I’m preparing these videos. What do you want to see? And overwhelmingly a gift guide for In-laws was the number one choice here. So I figured I would bring that to you. First now, of course, since In-laws and parents are basically the same thing, depending on which side of the couple you’re on, these could be gifts for your parents as well and these are tried and true. These are ones that I’ve gifted my parents or that. Brian’s gifted his parents, so let’s dive into it. So the first recommendation that I have is a chat book or some type of framed photo, depending on your parents or your in-law style. We actually got these chat. Books made for our wedding and our engagement photos. And when my mom saw this, she was like I want a copy of that. This is something that I’m thinking about gifting them this year. This is not your traditional wedding album. I completely appreciate and recognize that but for us. We wanted wedding photos. That would be looked at by people who come over. So my goal was to make this look like some sort of coffee table book on the spine. You can customize it with the date or the event that it is, but this could be a really fun thing to gift your in-laws. If maybe you did get married this year or maybe you have a family and you want to keep up with pictures throughout the year and you know, make a more creative kind of photo album. That’s not just going to sit in a cabinet somewhere and never get looked at. I think these are great options now. I have mine in the 10 by 10 size, however, if this seems too big for you or maybe you just want something smaller to gift. These also come in six by six and eight by eight at varying price ranges. I think these are top quality. They’re hardcover. This is something that you can customize and make unique to you. You see how they have like the different layouts that you can choose. I just think that this would be a very thoughtful, very meaningful gift that they could look at for years to come and I mentioned frame photos too again. Same kind of idea, so I’m lumping these together for that. I would recommend using frame bridge. We have had major success with frame bridge. It looks like professional quality framing. It comes packaged and shipped to you so nicely. We have a massive piece in our living room that we got from frame bridge and one that lies at the end of our hallway in our house, and I really can’t say enough good things. The turnaround time on frame bridge, though, takes a while, so I would definitely order sooner rather than later if you’re gonna go with that option. Another idea is customized glassware. So this is something that my dad actually bought for himself when they moved into a new house recently, so he ended up buying these really cute little tumbler glasses that have their last name initial on them. This I feel like appeals to a wide variety of people, especially those in your life who like to host and entertain and it’s something that’s going to be used year round. It’s not like a seasonal specific gift. It’s not just something that’s going to sit around. It’s something that’s going to be used and loved and is again customized to them. Now you can maybe not just customize it with their initial, they make plenty of customized glassware out there that have maps on them or coordinates or maybe a school logo or something, and I just feel like that shows that you cared. You had your recipient in mind, and you got these things customized specifically for them now. This one may not be helpful for you at all. If maybe your family doesn’t like wine or doesn’t drink any alcohol at all, but wine and then wine accessories to go together. I think are always a really cute gift also insanely useful. So the first one is cork pops. This is the world’s easiest wine opener. I swear it works with a CO2 cartridge. So all you do is you? Remove this cap right here. And it shows you this kind of, like big ill. Just show you just remove this cap from the bottom, and it just looks like one big, long kind of needle. You stick this all the way into the wine cork, and then you press down on this CO2 cartridge and the pressure of that pulls the wine cork out in like two seconds. It’s so nice you don’t have to worry about ruining corks when you’re using the, you know, traditional corkscrew. I mean, this is seriously a no-brainer and for the price point. This is why I say to kind of couple it with a bottle of wine or something else that they like because these are so inexpensive, so I always tend to gift little refill cartridges for it as well so that they don’t have to worry about that. This was my go-to gift one year for like a work Christmas party. I swear I’ve gifted like every friend. I own this every member of my family. Everybody loves it. It seriously is so easy and so handy to have around. This is one that Brian’s dad introduced us to, and this is called the Vacuvin. I think that’s how you pronounce it. Winesaver alright. So these are the main components. The kit actually comes with four of these little wine stoppers. So you put this into the top of the wine bottle? Instead of replacing it with like your upside down cork, you put this on top and then you pump until you hear it. Click once it clicks that means that it’s vacuum sealed. It’s ready to rock and roll, and it truly does make the wine sitting on your countertop last so much longer, especially because we are not people that finish a bottle of wine in a night and so it’s always nice to just keep it fresh so that you can drink it at your leisure, so I think it would be really cute if you got the vacuum sealer and the cork pops and a nice bottle of wine, especially if the in-law or parent in your life loves to entertain next up. I would highly recommend an echo show or an echo dot or some kind of like, smart device. We gifted my parents an echo show with a ring doorbell. It was some like deal that they were running on Amazon last Christmas. They have absolutely loved the echo show. You can like, watch the news on it. You can listen to music. You can pull up recipes. You can have it control different things in your kitchen like your lights or different appliances or something, and it turned out to be one of their most used little gadgets in their kitchen. So if maybe your parents haven’t kind of dived into the smart home experience of things, getting them some sort of like smart device, that’s really easy to navigate and to set up. I think is a great starting point. Brian’s dad again. He’s a great gift giver, But he gifted us some echo dots and then the smart plugs that go with it so that you can hook it up to lights that are in hard to reach places or lamps or something like that that I think is also an awesome pairing now. In general, this is definitely a more expensive gift, So I think that if you have a bigger budget and maybe you want to gift one present that appeals to both in-laws or both parents that you’re gifting to, I think that the technology route is always a really smart way to go, but if maybe smart, home technology does not appeal to your parents, they’re like oh. I don’t think that you can ever go wrong with some sort of portable speaker. I have this Bose speaker and have had it for years and years. This is the soundlink mini. I don’t even think that they make this exact one anymore. But they have made an upgraded version that I’ll be sure to link down below along with every other gif that I’m mentioning today, but Brian has another one that I do want to highlight and it’s called the UE Boom Speaker, and it’s great, especially if you have people in your life that love to be outdoors because this is an all-weather speaker. It can get wet. I feel like everybody needs to have one of these, right. We use ours. All the time ours lives in our kitchen so that we can listen to music while we cook or if we have people over and we’re entertaining or something again, This is on the pricier end of the spectrum, but I will say the UE boom comes in a bunch of different sizes. So if you have a bigger budget, you can definitely get the larger speaker, but they have a smaller size. That still has incredible sound for a lower price that yui boom one also comes in a bunch of different colors. So maybe you have, like, funky In-laws who, like a lot of fun colors, you can get one to match their space or their personality as well so mention that the portable speaker can be used outside, so I feel like this is probably a good segue into gifting to your in-laws or parents who love to be outdoors, So the first suggestion that I have in. This kind of category is an outdoor game of sorts. We gifted my dad cornhole. One year and it was a major hit. Now they used to live really far away, and we would only be together as a family like one to two times per year, so we spent a lot of time outside together while he was grilling playing cornhole, just catching up and trying to soak in family time, so we’ve definitely gotten our money’s worth out of this because I will say as far as outdoor games are concerned. Cornhole is definitely one of the more expensive. I think for a set of corn hole. We ended up paying a hundred dollars, but I have two other siblings that we always like split the cost with so it was super reasonable. If maybe you’re in that boat and you can split the cost and I think that it’s a great one. Another great option for all ages. I feel like is Bocce. Ball or maybe even the Frisbee version of cornhole, which is called Can jam, but of all the outdoor games that I love and that I’ve recommended, I would say cornhole is the number one, and I think that this is called different things in different states or regions of the world. But this is the game where you basically throw a bean bag into a hole on this like wooden board. That’s pretty much it another thing that we actually registered for and have gotten so much use out of, and my dad came over and tried them out and he was like, yes, ordering these tomorrow. Are these rocking kind of folding portable lawn chairs? These are great, especially if you have like in-laws or parents or something that are going to a bunch of sporting events or they’re watching the grandkids, play soccer or something, but these are legitimately just fold out outdoor chairs that have this kind of like spring-loaded mechanism on the back that simulates a rocking experience. We love them and they are truly affordable. In my opinion, they’re really well made. They come in a couple of different colors. These were just like a huge hit off of our registry. This is great for the sport’s watcher, outdoor lover, kind of in-law or parent in your life. All right, so moving the ideas back inside the house. This next kind of section is for the in-laws or parents that enjoy cooking or are all about a new kitchen appliance. My first recommendation is the instant pot, And I know you’re probably like Maggie. You’re like five years too late. Well, a lot of people still don’t own the instant pot, and so this is something that we actually recently gifted Brian’s dad, and he has really loved figuring out a new device cooking new things in it because it does kind of open doors. It’s a pressure cooker. You can saute in it. You can cook soups in it. You can cook cheesecake in it. It’s just a great all-around device. Now we love ours specifically for soups and for days when we forgot to thaw the chicken and you need to cook it really fast for the dinner that you want to cook that night and so it really is a great little speed cooker as well, but if your in-laws or parents have been resistant to this. Treat them to it. It is seriously one of the most used appliances at my parent’s house. They love their instant pot, so I really can’t recommend that enough now. An appliance that we got off of our registry that we cannot say enough. Good things about is the air fryer now. This is kind of big and bulky. I will say like that is my biggest complaint about it, but it has completely transformed the way that we make like at-home burgers and fries and things that you buy from the store that maybe you would traditionally microwave, and it would get all flimsy and soggy. If you put it in the airfryer, it comes out, crisp and perfect, and I do not truly know how we cooked some of the things in our life without the air. Fryer that again I feel like is kind of like a luxury appliance. It’s just one kind of additional thing that people are really hesitant to buy themselves. I also think now they make combined like instant pots and air fryers don’t know how they work don’t own one. We own the two appliances separately, but that could also be an option. Another kitchen thing ish that we use all the time is our little insulated yeti cups, not the big ones that you hold water in that are like 20 ounces or something. I’m talking like the little camper mugs. They make some with a handle and some without I would personally go with the ones without a handle because it fits really nicely in your car cup holder, so it’s really great on the go, which is when most of the time were using some sort of insulated tumbler. It really does make a huge difference in the temperature of your coffee. Brian drinks a ton of cold brew, so he loves it to keep his drinks cold, but I am somebody who is deeply devoted to hot coffee, and when I was going to physical therapy recently, I would leave the coffee in the car and it would still be hot. When I came out an hour later. I mean, the thing works. We gifted one to Brian’s grandmother last year. She loves it. She specifically had asked for one. It comes in a ton of different colors. Now I’m not totally certain. If Brian’s came with the default top that seals it didn’t. Come with a towel it didn’t. I don’t think so. I highly recommend you getting that with the cup as the gift because those tops are so much more convenient than those of the hole that you can never close up. I always end up dumping whatever’s in my cup out when I don’t have something to stop it. The next two suggestions are for those parents or in-laws, who are really into plants or gardening or something and they want to do this. Maybe year round, So the first suggestion that I have is an aero garden and this is something that my parents gifted me. They have their own, and my older brother has one, and it allows you to grow like herbs or plants of some sort in your house. It’s super cool. It has water at the base of it. You pick out like six different types of seeds that you want to grow and it has this light on the top. That kind of simulates daylight and allows you to grow these herbs successfully in your kitchen now. My parents are growing a lot of cherry tomatoes in theirs right now. So the options are truly endless. You could make this flowers if you wanted to. It doesn’t just have to be herbs. They grow super well. In fact, I had to, like, basically throw away our basil plant because it was getting a little out of control. Nash has decided to join me. So if you see pillows and stuff flopping around, that would be my dog. Look at this nut, just interrupting the filming process. Now I I named this category Good for gardeners, but I feel like the Aero Garden itself is also good for people who maybe don’t have the greenest of thumbs because it’s a very, very low maintenance way to grow things indoors. It waters itself. You have to add some like food every once in a while, but that’s pretty much it. The next suggestion in this category does require just a little bit of a green thumb, but that’s okay. It’s indoor house plants from the sill. Now I recommend this company specifically because we do have several houseplants from this company and absolutely love how their website is laid out and how easy it is to care for those plants. They first of all allow you to search on their website for plants specifically for your needs, so it could be low light plants or easy to care for plants, pet friendly plants, so you can customize your search that way and not only is it shipped to you in this really great box that, like keeps everything up, right, you don’t arrive like a dead or a broken plant, but you also have the option of all these beautiful planters and different styles and different colors to match your space and it comes with this big info card on how to take care of your plant, and I feel like that’s. Half the trouble with having an indoor house plant is just not knowing exactly what it needs. So when you can customize your search accordingly and it comes with all of the instructions. It’s kind of a no-brainer. Now this one, I feel like you will have to order earlier like sooner rather than later and maybe even give this early because it is a living plant, but I still think it’s a great option, especially for somebody who just needs to like, liven up their house A little bit or just wants to try something new. Maybe just wanted to put a plug in for that because we have loved our experience with the sill now, moving on to a couple of suggestions for a home body, and one of those suggestions is just an awesome heavyweight kind of neutral Throw blanket, maybe paired with some sort of candle or candle set. Now there’s one that I have from Amazon that sits at the end of my bed. You can’t really see it right now. But it is the best weight of a throw blanket ever. It’s really high quality, but we also have a couple of suggestions from target. Brian bought these throw blankets as like one of the very first things when he was moving into an apartment by himself a couple of years ago, and we still use those to throw blankets specifically every single day, But I just feel like that’s something That’s warm and cozy and perfect for the winter time, and it’s kind of gender neutral. You know, like everybody uses a blanket. As far as candles go, I have about a million in one recommendations, but again customize this to the person that you’re giving it to look at the vessel. Does it look like it would go with their home? Is it a smell? That reminds you of them. Is it a smell that they like? And I feel like pairing. Those two things together is a very complete kind of themed gift and last, but not least is definitely one of the more expensive suggestions, but something that we have gotten so much use out of and that would be an Apple TV, but really, I can even expand this suggestion to things like Roku TV or Amazon Fire TV. There are a ton of different platforms that virtually do the same thing, but this is just a way while all of us now are dealing with a million different streaming services And just want one central place to go to when you turn on the TV. This is the perfect answer to that. We’re working with Youtube TV. We have Hulu. We have Spotify. We have amazon prime. We have Netflix. We have Disney plus, and it is just a one-stop shop when we turn on our TV to access everything. My parents have a roku TV that they absolutely love That does the same thing, and I feel like while so many of us have cut cable and just found new alternatives. It can be sometimes a headache to figure out what device you want to watch it on these types of devices. Just make it so much easier so again, if you have a little bit of a bigger budget to spend on your in-laws or parents. I think that is a fabulous choice. That will be well loved and well used and that is it. Hopefully, this gift guide for in-laws and parents has kind of made you calm down. Take a deep breath and given you some good ideas so that you don’t have to stress about that kind of gift-giving this year. If you’re curious about the gift guide for guys or gift guide for her under 25 I’ll be sure to link all of my prior gift guides in the description box below and subscribe stick around. I have four to five other gift guides that I’ll be releasing this season that you don’t want to miss so. If you like this video, then like it, stick around. Subscribe, join the community. And I’ll see you in my next one, bye you.