Nude And Glitter Nails | This Nail Design Is Perfect For All Brides & You Can Do It Yourself


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This Nail Design Is Perfect For All Brides & You Can Do It Yourself


[MUSIC] So if you guys follow me on Instagram, you will know that I’m going through a process of trying to figure out what nail design. I’m going to wear on my wedding. This design. I’ll be showing you today. Is one of the candidates and I will be using all gel polishes to do this. As with all gel manicures, you’re gonna want to start with a clean, dry manicured base. I have a whole video that I just uploaded a couple weeks ago. Showing how to do that, so I won’t be going over that in this video, but then I’m going to jump into base coat. If you’re wanting your gel to last for a long time, I would suggest using a primer. I don’t think it’s completely necessary. I usually just dehydrate my nails with alcohol, and I find that that helps the Polish stay for a really long time. And then I use this base coat. This is the OPI gel base coat. I just got it as one of the Influenster packages. Thanks, and I really really like it. It’s unlike any other gel base. I’ve ever used it like sticks. Really well, and I find my gel. Manicures lasts a really long time with it. So then I just cured that in my LED lamp for the amount, the instructions said -, which I think was 30 seconds in an LED lamp. Next, I’ll be using this gel Polish called diva Bride by China Glaze, and I actually think this is a one-step gel polish, but I did use it like a regular gel just to really get the longevity out of it, cuz. I don’t want it to chip on my wedding day, and this is a really really nice, sheer pinky color. It is definitely a more baiji. Pink, it’s not a super strong pink, But I really like that, and I think this might be the one I wear on my wedding. I’m not sure yet, but I think it might be. I did do two coats of this and the trick to these is to go as sheer and thin as possible with your coats so that you don’t have that much streakiness and because I am going a little bit slower and making sure I’m applying the gel evenly. I did flash cure after each nail Just to ensure it doesn’t move until I can do a full cure. [MUSIC] always make sure you remove any gel that you get on your skin. Before curing, it can burn, but it can also make your gel manicure lift if that is sticking off the edge of your fingernail on the second layer of gel. I also like to flip my hand over so that the gel kind of pulls to towards the apex of the nail and it creates a nice profile, and then I just fully care that in my LED lamp next. I’m going to be using this soaked off builder gel by Madam Glam. This is a very sticky product and it’s designed to actually add an extension to your nail or do an overlay and just strengthen the entire nail. I’m gonna be using this to actually be like a super sticky glue for the glitter. I’m gonna put over top. Usually what you want to do is float this on your nail, but I’m actually kind of scrubbing it on so that it’s really just a really sticky layer. I’ll be using three different types of glitter for this. Look, one is a very fine holographic glitter, and I’m going to be using a synthetic hair brush to apply this. I actually just dipped the brush into a little bit of that uncured structure gel. And then I dipped it into the glitter, and I’m just applying that around the cuticle area of my nail and pulling it down for a nice gradient and don’t care that next. I’m going into a finer glitter gel. This is going to add just a lot of sparkle, and I’m applying that between the areas of the bigger glitter and also pulling it down just so it looks like a really nice, Gradual descending glitter effect and the last glitter. I’m using are just a little bit bigger of silver holographic glitters, and I’m just placing. I think three maybe even two per nail, and this is just gonna add a little extra texture and a different type of sparkle to the whole manicure. [MUSIC] Once I had all of the glitter on, I used a clean brush and I went down my nail just to smooth out any glitter. That might be sticking up. This is gonna help the surface. Be a lot smoother and you won’t need to apply extra topcoat to smooth it out afterwards, And then I cured that, and I’m doing the same thing on the next nail again. I’m working one nail at a time because it’s a little more tricky, and I just want to make sure everything goes on evenly and it looks good [Music] [Music] after that’s cured, I’m gonna apply a soak off. No wipe topcoat gel. You can use any topcoat you tell you like. I’m just using this one because it cure is really, really shiny, and it lasts a long time and I don’t have to remove that sticky layer once it’s cured, so I’m not going super in-depth on how to actually apply gel because I either will have uploaded a how to apply gel at home, like step by step video by now, or it’ll be out soon by the time that you watch this video, so just check out my channel and see if that’s there [Music] [Applause] [Music] and one more time I flip my hand over just to pull that top coat down to the apex and create a really nice curve of the nail. Then I’m cured one more time, and now I’m just gonna pop on some cuticle oil just to really hydrate the skin and bring it back to life, and there you have a really easy and pretty glitter gradient manicure using gel polish that you can do at home. This is gonna be perfect for a wedding or for prom. Looks or if you’re just feeling a little bit glam, and you want some sparkle, let me know. If you guys give this look a try, you can always tag me in any of your pictures on. Instagram, that’s where I’m mostly at or I’m also on Twitter. Sometimes, as always. You can click on your screen to watch other tutorials similar to this and thank you for watching. I’ll see you next time.