Nice Business Card Holder | Stampin Up Uk Freestanding Business Card Holder Tutorial


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Stampin Up Uk Freestanding Business Card Holder Tutorial


Hi, there, it’s! Sam from People’s Doctor at UK. Thank you for joining me today today. I have got a business card holder. Tutorial for you. It’s not one for holding business cards and carrying around in your handbag. This is for maybe displaying if you’ve perhaps got products that are in a shop or a retail outlet or something like that. Or maybe you get craft fairs and you want to have one display and those ugly plastic credit cards are really not attractive. So this is a version of my card box holder and actually was a friend of my teacher who spotted it and asked if I could make a smaller version for business cards and this is what I came up with. It did be the little sort of feet on it because the volume of carts that you would have. I mean, that’s not even half full. If you were going to have that sort of three-quarter’s full, it just wobbled all over the place. So I want you to make her version that if you know how to feature was, you know quite attractive? So this is version That’s in Bermuda Bay. One of our new colors and this one is melon Mambo. And they’ve got slightly different finishes if I take the cards out. This one’s got sleeping. Besides, which is the same as the design? I did for the greediness card holder, and it’s got a little notch out of it so that you know you can pull cards out easily. This one has got the sides left up and it hasn’t got a notch out, so I’m going to, you know, do a version of both really so this one as I said Bermuda Bay, this one melon Mambo on goats! Do you want in black? Because actually this is my business card and my colors are kind of it. There’s sort of a bit of, you know, Big cherry cobbler in a bit black, but you know? I wanted to do a black version, so it was easy for everybody. And obviously, you know, you tailor mate. Your colors to, you know your corporate colors now all. I’m going to be doing it, scoring this one in metric. I’m going to give you Imperial measurements, which will make a box that’s very, slightly different in size, but it’s so that I’m not going to, like thirteen sixteenths of inches and what-have-you. So this measures, thirteen and a half centimeters by nine centimeters for Imperial. You’d have eight and a quarter by six and with the long side at the top, the scoring comes at 4 centimeters, And this is my scoring blade, here, 4 centimeters, 6 centimeters, 12 and 14 and then in in imperial, that’s one and a half two and a quarter five and a quarter and six and a quarter and then with the short side at the top. I’m going to score it at 2 centimeters, which I’ve got over here on this side. So 2 centimeters, and I turn it around again. Two centimeters again and Imperial. You would score it at one inch and five inch off you. Yeah, with your six inches across the top one and five inches, so we move that out of the way and we need to fold this. I’m just gonna roughly fold my school lines for the minute. I’m not going to burnish them just yet. Besides coming back to these ones here, we need them to go almost opposite to each other, so I can’t fall backwards and forwards, and these is backwards and forwards burnish everything, and you end up with that shape, a sort of I don’t know, just a weird signal exactly shape, but it’s so that your box holds up like that, and then we’re going to sit and hopefully you can see this on the black key probably can because it’s all Wiggly backwards and forwards. It’s the school line, the short score line that’s closest to the edge on both sides to just snip straight up straight up to turn it around and do the same and learns you just fold those ones after the way we’re going to get rid of all of this section here. So do you take a little bit of time? I’m trying to be quick for the video obsessed, and I can’t find my lawn and then scissors for the moment, so I’m having to use this with the little ones, so just get rid of those bits straightening those. Now we need to decide which is our front, and when you hold it just roughly in place. You will see that there is a taller and a short a bit, so the taller is the back. The shorter is the front. Just want to put some adhesive there. I’m just going to use snail moment, and then these sections here these little two centimeter sections we’re going to reduce it there again. You’d want to put something strong. I’m just using snail, so fold it over and press it down like that one over and press it down and then these bits where we put the adhesive. They go round and hold there and the same there, but obviously, if you want to then make your sloping sides, you just come with little scissors and snip them off. I’m going to put some designer series paper. This is just the basic black from the tire series paper stack by nine centimeters. I’ve already scored in the right place. I’m just going to push that in. Pop it on if you want to put your little notch in. I’ve just used the large over punished, pushed it in as far as it will go, just kind of eyeballing it and punch it out and then. I’ve got a button a basic black button from the neutrals collection, loads of different colors, three different sizes. I’ve just taken the little one. Put a little bit of the black taffeta ribbon, a couple of glue dots. You know, you can maybe put your you could print your business details and put them on the front if you wanted to. I’m just putting it button. Grab your business cards in and away you go. So there. You have it. Three versions of the three colorways of the same business card holder and like. I say they would be very attractive on a you know, on a craft table in a business in a shop in a retail location or even just sat on your desk so that when you’re sending out, you know, maybe products to customers, you remember to put a business card in so thank you very much for watching and. I hope Jeremy see bye [Music].