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Top 10 Inappropriate Wedding Songs


Do you mojo holic? Take this list as a guide of songs. Stay away from on your big day. Welcome to Watchmojocom. And today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top ten inappropriate wedding songs for this list. We’ve looked across all genres of music to find those songs that really don’t sit well alongside the optimistic chime of wedding bells 7-1-8-2 Oh, – that’s in small cities and states. Oh, you 9:01 matter of fact, 3:05 I’ll jump off the g4 We can meet outside. Lie down number! Ten die die. My darling! Horror punk classic released seven months after the misfits themselves broke up. Its best not to bring this to the wedding reception Unless you’re looking to quickly break ties with your loved one. All good wedding songs are fun to sing along to, and our opening record is arguably bad, but unless you want not so left up lines such as dead end girl for a dead end guy course back to you, then don’t play this. And if you think that the Metallica cover may be better suited for your big day, think again as this version is just as aggressive. Oh, she’s a gold-digger. Well, Tom, number nine gold digger. Kanye West, featuring Jamie Foxx, nice and she a code machine missing window broke broke. You’ve hired a venue. You’ve got some good food. You’ve made sure that everyone has nice clothes to wear youll. Enjoy the day, but come tomorrow morning. You’ll most likely be broke. Take too much to touch up from what? I heard. She got a baby, my buster. My best friend said she used to with. Usher, I’ll tell, but none of yall say I still love you. The last thing you want to imply at this point is that your bride or groom is only with you for the money. Jenna, get then issue a Geico for your money. If you ain’t no Punk holla! We want freedom. We want freedom! Canyon West might not be saying she’s a gold digger, but play this record, and the whole room will catch your meaning, and it’ll be more awkward than watching your drunk Uncle Disco. Dance nice. You go, digger! [ __ ] us! The window broke, bro. Oh, you damn girl gonna get. Oh, you’d amberbogie damn number eight white wedding. Even if it is a nice day for a white wedding. Do not play this. Billy Idol has himself previously explained that despite the song’s little sister lyrics, it’s all about a woman. He still loves marrying someone else with white wedding. Whoever’s the focus white wedding’s constant negativity is definitely not invited to any right-minded wedding night. Sister shop. Go use your Superman! Who’s your only one? There should be no need to even entertain those questions Because you should at this point. Be pretty damn sure of the answer. Start again. Number seven ball-and-chain. Social Distortion. Just picture the scene. It’s the happiest day of your life. Your face aches from smiling and your head is full of hope, and then the DJ breaks out ball and chain bringing you and everyone else back to reality with the click of a button. This song is a grizzly glimpse into the sad potential future of a married couple and reminder that the honeymoon period that’s only just beginning does end, but not go. It’s enough to make you cough up your cake. Retract your vows and run for the hills. Take away this ball and chain number. Six love, don’t live here anymore. Madonna originally recorded in the late 70s by Rose Royce. That was nothing come, see? Madonna’s reworking of this record really doesn’t have any place at anybody’s wedding. You went away another song with painfully prophetic potential. The happy couple of pledged until death Do them part, but Madonna thinks otherwise she knows you, so don’t think that this track would make a good slow dance as its pessimistic layers will be tearing your marriage apart faster than you got together a mood. Killing classic. It’d take a lot of champagne to get your guests smiling again after this song. Oh, number five bed of roses. Bon Jovi! Bon Jovi normally creates love ballad brilliance, but sometimes there’s songs if you’re more toward heartbreak than happiness. Bed of roses is one such record beating. Even you give love a bad name to become the band’s most inappropriate wedding tune. Sure there’s an. I love you forever vibe to these lyrics. But there’s also an. I’m washed up hungover and on the verge of tears vibe as well Squigs. If you want to make it to any form of bed with your loved one on wedding night, then bed of roses is a no play zone number four area codes. Ludacris, ah, Oh, I got home in different area code. Go even if your one and only is actually just one of many fast not to make that point to proudly when you’re about to tie the knot. I’m where I get act like yall know is the abominable! Ho, Man, Glow, try international postman. Marriage means that your days as an international player of the field are finished. But if you unleash this roll call of conquests at the after-party, you can find yourself dumped back in that field very quickly by. Bobo, nine, seven, two seven one three. What you gonna do? Ludacris likes the ladies, both local and long-distance. But there’s only one phone number that floats your boat from now on. Go write it down and remember it now. One six, four one five seven O fo shout-out to the 206 everybody in the 808 ha number three. I write sins, not tragedies. Panic at the disco, and I get a body here, though. I can’t help but to hear in exchanging words next up a record with lyrics set within a wedding. However, this is not the wedding of anybody’s dreams, more the wedding of most people’s nightmares. By the end of the first verse, the entire room is likely to have deflated considerably and the already blushing bride is likely to have turned a more severe shade of red. Yes, it would be a shame if the poor groom’s bride was a [ __ ] but hopefully she isn’t unless you’re looking for panic at your disco. This song is inappropriate and then some number two divorce. Tammy Wynette. A runner-up is so not right for wedding night. It literally spells as potential awkwardness out to us. Tammy Wynette topped country music charts in 1968 with this slice of perfect pessimism. But there’d be crazy. Looks across a table. Should this sing-along start up at any moment? You’ve barely put pen to paper on the marriage certificate and the? I Dos are very, very fresh. Why light a song ruin that before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions. Where are you in? Hey, yall crazy [ __ ] [ __ ] your pic so good. I’m on top of it. When I dream, I’m doing you all night stretches all filming, but a second abortion number one every breath. You take the police. It’s the big day and you want your loved one to feel wanted. We get that, but there’s a point in which heartfelt commitment mutates into psychotic obsession, sting and the police keep today’s top spot with a record a little less cute and a lot more creepy, every breath you take is so often misinterpreted that it often makes wedding playlists. But please, for the sake of your marriage with every breath You take, don’t play it at your party. Do you agree with our list? Which song did we skip for? More inappropriate? Toptenz published daily, be sure to subscribe to watchmojocom.