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How To Do Mismatched Bridesmaids


Hi, guys! I’m a t10 I’m Courtney. And we work a dress gallery, Kansas’s favorite bridal store. Welcome back to our channel, but we dive deep into the world of all things. Bridal, let’s get started [Music]! We are going to be talking about how to pick your color palette for your price beach dresses and kind of more specifically how to do a mismatched color palette because we have a lot of brides coming in and asking about that, and we love us a good miss package color palette, so how to do that successfully? And even if the mismatches in your jam, we totally understand some other ideas about how to make that super easy for with you and bracelets because the mix match stuff is kind of a big current trend that you’re seeing a bunch of different like wedding blogs and different wedding. Instagram pages. So yeah, we’re gonna kind of give you a guide on how you can achieve that. What you need to do on your part and things that we can help you with once you’re here, so let’s start with first things. First, let’s jump in. How do you pick your color palette? Katie, so wedding colors have actually gone through a little bit of an evolution from you pick like two or three wedding colors. And now it’s kind of evolved into a hole on palette to a full palette of vibe. A theme, just all in those. Oh, Lord, this is! Oh, the first thing to kind of think about is. What season do you want to get married in? Are you wanting to get married in? You know, Spring summer fall some do winter, that’s not as big of a wedding season spring and fall being the probably two biggest seasons that people get married, so sometimes fall lends itself to a little bit darker and richer colors, and then those summer and spring palettes kind of lend themselves to more softer pastels doesn’t mean you have to stick to those, but that’s just kind of a typical trend that people kind of try to do if you’re seeing a bridal bouquet on an Instagram post or something like that, and you really like the colors start saving all those in suppose for, you know, just your overall her. All your vendors, it’s not like that’s your florist. Your deed, like, I mean, not really, everybody’s gonna need to kind of know what you’re calling for palette. Yes, and what you’re thinking because it’s gonna give like you set the mood in the vibe in the tone of your wedding, So save different pictures say you’ve kind of some different ideas. Even if they’re a little bit all over the place, that’s okay, A good vendor will be able to take all of your ideas, kind of narrow it down into a simple focus, that’s. What we’re here for then that just kind of gives you some ideas and like. Katie said don’t feel overly restricted by colors by seasons. It’s just obviously colors have a tendency to go in waves with the season. Just do do whatever you want kind of building on top of what Courtney said. If you’re picking out, your bridal bouquet, photos can influence the colors of your linens and your bridesmaid’s dresses. And in term, those things can affect some of the different florals that you choose. What really all kind of does go hand-in-hand? Since this is all in big event, it all needs to go. Well, so everything needs to be influencing everything else like. I mentioned there was an evolution with color for weddings. You know, most people are like oh. I’m doing, I’m gonna do like a grey and a navy or I’m doing like an eggplant, purple and a sage like, don’t limit yourself to those like one. Specific shade of two colors have an array of them of some different colors. You’re gonna want to have if you’re in the summer, you might wanna have more light colors, and then maybe throw a dark in there. For some contrast and in the fall, you can do kind of vice versa. You need some variation in those colors. You need multiple variation of colors. I honestly think five very like, and you can vary on different like hues and stuff. Other colors will get it down into a little bit How to go through color hues. Yes, but it makes it a little bit easier to realize. I’m trying to go into this range of colors versus get these two colors very rigid, so when it comes to bridesmaid’s dresses, there are a couple of different ways that you can outfit your girls. We’ll go through, probably like the three or four most popular to kind of help. You decide what’s best for you The first and I will argue. The easiest option is that you make every girl in your bridal party. Wear the same dress. Everybody is in the exact same dress in the exact same color. Regardless of how many are in your party, everybody’s in the same. This looks great because it’s useful. It’s clean and chic. It makes everybody match, especially if you find a dress that looks good on all body types. So if you’re kind of thinking that you might want to have your girls be all in the exact same dress. Our suggestions to you is to pick one girl and go shopping. Use her! Some of our difficult just body type to fit should be the one that goes shopping with you. Find the dress that fits her body. Bets that we think will also compliment. Everybody make it simple. Make it easy! Make a decision for everyone. You need to be the executive decision maker when it comes to deciding on a dress, especially if everybody is going to be in the exact same dress, you need to take the lead and not what the bridesmaids decide. Because if you have, the price mates decide that may fall way more into the mismatched category, they might not want the second option. Is that you have all of the girls in the same color? The different styles. So everybody actually see a lot of we see them as holding a lot. This is really really popular as well. So everybody’s like, okay. I want you in a particular designer and a particular color from that particular designer, but other than that. Pick whatever you want. We really encourage you to get them all. In one place, you know, so if your get in here, get them all from here and to do. If you’re doing one color, different dresses, we really recommend doing the same designer because they’ll be from the same dye lot, which means they’re all made from the same run of fabrics, so there won’t be any variation in color there for you. And if it’s the same designer, the clothes of the exactly the same in that kind of next shift is going to be. You have all the girls in the same dress, but you have them in different colors. So this is where the mismatch starts to come in. Yeah, so let’s say you picked a beautiful, simple spaghetti-strap dress. Then every girl is going to wear, but you want to kind of create a color palette. This is where it starts to become a little bit better when you rely on a vendor or a consultant to kind of help you work through what’s going to number one, look really good in photos, but also you need to take into consideration this color palette and what your bridesmaid’s skin tones are, for instance, one of the most popular color palettes that we’re seeing right now is very neutral. There’s a lot of taupe. There’s a lot of ivory and accented with a lot of natural greenery, don’t. Get me wrong, it’s beautiful! It looks so good, however, sometimes on light skinned, fair haired women, particularly some with a pink undertone to their skin. It’s really difficult for them to wear the colors and pull them off that washes and out, so you just need to take into consideration the women that you’re asking to stand by your side, and maybe don’t put them in a color. That’s gonna look really bad. I mean, and that’s why we’re here to help guide you through that so in going back and thinking about your colors, that’s why we say it’s good to pick a general color scheme with multiple different colors and be willing to do likes light, lightness and darkness of that colors because having those colors that have a little bit more of, you know, brighter color to them. If they’re in the same general range of skin tone, it’s going to just be super important. Yeah, so most people don’t think about brides, you know, you need skin and hair color and how that can make a difference and a really good super important when we get to our next one, which is different, every girls, all the girls in different races, different colors. Free-for-all free-for-all so don’t. Get us wrong! We even love us a good, mismatched color palette. It looks so good, It looks unique in a line and I was every bridesmaid to really feel her best because she’s wearing a dress that really accentuates her, so we love it. It’s just a lot of work which spy you got to be prepared. We’re prepared as long as everybody is ready. We’re good to go. If you’re wanting to do mismatched bridesmaids dresses really take into consideration the size of your bridesmaids group and that it might take us a little more time to figure those colors. You’re probably going to need to come in for a consult about just the colors, fabrics and different styles and embellishments before you even dream of journals to come in and try anything on so with that being said. How do you do a mismatch? Let us dive in. How do you do it to this? How do you get started so the first mismatch bridesmaid like option? I guess, though we see a lot of is a monochromatic mambre mismatch brightness. So basically what that means is you have your darkest color at one end either at your maid-of-honor who stand next to you or the girl who’s at the farthest end and then it gets progressively lighter or darker, my shade, so that’s obviously really straightforward. We see it most often and probably I would say I see it and like Reds and Pinks. Maybe that’s what I was thinking too. Because, yeah, the only product a burgundy into, like a blush. Oh yeah. Did you have to keep in mind? What colors you’re gonna have the most seven in? Bridal, there’s always a lot of Pinks you can only do. Blue’s pretty easy. Blues are pretty easy champagne, ease and neutral rules, so your traditional or as non-traditional ombre of mismatched? Bridal is a really really great way to visually direct your attention to you. The guy because it’s essentially like an arrow of commuter plane is just launching directly to you, so it looks really, really beautiful. It’s really, really great, and it’s also really nice, because then you can kind of talk to your bridesmaids and say. Hey, this is my color idea. Where do you kind of fall on this color palette? And where would you rather wear a lighter color or at art gallery, don’t? You need to do the ombre you can switch those around and just have it be a monochromatic mix as opposed to when they’re up there. They’re getting in the ombre order, which is if you’re having an issue, which is the perfect segue into the second option, which is essentially just a monochromatic hue next so essentially saying alright, girls. I want you to pick pink and they can pick. Whatever variation of pink dust a rug’s desert rose rose. Put promise pretty much anything with the word roses, and they’re going to be tournament, yeah? I want they’re, you know, if you decide you want somebody in blushes and somebody in a little bit of a darker, so it just essentially looks like a really great grab bag. Beautiful colors makes some good – very luscious and some champagne, ease and topes and you can have it look monochromatic, even without it being literally almost literally all the same color. So we really like those. It’s probably the easiest of the mismatch options to decide what you’re looking for. The next option is mismatch every person in a different color. That’s a lot. How do you do that? Katie, the problem of doing the entirely different color is those colors need to be fairly Some of them need to be fairly similar to each other, because otherwise, you know, when Cory said with Ombre and not lineup, you kind of don’t your eye doesn’t really know where to go. You know, so while you can do different girls in each color. I would recommend that not being for larger groups. I recommend that for groups 5 and smaller because you’re gonna run out of colors at some point, or you’re gonna like all the colors, but one of them is gonna stand out, and that’s one of the biggest problem that we find with the mismatched bridesmaids is all of these look good, but there’s there’s just one. There’s just one color one dress that more struggling to make mesh with the rest of them. Smaller groups are a lot better for the same color the only other time. I’ve seen an entirely different color per bridesmaid was when they were doing jewel tones. Yes, so we had, like a ruby and emerald and an eggplant. Anna, like a like, a goal like a deep golden color, that’s very unique, and it looked very cool so it can be done. It has to be done really carefully, but again. I still recommend that with some smaller groups agree and why that one works is because they weren’t completely different colors. They weren’t on a similar color palettes, although, yeah, that one a ruby or like that, the jewel tones, really. Yes, because as an ad, the preface. Yeah, we love us. Harry Potter, haha, Harry Potter. But if you are not intending to have a Harry Potter wedding and you pick really bold colors that are each individual, It’s really easy for two or three or even four of those colors to end up looking like the Harry Potter, Hogwarts Houses. Yeah, that happens more often than not. Were bright is like, okay. Give me a green. Give me a blue and then let’s do like maybe yellow as an accent color. And it’s like you’re just missing one more and you could have the banners in the back, So it’s one of those things where. I’m thinking, yeah, I mean, like that. We love that, but if that’s how you’re going to for a heads up, Yeah, that’s why we really encourage you. Use color hues instead of just like really radically opposite on the color wheel. The other ways you can make those different kind of segues into your next topic, which is our textures, my favorite textures and textures. We mean, fabrics, We mean embellishments. This can include, you know, if you want your girls that a plain chiffon versus having it in a lace or a sequin or a beating or a velvet or a velvet or tulle skirts. You can even put girls in all the same color in each totally different textures, and that was a solitude smash. You know -, yep, so we love us A good texture group, so what we normally encourage is if you’re planning and thinking about this, so this is probably those really popular viral. Pinterest photos right now that are going around. We’re like the maid of honor. Is it like an all sequined dress? And then the bridesmaids are at something else? Yeah, and then one bridesmaid isn’t like a really cool pattern floral dress so that she acts as like an interesting accent, but then one girl has lace that somehow it all just looks like it works and they efforts effortlessly woke up that morning and decided to be bridesmaids when you put two dresses too. They kind of is almost kind of like this huge, massive chain of Venn diagrams. Two of these dresses need to have something in common like the first two, a second in her to have wine, a third and fourth and then like V. Val connects to the first like that’s how it works and looks really well, so we’ve quil can get two girls are wearing the same color, but one has beaten and one is a plain chiffon. We have another set of girls. One is, and they’re both in different colors, but ones in that plain chiffon one is half chiffon, half beaded, and you know, you kind of enigma Talk about, like, thank you and full beaded, and then she matches the maid of honor, Then you beautiful group of guys mismatched, so you’ve gone through all the trouble of like picking your color palettes, and if you want multiple different textures and variety or if you want all the girls in the same dress, and now it just comes down to you, sister friend, the last kind of major final piece. Is you as the bride making an executive decision on what you want. Young girls to wear. We have a lot of finalized. It’s a big, it’s a big deal. Even if you don’t want your girls to pick their own dress that they feel comfortable in, you need to be the one that gives their sample of your sample of approval. That says yes. Please wear that to my wedding. Because if you let the girls just pick anything that leaves them with a certain amount of anxiety that you’re not gonna love what they chose. So you being able to make that decision and say yes. I love this helps off a brownie picking who’s getting to be in what, because we might even still need to make some slightly different changes to maybe a certain color or a certain texture, depending upon who’s wearing it. Yep, so while we’ve got all of those things down, we’ve got. We know we want, you know these. You know, three or four colors, and we want these three textures, and we know how we want to combine. Then we might need to switch something up like a certain texture changes the you know, color just depending upon wearing it, so hopefully that answers your questions about how to do a mess Price based group or what type of price makes groovy. You might want if you have questions or that. We didn’t answer or anything specifically that you would like help. Leave us a comment like on. Facebook, please subscribe and be loved and hear from you and we want you guys to hear from us, and yeah, basically just have some interaction. Friends, so company friend looking for match bridesmaids and Oliver Braids me. So make sure that you stay happy. Do this. Yeah, [Music].