Mason Jars With Twine | Diy Dollar Tree Mason Jar Lanterns Backyard Idobbq Country Wedding Series 2017

Jeri-Ann Henson

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Diy Dollar Tree Mason Jar Lanterns Backyard Idobbq Country Wedding Series 2017


[music] hi, everybody! Welcome back to my channel. We’re going to do the. DIY dollar tree Mason jar lanterns were going to use some jute cord. They have it available at Walmart or the Dollar Tree. We’re going to use some recycled jars, pasta jars, salsa jars and any mason jars. You may have you can use as well first thing. I want to show. You guys really quick is how to I how I remove labels from jars. I just love to just sit and soak in some warm water, and you can do this with more than one at a time, and then I like to throw my dish rag over it and just let it sit under the dish rack for anywhere from, like an hour to overnight and it just peels right off every once in a while. You are left with the glue residue. So now we just take some rubbing alcohol. I have swabs, but you can use rubbing alcohol and paper towels and we’re just going to work on the glue. Basically, you just let the rubbing alcohol soak in, and you’re able to scrub away any of the glue. So we’ll jump ahead and you can see how clean it comes after a while because it does take a bit. I just get my jars and I sit in front of the TV, and I go to town, so the next thing we’re going to do is. We’re going to take some jute and we’re going to make braids to hang if you guys have seen my. DIY floral headband video. You’ve already seen me make braids with jute, but this one is going to be a three strand braid, so how I always find the Thirds as I start with one end and then I grab the center around my middle finger? I keep one in between my thumb and index. I grab up another piece of the Jui along the way with my middle finger. Then I grab the other end the exact same way, and when you continue to pull what it does is, it Evenly distributes the string into thirds. This is just my little tip for you. Guys, this is how. I get thirds of everything – believe it or not, so and then what you do Is You just snip all the loops, so you have three four pieces and all right and so. I tied one end. You don’t have to cut both loops right away If you don’t want to, but I tied one end, and I’m just going to use the jar to weigh down the end. You can tape it to the table to kind of how hard you want to pull when we were making headband crowns for the shower. Emily hung it from a cabinet knob. She didn’t trim the loop yet, and she hung it from the Cabinet knob, so she can make the braid and then you’re just going to make a braid. It’s if you’ve never made a braid before I will totally teach you how to do it. It’s just, I think it’s a skill that most of us learn when we’re very little, and you just go to town, and it’s the one thing that I didn’t talk about when we were cutting. The string was how long to make it because it really does depend personally on. How long of a handle you want because jute is so thin. I would only add like one extra inch. If you wanted a ten inch handle, I would cut. You know, to make. I would make it like, 11 inches with the braid. And then you want to triple that, so that would be like 33 inch string, okay, that you’re going to cut in thirds or 311 inch string and then you just go ahead and continue to braid. Then you want to go ahead and not the other end all right now. We’re going to take our jar and the one thing. I didn’t mention the beginning. Is you need hot glue or any kind of glue, really? If you use non hot glue, you have to have to give it some drying time, but hot glue works perfect. You put a little on the jar and you start wrapping again. We’ve done this before and the the Americana lanterns with the napkins. So you’re just going to wrap a whole bunch of Dimes and you make it look as pretty as you want. I like to glue the top rim so that the jute doesn’t come off. See, I’m just going to go around along the way, so it’s sort of to seal the. I mean, the threads of the jar do help. Did you not slide up? But that extra at the top makes me feel more secure, and these aren’t going to be, You know, you could put water and flowers in them, which is somewhat we did, and they help the weight health. Great, there was water and some flowers in them, so the weight was great, and but still, it just gives me more confidence, you know, but we usually. We just put tea, light candles and the more candles. Actually, if you do use a flame candle, try to keep your hand. Your lantern handle long. I for obvious reasons, all right, so then you’re just going to go ahead and cut it off now. I’m going to give a big dollop of glue. I in particular, and I wanted to make sure. The seam of the jar was along the side. So that’s why I decided to put the glue just for aesthetic reasons. And then you’re just going to glue the knockdown to the jute and you’re just going to hold it for a few seconds because it does make a difference it and the knot sort of has a flat side, so I like to try to glue the flat side down to the to the jar, and then I just go straight across from where that one was and you glue the other one and honestly, guys. This is one of those projects really like, really. Did you have to do a tutorial? But people asked so, and we’re going to use these jars in an upcoming tutorial as well. So this is sort of going to be the part one. This is the beginning part how to make the jars. Okay, so later we’re going to turn These jars also into a chandelier, so we have the effect of having jars all over and then turned into a chandelier and again for more money. Or if you have Mason jars laying around, this would. This is so cute with mason jars. I actually did one in with an old Mason Jar, too. So you could see that alright? And it’s really that simple when we were making these. I am, we decided to make the hangers of varying heights, so all different sizes. And and there you have it. Alright, so you can see how sturdy it is in just a few seconds and here is all of that. We made okay so. I hope you really liked this tutorial. If you do give it a thumbs up, stay tuned for part two where we make the chandelier and as always take care. God bless well. See you next time bye.