Makeup To Cover Tattoo For Wedding | Covering All My Tattoos With Makeup

Ashley Quiroz

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Covering All My Tattoos With Makeup


If this is the quality content you subscribe for? I’m glad we’re coming through. I’m here to entertain you guys, okay. Hey, guys, what’s that what else would? I do at 12:40 6:00 at night on a work night other than decide to cover every last one of my visible tattoos we’re gonna see what. I’d look like as you know, just a cute, little precious, a very, very innocent girl. So what, I’m gonna be using today? I honestly this is not a tutorial. This is not tutorial disclaimer disclaimer. This is not tutorial, although I do. Makeup is not tutorial. They’re not gonna be doing a bunch of color, correcting or, like, really, really going in depth, but I’m gonna be using the dermablend body and leg makeup. I bought this at Ulta today. I heard it was popping on Instagram, so I wanted to try it and then I got the revolution baking powder. So I can set everything not like. I’m just gonna go to bed. After this anyways, so it’s not gonna matter. Yes, so we’re just gonna go ahead and get started. I’m using the shade light sand, which is 25 W. And I did Swatch it out all to some, hoping it’s like decent color match. [MUSIC] I’ve honestly never had to cover my tattoos like I’ve never had a reason to cover them up like where I work and everything. I’ve never had that issue, but I’m very intrigued. I thought about wearing white just to freak you guys out, but I’m not that cruel, okay. Darren, when I see you, honestly, that was like a very, very thin layer for that to look so popping. I’m actually astounded right now. Wow, we’ll, definitely go over it again. But, um, I’m happy with that. And if I turn, you guys can see this. I’m just gonna cover that too while I’m at it. [music] [Music] and people say getting somebody’s name tattooed is a mistake pretty easy mistake to fix. If you feel that way, okay, just for this. We’re gonna have to take this off because it’s gonna get filthy so well. Leave that over there. I realize when I got these two little finger tattoos. Everybody on with tattoos. I want to hear like, what are your funniest tattoo stories like whether it be like something. Somebody said to you or something. That happened to you because of your tattoos. I would love to hear it. Let me know down below in the comments. One thing I think that everybody can’t sympathize with or relate to. Is that people feel like they can touch you when you have tattoos. It’s weird like they feel like they could. Just grab your arm and just start. Oh, what’s this not cool? Not cool at all. No, never one thing to ask a whole nother thing to grab somebody by their arm or any other part of their body as a matter of fact [Music] and to cover friend lashes. And if you didn’t know, I guess -. Gosh, forgive me background here. I got these done in California when I was in the face of warrants and actually almost all of us Got tattoos on Hollywood Boulevard. Good times, good times. I miss the girls, so that was really easy. Honestly, we’re all done, Just kidding, just because this isn’t a tutorial doesn’t mean. I’m going to do that bad of a job. You guys were gonna go over with and their lair. I’m thinking I should apply the setting powder in between layers. Kind of like if I were to block my brows out, You’d put setting powder and then more foundation, but I mean, it’s worth a shot. What, I’m just gonna work. Yeah, nice [Music]. By the way, I like my nails Still just showing them off a little bit. All right, let’s go on with layer number. Two my arm is burning! I’m not gonna live from from holding it up like this. Oh, it literally feels like. I have a plastic arm like a fake arm right here, and I’m just like putting makeup on it because this does not look like my hand. This is not the hand. I’m used to it literally feels like I took a mannequin arm. And for some reason, I’m putting foundation on. I know why, but it doesn’t feel it feels a little funky [Music]. I’m just gonna take a little stain spray now like I really need to set this, so I’m just gonna wash it off, but I’m gonna just give me like that natural skin. Look, whoo, okay, since we’re just sitting here. This is so bizarre. I’m not gonna lie. I feel like I’m in someone. Else’s skin, somebody else’s body. I am just used to seeing myself with tattoos. I’ve got my first tattoo when I was six years old. So, you know, this is not the norm for me. This is not how? I wake up every day. Wow, I’m just so clean-cut right now. Like I’m just a clean-cut girl, okay. Wow, who is she? But yeah, you guys. Here’s me unseasoned chicken breast, giving you the vibes serving you on seasoned chicken, breast vibes and anybody with tattoos. Have you ever tried to cover up your tattoos to see what you look like, or for any other reason? And how do you feel about something? I would do all the time, obviously, not something I probably will do ever, but it is funny to see you guys like as far as the dermablend. This is not sponsored by dermablend, but my emails are always open. So put me if you’d like. I mean, this did a pretty good job at covering. I’m not gonna say I look completely covered, But also I didn’t really try. I didn’t like going and color correct or anything like that. You would think it would be kind of fun to go out and like experiment with, like a social experiment of well. Keep watching me differently without you twos or will they treat me the same? But in reality? I type you would be looking at me because they’re like girl. Why do you have foundation on your body right now? Like you’re not fooling anybody try again? Go back inside and dry again. And is it for this video? I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you guys next time. Bye, guys!