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7 Diy Gift Basket Ideas!! // Valentines Day Gift // Style My Sweets Diy


Hey, everyone, welcome back. Welcome if you’re new here. My name is Rebecca, and this is kimchi! My mother-in-law’s new puppy. He’s a miniature pincher and a little over three months old, almost four pounds. He is so cute and adorable, and we are so in love with him but anyway. Oh oh, my goodness! He wants to go play, okay. You want to go play? I know you want to go play. You have so much energy. He just got up from a nap. I thought I would introduce him to you guys really quickly. Anyway, today’s video. I have some Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas to share with you. These are also gonna be perfect for Christmas gift baskets or any kind of birthday gift idea. Um, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are also coming up so you could use these even for an Easter basket, but just some really fun gift basket ideas. I hope you guys will enjoy and also a huge. Thank you to skillshare the online learning community for sponsoring today’s video and lets. Go ahead and get started. Should we get started so for the first basket? I’m going to take one of these little gray baskets from dollar tree. I think these are really pretty and they do have them. In different colors, you could definitely add some paper shred in here for some filler. I’m using some of this pink red and white glittery styrofoam, Uh, vase filler for a little bit of filler for my basket now. I thought this would be like a really fun. Pamper spa basket for her. I think this basket is so fun. I absolutely love everything in here and I will let you guys know where everything is from. I’m going to link everything that I can down below in the description box, and you can always check my Amazon storefront as well for the first thing I added in some of these beautiful makeup brushes. I found these in TJ. Maxx, I’ve also got some really great makeup sponges. So these are kind of comparable to like a beauty blender sponge. They are super affordable. They’re really a nice, perfect size and great texture and these are such a good deal with high high reviews. I’m also going to add a nail file from dollar tree into the basket, along with some of the dollar tree stationery journal Sticky pad notepad. These are really cute and I just love the pink and purple. They have a little splash of blue on here. These are really pretty, so I’m going to add some of those, and you could add your favorite pen or highlighters or anything like that. If you think the person is into maybe, you know, journaling or planner stickers and then this little fun. Soapy loofah sponge? I wanted to give you guys a quick close-up of this one. It’s a natural loofah soap bar and it smells so good. I picked up these fuzzy socks in dollar tree, and I thought the colors are going to be perfect for this kind of girls. Women, ladies basket for her like a gift basket. Pamper basket for her. So I’m going to just remove the tag so that I can roll these up really nice and add them into the basket. Now I also love this beauty by Earth brand. They have a natural self tanner, which is so good and I decided to go ahead and add the facial scrub for my daughter in here as well. So these products are really nice. I’m going to go ahead and have this one linked below as well as a bath bomb. I thought this one looked so fun and again. It fits our pink color theme, but this is like a birthday cake, sprinkles, bath bomb. So this is really fun. You could always add some lotion. I’ve got the twisted peppermint. One here. This is from bath and body works. It’s actually from Christmas time, but, hey, the colors fit perfectly and the smell is so delish. Now this is like a little face, scrubby to help kind of cleanse your face and get rid of any dead skin and just help make your face more glowing and luminous and just get your skin extra clean and healthy and you can, actually. It has like a little spot. You can add some of your facial scrubs onto here for just kind of massaging cleaning cleansing your skin. So this little guy is really cute. It’s like a squishy little facial scrubber. I think my daughter is going to love this. One, I’m also going to go ahead and add in some face sheet masks. I thought these would be so perfect for adding in. Now, I found a whole big set of these That are really highly rated over on Amazon. I love sheet masks, and these are actually Korean skincare, so super highly rated and they came in a large pack so you could divide them up into different gift baskets for different people. You could give some to someone and keep some for yourself. I think there were like 16 in the set. Maybe so this is another just really great gift idea by itself for someone Who’s really into skincare. Kylie was shopping with me while we were in dollar tree, and we found these little heart elastics for your hair. So these are really cute. I wanted to show you guys them. Because for just a dollar, I think they’re the perfect little thing to add in as well now last, but not least you could easily add in some fake flowers. Dollar tree has lots of little hearts or florals that you could cut to add in here just to really spruce up your basket and just give it all that extra little jazz. Go ahead and you can tie this up with some clear cellophane wrap and this basket looks amazing. I’m just showing it to you guys unwrapped, because once it’s wrapped, it’s going to be really hard to see everything that’s in it, but later on, I’ll show you some like already finished and wrap. I also want to thank skillshare for sponsoring today’s video. 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What you need to consider she asks all the right questions to take you through for what you need in order to make the most out of your space, and I know we love doing that here on this channel, decorating our homes just to make some simple changes that are going to really make a big change in a field for our space without without costing too much so so much to learn on skillshare. I’m taking lots of interior design classes on there. Their classes are all curated specifically for learning, so there are no ads and they’re always launching new premium classes so that you can stay focused and follow wherever your creativity leads. It is also less than 10 a month with an annual subscription and the first 1 000 of my subscribers to click on the link in my description will get a free trial of the Skillshare premium membership. So you can explore your creativity. Let’s move on to the next one. Now for this one, I’m actually just starting with a very simple plastic Red bowl from dollar tree, and I wanted this one to be more of, like a maybe, like a couple’s gift basket or like a morning gift basket, brunch, gift basket thing or even you can make this like a family gift basket, so I’m gonna do kind of a brunch theme here with this little mini heart shaped waffle maker. Of course. I think the little heart-shaped one is so cute and perfect for Valentine’s Day, And instead of paper shred in here, I found a lot of really cute options for tissue paper at dollar tree. You can add pancake or waffle mix, and I thought that my mom would actually, really like this ancient grain one. I found these also in target. I’m gonna have links again for the waffle maker and these adorable Valentine’s Day mugs as well down in the description box down below now since this is kind of a kitchen brunch, you know, morning brunch themed gift basket. I’m going to go ahead and add a kitchen towel in as well. I think it fits really well with the heart theme and would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. I thought about adding some chocolates in here, But they weren’t really fitting How I wanted, so I decided to leave those out, but I am going to go ahead and add in some maple syrup now. Unfortunately, I want to pick up a maple leaf shaped bottle because I do have a maple leaf one, but it’s actually almost empty, so I wanted to show you guys this anyway. With a full one, So I’m just gonna go ahead and just show it to you with the little gingerbread man. This little bunch of white glittery heart rose things from dollar tree. I think these are really cute and I like that. They actually have that little greenery on them. I think the green adds a really nice splash of life into the middle of the basket and really completes the look. [MUSIC] Now moving on the next one is just a really fun kind of like a pink themed basket. So this one is more of like a color theme. But you could really add anything that you want in here. I picked up this cinnamon bun popcorn in tj. Maxx. It looked really fun as well as these little birthday cake, cookie hunks! These are so good, you guys, they are vegan. They are gluten free and I don’t know, they’re just delicious. The kids love them. I love them! I also picked up some socks in dollar tree again. Just those little fuzzy heart-shaped designs on here Perfect for Valentine’s Day, and these were so so soft, Really nice now in the basket. You probably want to use something like some paper shred or tissue paper in the bottom. This basket is also from dollar tree. But, actually, I decided to give it a try using some of the pieces of ribbon. I had a lot of ribbon left from Christmas trees that were already cut into pieces, so I decided to just kind of roll them and kind of pile them all into the basket, so I have all these layers of curly sparkly ribbon as my base for my basket, just trying to be creative and use some things that I already have left around the house, and I also picked up some chocolate hearts. I got these in TJ. Maxx as well And then these little strawberry cookies. I believe these actually happen to be vegan. Um, my husband likes them. I do not like them, but you know, he loves these. So I guess it just depends on who you’re giving it to, but I thought that the color worked really well with this. Mike likes to dunk them in coffee. So I don’t know, let me know. Do you guys like these kind of strawberry wafer cookies? The color was perfect, So I’m gonna stick a few of these in here, and this is just a really fun, affordable gift basket and I’m gonna pop those little pink hearts in here. These came in a little. I think it was like a six pack or an eight pack in dollar tree. In this way, I’ve got some just extra little sparkle and hearts in this basket Looks so cute and adorable, Perfect for Valentine’s Day. [MUSIC] Now for the next one, this bask is actually going to be quite large and full of so many fun goodies that I picked up so I could not find a basket large enough for this one. So you know what I’m gonna get creative? I had some wrapping paper on hand and a large Amazon box. So I’m gonna go ahead and wrap the box and I tuck the sides in to kind of make it extra sturdy and I’m just going to wrap this box with wrapping paper and the basket is going to look really good when it’s done now. If you wanted to completely wrap all the way down the inside or fill the hole inside with like tissue, paper or paper, shred by all means, go ahead and do that. Dollar tree has so many options with like tissue, paper and paper shred. Now the first thing that I have to add in here. Is this really soft, plush leopard print blanket. This one is from TJ. Maxx. I love the pink and leopard together. In case you didn’t realize, I know. I kind of am doing that theme for Valentine’s Day this year. I’m just kind of into it right now. And my sister is too. Um, but anyway. I wanted to add some popcorn in here. My sister loves popcorn, So I thought this would be perfect and I found these bags like anything. I could find pink. I was looking for like pink snacks and goodies that I could add in here for her, So I’ve got that cinnamon bun popcorn. I’ve also got another just like basic popcorn here again with the pink wrapper. These little mini stroop waffles, which are perfect. I know she’s a coffee drinker. So this will be something fun. She can put with coffee and then I wanted something else to match with the leopard print, and I actually found like this little leopard notepad. So I thought that would be perfect to stick in here as well. I actually found this little candle in little, um, spray. That smells so good. Oh, my goodness! This candle smells delicious. So I had to add that in here. It was just a few dollars, so I decided to pop that in. Plus, it’s got that nice, hot pink color, and I thought she would enjoy that, so I’m gonna stick that candle down in here along with just like a little simple, dry shampoo, and that one is actually from dollar tree. This little wristlet is from dollar tree. You could stick a gift card in here or some pens. You could stick some planner stickers or supplies in here. Some gift cards, some cash. You know whatever you like, so many options. I’m nestling more of the little pink wafers in here to go with coffee, especially since this is kind of like a cozy night in snack supply basket, but I also found these little peanut butter cups in TJ. Maxx, I’m gonna add those. Basically, I found most of these things in TJ. Maxx, the same little pink heart chocolate candies and I did find some of these here. I thought these looked really interesting. These are a gummy candy. I think they were like a champagne flavor or something anyway. Add all your fun sweets and treats. And if you just keep with kind of a certain like color, theme or patterns or whatever I think your basket will come together really nicely. So here is how this one is coming together. And then I wrapped this whole thing up in cellophane. Wrap and let me tell you. It was a little tricky because this box is so large, but then I just actually tied it up with some glitter deco mesh from dollar tree, and the whole thing came together, and this was just a really fun gift full of so many fun things to open and tasty treats, so the next one also has food. I’ve got some food baskets here, but I’m just taking a little basket here from dollar tree. I put some of the brown paper shred in the bottom, and my mom loves trail mix and all kinds of like nuts and candies, and you know, all of the little trail mix snacks, so I actually picked up a variety of different kinds of nuts and some things that I know she doesn’t normally buy for herself like these dark chocolate macadamia nuts, some other like chocolate covered nuts and one of the oatmeal white chocolate chip. Those heavenly hunks where I did the birthday cake one before I didn’t think she would like the birthday cake. One as much as maybe the oatmeal white chocolate one and they are gluten free, So I know she will appreciate that, and I just tried to kind of coordinate the colors here, so I have kind of like white tan brown and kind of like a bluish teal color in here, and then you could add in some sparkly florals like a Christmas. Pick a valentine or spring floral. Whatever you want to do here. I actually gave her this one back at Christmas time, but I wanted to show you guys it anyway. Because you could totally do this any time of year. Now again I wrapped this one up and just, you know, tied that up with cellophane Wrap and wrapped it with a little bow. [MUSIC] Now for the next one, I’m actually using a little wooden crate. You can get one in Michaels or hobby lobby. You know, you can get it in any craft store. I actually picked this one up in TJ. Maxx and I did go ahead and add some more of that brown paper. Shred down in the bottom. Now this is going to be like a food lover’s gift basket, definitely for the foodie. In your life? I’m gonna do a taste of Italy. I think this is something that my dad is going to absolutely love and enjoy, so definitely go ahead and add in some olive oil or a balsamic vinegar. Something like that? I think olive oil is great, because I think it’s great for, you know whether you’re dipping bread or using it in some of your cooking and recipes and I got a lot of these items, actually in TJ. Maxx, so I found some handcrafted pasta from Italy and I’m gonna go ahead and add those in along with this Italian pasta sauce. I found three different varieties, so I’m gonna go ahead and add these jars. I found some Italian candies that I’m gonna go ahead and add in. I got this roasted garlic, rosemary and sea Salt Spice Blend. This is so random herring fillets in tomato sauce. And this is just something that I think that my dad might enjoy. I got some pitted olives. I’m gonna go ahead and add some different, unique olives in here, And then I even found some like little cookies. These little cappuccino wafers. These looked good and he does like to have a little something sweet, sometimes with coffee after dinner. [MUSIC] I also found some pistachio truffles. That, honestly, really we’re having a very hard time fitting in here, But I finally got pretty much everything to fit into this basket, which was great and I did add in a few little red berry sprigs. You know, you could add in some faux greenery leaves or some flowers to fit with your color. You know, any kind of little fake florals? Just pick up something in dollar tree. It just adds it cost like an extra dollar. Maybe, and it really takes your basket to a whole other level, and I just think it looks amazing. So this was again because this was so tall and wrapping up this whole wooden crate. It was a little bit tricky, but I basically tried to kind of angle the basket diagonally on here so that I could pull the four corners off, and then I just kind of tucked the sides into, you know, took the sides down inside and I was able to actually do this. Despite how large this basket was as well, we managed to get this one all tied and wrapped up and I used some of the dollar tree ribbon here, and I really love how this one turns out. The ribbon is just nice and wide and glittery. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. Christmas, Easter. You know, you could do a basket like this for a birthday an anniversary. Any any occasion at all. This is just any. I think anyone would love to get a basket like this. If you put a little bit of thought into what kind of foods that you think that they might enjoy a basket like this is just so fun, you can’t go wrong last, but not least I wanted to do a plant lover’s gift basket, so for this one, I’m taking a dollar tree basket. They come in different colors, and I think that the person you give it to could totally reuse it somewhere in their house, so that is always a plus now. I found these adorable. Little cactus themed candles. They’re like little candles that are shaped like a cactus. They’re super cute. I also picked up some of these little. Um, succulent themed notepads and stickers in dollar tree. And I thought those would be fun as well, so I’m gonna add those along with this little. Stay sharp, stationary kit. This is really cute as well. It comes with, like a note, paper and envelopes note cards. So that’s really cute. I want to add those in And then I found these palm leaf pajama set. [MUSIC] But anyway, you can go ahead and add a plant in here so this I’m actually borrowing my daughter’s plant here. This potho’s plant. But I will have one linked if you’re looking to purchase one of these. So this is her plant because my potho’s plant has literally grown to now be about four feet long, and it would not fit here because I’ve had it For two years. They are super easy to maintain. They don’t need much water. They don’t need much light and, yeah, they’re really low maintenance, so you can order one on Amazon. I actually just did, and it just came in the mail and it’s super healthy, even shipping here in winter, so they did a great job with that again. You could add in any kind of plants or planters. Maybe a nice watering can or a plant. Mister, that you could add into a gift basket for someone who loves plants. Thank you so much for watching. Please give this video a thumbs up. Subscribe before you go, and don’t forget to click the link below, so you can get a free trial of Skillshare’s premium membership. Have an amazing day and I will see you soon in the next one bye [Music]!