Mailbox Wedding Card Box | Diy $4 Rustic Country Wedding Card Box Tutorial 2017

Jeri-Ann Henson

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Diy $4 Rustic Country Wedding Card Box Tutorial 2017


[music] everybody! Welcome back to my channel today. We’re going to make this. DIY, inexpensive rustic car box for a rustic chic wedding. We’re going to need some craft paper from the Dollar Tree. This cardboard box from the Dollar Tree. It is a hanging file folder box is what it says and ruler, preferably metal with a straight edge glue gun exacto knife, and I found this burlap fabric as a remnant for 2050 cents from Walmart and then for embellishments, I have the Dollar Tree, natural burlap and scissors and packing tape, lets. Go so as you guys know, I like to do a tutorial for everybody of different skill levels. So if you kind of see what is going, you don’t really have to watch the whole thing, but if you’ve never made this before or covered a box with fabric or contact paper before then we’ll go ahead and stay tuned. We’re going to cut a slit in the box, and the slit is going to be 1/2 inch by 8 inches, which is standard, you know, most cards are set 5 by 7 relatively, but you know, bigger cards will fit into sideways and 1/2 inch. It’s perfect with that. You can get cards in and not get cards out so easily, so I’m just measuring straight lines this box. I measured two and a quarter inches in from both sides and two and 1/4 inch in from the top and bottom, but you go ahead and do whatever and it doesn’t have to be perfectly centered. That’s just me being me okay, and then use the Exacto knife or the straightedge to cut it out, and I took precautionary measures that I wanted to cover the handles with capes and nobody would accidentally put their hands in and go in the box, but that’s not necessary. Then I went ahead and I assembled the box as per package instructions and then we’re going to cover it with fabric. So if you guys have never done a covered box before it’s not as hard of the team, but I’ll show you how to do it, robot. The first thing I want to do is cover the words That’s what the craft paper is for, just the same color as the cardboard box, and I just basically cut out pieces and use the packing tape just to cover the word so that they wouldn’t show up through the burlap and then simple work, right, and then we’re going to do the same thing for the top of the box and cover those words. This box was inspired by a box we saw from Michaels and the box for Michaels was $39.99 I figured even with a 40% off a 50% off coupon, that’d be way too much for a covered box so because I was able to get my burlap for 2 dollars and 50 cents. This box really just cost me around less than four dollars to make. I had the burlap ribbon before. But the box was a dollar. I had the pie had the craft paper, but usyou it. I mean for you. Guys who don’t know in some parts of the country, its tradition to give money gifts in envelopes at weddings and I know in some parts of the country. It’s traditional just to give gifts that maybe the bride is registered for, but this is actually to collect cards for a wedding so now we’re going to call ahead and cover them with the burlap. What we’re going to do is just roughly measure the burlap around the box, so we don’t have to work with extra and we’re just going to cut off whatever extra we don’t need. Okay, so you see here? I’m trying to just roughly rap and make sure I have enough on the end. Both end it is a lot like wrapping a present at Christmastime, but this particular box because the hinges excuse me because the cover is hinged, It’s just a little bit extra steps as all now. One thing that I did to help myself. I found that if I cut along one of the rows of the burlap, Then it made it so much easier to get squares and straight lines. What I did was. I started with the front corner of the box and I’ve gone. I’ve glued the edge of the burlap that I cut just along the straight edge and again. I followed all of the squareness of the fabric as you see here. I’m adjusting with my fingers just to say like if I can keep the burlap square against the box, it will make it so much easier and look so much more professional at the end. Neater, really so what I’m doing here is. I’m going along the finished edge of the box, and I’m just trying to make sure that I keep the box square on the fabric. I just picked a row and went with it now. I’m cutting off the extra bottom fabric. Just make sure you have enough to go like you’re robbing a present. Make sure you have enough to complete the bottom. I think the most important thing to remember as you go along is with the fabric is try to pull it tight as you go as you can see. I have some wrinkles here, but that very easily will be could be ironed out. If that’s the look you’re going for. If you want something neat you could have. I could have ironed this burlap first. You just want to make sure you use the proper heat setting, but since she’s going for a really shabby chic rustic looking wedding, we didn’t worry about the wrinkles. We didn’t worry about the imperfections because the imperfections are. What makes it perfect for her? So if you can see? I’ve just been going along and now I’m doing the bottom and I’m just using glue way. You would use tape. If you were wrapping a present, try to get along the very edge, of course. Mind your fingers. I used my scissor from time to time. If I put on an excess of amount of glue, I’m going to use my scissor to push it down and it comes off the scissors real easy, and then I’ve decided to do fold in the short sides and then fold in the long sides. And what’s important here. Is that you fold? You fold silly, you glue along the fold that triangle fold and you go ahead and make sure that you glue all of that down, so you don’t want any loose fabric so it wouldn’t potentially fall over and now? I’m sorry it’s off-camera a little bit, but what I’m actually doing is. I’m going in! Well, there we go, you can see there. I’m gluing in side the box. I’m basically going around the sides and gluing on the inside of the box and talking the fabric in on the inside of the box. You could line this box with paper or other fabric, but it’s only for the bride and the groom to see inside anyway, so it doesn’t have to be fancy inside, but now we’re going to go ahead and want to work on the top, so we work on the top with the top open and first thing we do is the short sides, just like we did the box bottom, and I’m sorry it’s Off-camera again, and I didn’t realize how much I had kept pulling it closer to myself when I was working, but you see, you just want to be the glue and roll the fabric over. Just mine, your fingers, and then when you get to this edge. I glued along the edge and then started with the center. Pull the fabric taut and then worked towards my right and then work back towards the left and again keeping in. Mind that square line. So here’s. The part that could be tricky is how to deal with the corners. There is a couple of different ways. You could just pull them tight and go. Walk yourself around the corner. It’s the way! I was always taught or you can fold it like I’ve decided to do here. I’ve decided to go ahead and make it look just like the bottom. I’m going to fold it just like a present. I’m making that triangle. Make sure you glue that little edge of that triangle down, so you can get that finished meat. A finished look and then on the inside of the box lid, We’re just going to go ahead and pull it tight. Blow it down! Make sure that the seam and the corner is really neat and the last section of the lid that we do is the inside of the centerpiece. It’s the left because it’s the first thing you notice. I know that sounds silly, but that’s pretty much how it goes, so you just want to see. I’m just being careful going down all of the extra edges, and now we’re going to work on the sling to slit that hole. Basically, the hole that gets all the cards going through what I did first is. I ran a glue on the inside just to hopefully not move the burlap, And then I stuck my scissors from underneath and cut straight down the middle, and I really do apologize That all of this was Off-camera. I had to hold it so close to my body while I was doing it because basically we put a bead of glue and we pulled the fabric through the hole as tight as possible, and there’s such a little bit amount of fabric there, so it was just very careful. You want to make sure that you just pull through the other side? Just basically how we did with all the other fabric, and that’s it for the putting the box together now on the embellishments. Now, of course, you can do whatever embellishments that you like. The inspiration was actually a piece of crocheted lace down the middle, but we went with the burlap thing and we got the burlap from the dellutri, so we just glued a piece down the middle, and then I went ahead and made a burlap rose. It’s basically a ribbon Rose. You guys have ever seen it with burlap ribbon and it does look super duper rustic, So I do have a tutorial for this on. I will link it up in the cards and down below, and then I’m just cleaning it up and gluing it solid. Then you cut the bottom off. I decided to stick the ruler underneath where I was gluing it because I didn’t want to glue it to the box. I wanted to give the bride. The option of changing the embellishments, so as it is, everything is glued just to that burlap ribbon and the burlap ribbon is just glued to the inside of the box and the bottom of the box so that she could change it as she sees fit and that’s it. Thank you all for all your love and sport. Thank you all for watching. If you have any questions. Leave them! In the comments down below, don’t forget to click like and subscribe and as always take care. God bless -! See you next time bye. [MUSIC].