Lighted Trees For Wedding | Professional Tips- How To Hang Lights From Trees For Weddings And Christmas Lights.

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Professional Tips- How To Hang Lights From Trees For Weddings And Christmas Lights.


I just wanted to share some tips for doing a tree like this. Um, I like doing the core. Wrap the branch trap and the cascading lights is what I call them for the ones in the middle. You simply go down. Double it back up and keep going down back up. Keep going and then end it right there. If you got too much or too little, you just add a little bit further out on the branch or take a little bit further in so that the bottoms of them are about even off of the ground, no matter how high up the branches, they’re all ending about a foot two foot off the ground. All right, and as you can see from here, It’s a little obvious that that has fewer lights than this right here, but it’s not, um, it’s not that noticeable, everything still looks really good, all right, and then, as for powering everything you don’t want to power all of your branches off of the line starting down at the bottom. You want to have a power cord? This is teeing off, powering the trunk going that direction. Then you put a jumper in. This is going this way out that branch and this side is going this way. Um, up here so that way. If I blow a fuse or a squirrel chews on something, my whole line doesn’t go out if a squirrel chews on this right here, I’m still going to have one or two of these still alive, or if it shorts out or whatever if it blows a fuse, it’s not going to blow all the fuses in the whole thing. All the branches aren’t going to go out, itll. Just be one section of it going out so again, you put your power starting down the bottom, put a jumper cord up, and if we were doing a ton of lights, I mean, we would run a jumper cord here. It would split off there. It would split off there, split off there and so each branch would have their own power supply to the main power. It’s basically it’s not piggybacking off of the lights below it. I hope that makes sense. Um, I’ll take some before and after Well, Actually, I’ll take some after photos. I didn’t take any befores. Um, but, uh yeah. I hope you guys appreciate this. I’m gonna take a step back. Actually, let me show you the next one that we’re about to do. So when you are gonna wrap trees. You gotta look at the tree itself, okay. Um, this has really nice architecture in the branches, and there’s not a lot of these little, teeny tiny sucker little stickler branches on the main trunk and on the main branches that allows me to wrap it. If if the foliage was that thick all the way down, I would not be wrapping these, so that is a consideration, the other consideration is, you know the architecture, the shape of this tree, so this tree is all one-sided. Okay, so from this angle, there’s nothing over here. There’s there’s no branches over here. It’s all leaning in that direction. So when you’re picking a design for the tree, you got to pick a design. That’s going to match this tree. If you’re going to branch, wrap everything, it’s going to all look like a one-sided tree, or if you’re going to hang balls down or anything like that, nothing’s going to be hanging over here. It’s all going to be heavy on this side, but when you pick a design that really sprawls out and you just have one or two, uh, drooping or cascading lights. It doesn’t highlight the imperfections in the tree. It actually works with it so again. This tree, there’s no branches on this side, but as we walk around it, you can see through the imperfections. You can see through to the other side of the tree, and it looks really, really, really nice, No matter now, what direction you’re viewing it from, so I hope that helps we’re gonna do the same thing over here and, um, so? I hope that helps we’re gonna add a, uh, ill. Add a few photos right here of how everything looks when I’m wrapped up. Um, please remember to subscribe to the channel. If you like this video if you found it helpful. Uh, please give us a thumbs up. Leave a comment. Give some love and you know. Follow us on Facebook as well. We have a Christmas light contractors group where you can interact with other professionals and learn the, um, the business side of hanging Christmas lights. And then if you’re also if you’re looking for professional grade Christmas lights, these lights are not the ones that you find at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Theyre they’re professional grade. You can find more professional grade lights like this at Christmas. Light contractor’s links at the bottom of the video and in the video description for all these groups. And, um, our our website as well. God bless, take care hope. You guys have a merry Christmas? [MUSIC] Can you stay [Music]? But I’ll fix it. Big love the flower! I wanna be strong, strong, strong. We’re doing wrong, wrong wrong. God will change. I would like to tell you.