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Twisted Lavender Bouquet


Hi, Julie. Here from Savion and Lavender Farm and today we’re gonna learn how to make a twisted lavender bouquet, so stay tuned. Thanks for joining me today. I am so excited to bring this project to you on what to do with one of our dried lavender bouquets that you can get here at the farm or anywhere else online. Just Google Drive. I’m your bouquets, get one. That has at least 400 stems in it to make this project and it is super easy to do, so let’s get started. First thing you want to do is unwrap the lavender. You might find a few buds in the bottom of the tissue. No worries, you want to scoop those up? Put them in a sachet bag and stick them in your underwear drawer for great smelling undies all year long. If you don’t have a sachet bag, all you have to do is get an old piece of fabric or an old sock tie knot in it. Anything will work, all right, So here’s our dried lavender bouquet and believe it or not. Our project is almost done. It is just that simple to make. The first thing you want to do is take this rubber band down here and move it farther up the stem. You want it about six inches up about halfway up between the green part here, so lets. Move that on us super easy to do. Just roll it on up. Yes, super easy. [laughter] There we go there. We go next. What you want to do is if there are any lavender stems that are sticking up like this. Just go ahead and poke them back down. If they’re too hard to put back down, pull them out. Strip those buds off and put them in your sachet bags. Pop them in the underwear drawer. Once you have your bouquet top looking, just how you want it. And that smells so good. What you want to do is take a hand and put it below the rubber band. Take your other hand, put it just below the buds, and you’re going to twist in opposite directions, Just like you’re wringing out a hole like a towel, a sopping wet one. So twist release twist release. Keep your keep it up. Keep going! It makes a wonderful spiral. You’ll notice that I have a few buds popping off and they’re landing on my tablecloth. Here, no worries. Those are will go back in those sachet bags there. You go all right now that I have it twisted, just where I want it. What I’m going to do is trim up the bottom, so I have a nice flat surface, so I’m going to take my scissors. And this is where you can get a little creative. If you want a shorter bouquet, you can trim it down a few inches. If you want something a little longer, just trim a little bit off. The great thing about lavender is the scent is in the entire plant. It’s not just in the buds. It’s in the stems. It’s in the leaves, and I absolutely love it. One thing. I do to bring the scent out with a dried flower arrangement that I’ve had for a while. Is I will gently manipulate the stems. So with a piece like this. The twisted lavender bouquet. All you need to do is pick it up every once in a while and twist and that scent will pop right out at you, even if it’s a couple years old now after about two two years, you’ll probably want to replace your your bunch with something a little new a little bit fresher. Because after about two years, the stems are going to fade a little bit. They’re gonna turn a brown color too to stop that from happening quite as fast. What you can do is make sure that your bouquet is kept out of direct sunlight almost done here there we go. Let’s see if it’ll stand up on its own now and there we have it, the twisted lavender bouquet. But it’s not quite done yet. There’s one more thing we have to do. We have to add some embellishment to it. Whether it is raffia, you could add to it or a gorgeous piece of lace wrapped around. Isn’t that gorgeous for a wedding? What do you think, but today what? I’m going to do is some natural colored wire ribbon that I absolutely love. I think I’m going to wrap it around a couple of times there. We go awesome here. It comes big ribbon. What you can do is change out the ribbon. According to the season, you can have one for the summer one for the winter one for the fall one for the spring. You can change out the embellishments. According to holidays, you could have red or gold or silver for Christmas time pretty ribbon with hearts on it for Valentine’s Day. That’s what I love about wire ribbon. You can really manipulate that and make it look absolutely gorgeous. Well, right, well, there you go. The twisted lavender bouquet. I hope you enjoyed learning about the twisted lavender bouquet. I had a blast bringing it to you today. Please go to Sauvie Island Lavender Farm, Come and join our lavender lovers Club and you will find out when we have more exciting, a craft and cooking with lavender videos available for you to watch and you’ll get some awesome discount codes as we’ll have a great day, everyone, and you twist the bouquet in opposite direction, and you twist the stems in opposite directions, Just like your true, just twist the stems in opposite directions, Just like if you were ringing your husband’s neck.