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Great Gatsby Bridal Bouquet


Welcome to the flower! School comm video library. I’m Leanne Kessler, director of the Floral Design Institute. And today I’m here to share with you. A great Gatsby inspired bridal bouquet. All of the flowers perfect for Great Gatsby are from fifty flowers. Calm when you think about the Great Gatsby. Look, you want to think about opulence, fabulous and feminine, of course, pearls of all different types, jewels, rhinestones, glitter and the metallics, silver and gold, and, of course, feathers, and when it comes time to look for the flowers going through the shop, buy color works really. Well, just on the fifty flowers, calm shot by color and then look at pink. Look at Peach, Look at your soft feminine colors, and I did that I found these beautiful blush. Dendrobium x blush, tulips, soft pink roses and then wax flower in a mixture that included ivory, blush and kind of a rosy pink mixed together along with the treasures. Be a fabulous! Great Gatsby. Bridal bouquet. The base of the bouquet is a slant handle holder from the Oasis company That comes with this white plastic, and I’m covering that using dusty Miller. That’s also from fifty flowers calm. It took the individual leaves, remove the stem and then using Super 77 Spray glue, just spray the back of the leaf and then adhere it directly to the holder, gives you that soft metallic silver color that gets the great beginning the front just leaving it plain, then setting it down into the stand to work with now. You may wonder. Where did she get that stand? It was handmade for me by a friends, so you’ll have to find a friend to make it for you just welded metal with a little gizmo that I can set the handle right in and it sets it so that you can see easily as I create. The Dendrobiu’m have such wonderful, long stems. You couldn’t just give them a cut and set them directly into the holder, but they aren’t quite as lush as I would like it to be for a Gatsby inspired. You have so many buds. I want more fullness, so for fullness, I create Dendrobium tassels that way when I place them in, I get much more significant. OOP from my flowers. They’re so so fabulous! How do you do that? It’s actually quite easy, you take your. Dendrobiu’m pull it out and then pull off the florets, starting with the smallest ones first and then getting larger and lay them out in sequence of size, and then at the end, you’ll get to your largest ones where they’re the fullest, then using a single 22 gauge wire. I found a jewel beading it on to the wire, just threading it through and then bending it right back up on itself so that that becomes the base, then starting with your smallest feed it on just the bud, no flower, really showing, bring it down over the top of that double wire, so it feeds right into the bead, then going back one. That’s a little bit more open and letting it overlap right on to the first bud adjusting the petals, then one, that’s a little more open again and the next one you can see. Each one is getting a little bit more open a little fuller than feeding them down overlapping, the one just before twisting it, so they look in different directions, pulling out the petals feeding it down. Bring this one in turning it. You can see it gives you such a beautiful tassel. Be a great addition to the bouquet, so I made three tassels to create the tail of the bouquet, and I just attached them together in my hand, holding them tightly, then using corsage tape, I’m using white, so it goes well with the Dendrobium and just start taping it together. Now they’re going to switched around, so I hold them down in front of me and tape them together. Getting one long continual stem. Come on up all the way to the end there we go, then once they’re secured together. This backbone can insert into the holder double-check, which way you want it to go and then taking it and just letting it slide up from the bottom of the holder all the way through and out the top. If you don’t have it come back out, it might fall out because you want it to be nice and secure, then taking this end and folding it back down into the holder. That’s what’s going to make sure that it doesn’t come loose once. The tassels are in place. You can go back and cut your. Dendrobium is apart so that the florets will show heading it down, letting it come up to the top with just the buds, but then going back and adding in the floret so that it’s fuller and lusher, bringing some down towards the tassels make sure they get in there. Well, then again, maybe letting some of the buds come down towards the bottom filling into the sides, then going back with the florets, a little bit larger, letting them come out to the side through and then to create an accent area in the center. That’s where the tulips will be so fabulous. They don’t have to be too long. Just cut them short, set them in and again. Cut it short, set it in creating a wonderful accent area. Maybe another coming more towards the top, and then the beautiful garden roses cutting them very, very short, so they’ll set in giving you the density. Look how lush and fabulous that is brings up the tassel, the fullness and another bring it up towards the top yet another making this one come all the way to the top where the bride is going to look down and see it. Oh, they’re so fragrant, Absolutely wonderful, then going back with more of the Dendrobium, filling them in making sure it’s full and lush on the sides in the center and on the top to finish. Choose your favorite color of wax flower, be at the ivory, the light, pink, the dark pink and add it into the bouquet for just a little more fullness and texture. It makes the bouquet so much more interesting to have a variety of different materials, so the tulips, the roses, the orchids, and now a little bit of wax flower, just breaking it down, taking the individual stems and then tucking it down low, so it comes out in between the blossoms enhancing adds a little bit, of contrast in color and a lot, of contrast and texture using longer pieces coming downward again, making sure it goes in deeply, so it will drink water and also stay put well coming in kind of dividing your blooms, so there’s room over to the opposite side and then even through the center and up into your accent area dividing finding a little area to insert away from there, we go don’t want to spear through a petal and then coming back to the back side, making sure that all my mechanics are covered. No foam can show back here either. When the bride looks at it from this side, it’s got to be equally as beautiful as it is from the front. The finished bouquet is very comfortable to hold. It looks good from the sides and the back and the top. No matter which direction you look. It looks finished and polished now to make it even extra-special, adding in a few pearl pins right in the accent area to add even a little more glamour, little more glitz. Make the bouquet even more extra-special, one of the joys of a box from 50 flowers. Calm it’s! Just how much is there not only? Can you make the beautiful bridal bouquet? But you can go ahead and make up all of the bridesmaids bouquets. Maybe hand ties to coordinate. And then you can do boutonnieres for the groom and the best man. Maybe the fathers and the mothers get a corsage putting this all together, and then you’ll still have plenty left for centerpieces. This one is one of my favorites using the gold container, so it picks up the metallics from the Great Gatsby look, and there’s nothing more than a hand tie of all the different colors of wax flower, so quick and easy, then going back and adding to the Gatsby style by adding in feathers just tucking them into place, maybe even coming out towards the front and the wax flower just holds everything in and then going back with the Dendrobium orchids, just giving it a cut and feeding it through. It goes right down into the water. You want more of the florets to show just cut out the buds cutting from the top and then giving it a cut and then setting it in so easy. I just love it and so beautiful. So now it’s your turn. Check out the 50 flowers, com website shop bicolor, figure out your flowers and then have fun. You can do so many different things. If you have questions, you can reach me through the website at flower school. Comm or pick up the telephone at you.