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Top On-trend Wedding Nail Colours


Hey, guys, it’s! Fleur here and today. I’m going to be talking. All about nails. Wedding nails may seem like probably one of the last things you’ll think of for your wedding day, but actually, once you start thinking about colors, there are so many options to choose from. It can be quite hard to set so in this video. I’m going to be talking about some of my ultimate favorite wedding nail colors that are appropriate for everyday wear as well obviously, but they’re work really, really well for your wedding day. Some of them for bridesmaids. I’m also going to be talking about some of my favorite essential extra nail products. If you are doing your own nails on your wedding day and a few of my favorite nail trends that have been happening over the past few months, so starting off with FES, He’s basically on the wedding nail space at the moment. They have so many awesome, beautiful nude pinky tones, but it’s really hard not to be able to find a color that you would want to wear on your wedding day from the SP collection. They have just launched a collaboration with Monique Lhullier, which is really exciting. Obviously she is the queen of wedding dresses. Her dresses are to die for, and there are some interesting colors in that which? I’ll get into in a minute, But my three favorite colors from Essie. My personal favorite one is Martin was out, which is a very kind of sheer baby pink, really pretty. You will need to layer it up if you want more opaque. Finish if you do like that more. I hate kind of baby pink look. CGT is also a great option. This is a very kind of chalky, white tone, kind of pink, but a lot of people really like this, A lot of people like this and French manicure as well personally for me, It’s too opaque, and if you want to go somewhere in the middle, I also really, really like Vanity Fair because it has a little bit of shimmer, too, as well. So then my top three kind of classic wedding color options from Effie And then part of the money to Lully. A collection, there are two colors. I also really like the first one is a beautiful rose gold shimmer. And this is cool to have into gold, and these are actually different formulas. They’re in the twisted and kind of square bottles, the whole money. Julia collection is in this formula. It’s really really lovely as a two-step gel system. If you guys like that kind of thicker gel, look, manicure. Then you will really like this formula. It’s really good and then the other color that is interesting from this collection is actually probably more appropriate for bridesmaids, but this is a beautiful kind of Greenie Gray color. It’s called sage. You love me, and she’s really, really beautiful, Probably not for wedding day to the brides that my prepared surprise maid could be really perfect. My personal favorite kind of more opaque blush pink, which I would a hundred percent recommend for wedding day Nails, is from Sally Hansen and says Pink : I wear this probably 50% of the time in my life. It is such a perfect kind of slightly movi, rosy kind of pink, just a perfect nail color in my opinion, and this would be amazing for your wedding day. The actual texture is really lovely as well. It’s really easy to paint myself because they have some wide brush like the SP polishes. They also have these, but such a good good formula, and you just really can’t go wrong with that color 100% recommend it. If you are going down the more shimmery roots, something that’s similar to the SE rose gold is Ali’s rage. This is such a lovely rose. Gold color rose gold now launched. It can be quite hard to find if you do want to go down more of a bling route or do one of the nail trends button. I talked about in a minute and they are both really really good options. More nude colors rather than the pink. There’s a really nice One from Rimmel called, lets. Get nude. I really like this is a very, very natural color. If you almost want your nails to look like you’re not wearing anything but like slightly perfective, you do have any kind of marks in an else or whatever that you want to cover up. You don’t want to be obviously wearing a pink or a color. This is a really nice one. In 60 seconds, Super Shine finish as well, which is a really good one, and then the other news that I really like it from Buster London, They actually do a whole range of these. So if you are of a darker skin tone, you want something more to match your skin tone but salons and do their nails into moisturizers, and they do these. I think that’s six shades, so there’s basically one that will suit everybody. They’re very sheer, but they are exactly what you would expect from a nail tinted moisturizer. You might see it and be like, what is that like? A nail tinted moisturizer but really is a treatment feel nails. It also has a slight tint to it so very very natural. And then if you’re talking glitter, if you want to go down the glitter route well. I’m going to talk more about different trends in a minute, but my favorite kind of nude Glitter color is Bata, London Tart with a heart. It looks a little bit multi-colored in the bottle. Well, it really is just so beautiful. So easy to wear. You can layer it beautifully over nude. So if you do want to do like one kind of bling finger on your ring finger or if you want to do ombre or something like that, this works so nicely for that, and then last, but not least my recommendation for a French manicure. If you want to get the perfect white French tips, my favorite one on the High Street is Rimmel super gel in porcelain, so so good and then optional extras, The one thing I would say for top coats. You cannot get better than fresh feet. Honestly, so so good, it makes me want to try so quickly, and it makes it really look kind of thick and gel like, and you just, honestly, you need to try this in your life in general, not even if you’re gay marriages need it another thing if you do have ridges in your nails, my top recommendation for that would be the nail apothecary, gold Ridge filler. This actually has gold flecks in it. You can actually do this on. It’s own, it’s really pretty. It’s almost like a milky kind of color with white gold in it, which is also a very nice for. Bridal looks. You want to try that? And then in terms of hand care three top recommendations. The first one is the nail oil. If you have dry cuticles, deborah lippmann. Cuticle oil smells lovely, and it’s really really effective and the other thing I like about It is that it comes with a brush so you can literally be very precise and just brush it straight off your cuticles. You have to get oil all over your fingers, which I take and then for hand cream. You obviously want your nails to be in really good condition for your wedding day. My two top recommendations hand cream evaders hand relief. So so good, so moisturizing smells amazing! If you want a more affordable option, the circulatory hand food is lovely as well and that’s about two pounds. Fifty, okay, so talking about a few nail trends. I have actually made a Pinterest board for this over on the bride to false Pinterest, which will be linked below. If you guys want to check that out, the first one was quite as gold tip, which kind of sounds a little bit over-the-top. But, actually, if you choose the right color gold, these two polishes are particularly good for it because their shimmers not kind of chrome finishes. They can look so so nice and actually, really subtle. It’s a really nice a twist on the French manicure. Either for you as the pride or your bridesmaids become it really lovely. Another variation on the French manicure is the reverse French manicure where you have the white half moons, which can look a little bit different, but you’re still keeping it very, very neutral, so it works very well for wedding nails, and I personally, really, really love this another thing that I love seeing for Bridal is the ombre glitter, and sometimes it’s kind of a little bit much if you go too much of a contrast between the glitter color and your nail color. I think it looks a little OTT. If you find a really good glitter like the butter, London tart with a heart, it can just blend really really, and you can either. Do one nail or you can do all your nails. It is really, really nice and love. The ombre glitter look, and you can also reverse this as well and do the reverse. French manicure with the glitter as the Halfmoon as well. It looks really nice. Another nail trend. I’ve been seeing a lot recently that I love is the kind of half and half kind of diagonal, almost like a geometric design with the cutting metallic tone again, a little bit different. If you don’t want to go too out there with your wedding nails, then it might not be for you, but if you want to have something a little bit different. Everybody else, or if you want to maybe do it with your bridesmaid’s. Nails looks really lovely. I really like that kind of slanted. Looks the nail. I think it’s really just for a kind of Look. It’s a way to do nail art for weddings, but it’s not going to be like too in-your-face and then another trend that we’ve been seeing a lot of over the past years is the full rose gold nail. Which, like I said before. If you go for the chrome finish, nail polish can look a little bit much. If you go for the really beautiful kind of shimmery tone like these two, it can look so nice and the reason why rose gold works really well as opposed to gold is that it’s a little bit softer on kind of neutral skin tone. It doesn’t look too contrasting. Obviously, if you are quite golden in your skin tone, you can go with those goals, but if you’re a bit more pink tone than copper and rose gold really will be more flattering for your skin tone. So that’s it with me. I hope you guys enjoyed it a little bit more niche than what was Baltimore so far, but I hope if you’re looking for the perfect wedding nail recommendation that you found it in this video, don’t forget to go over to our Pinterest and check that out for more wedding inspiration and Ill. See you again on bites for anything I know.