Glass Jar Fairy Lights | Diy Dollar Tree Mason Jar Lanterns 2017 | Starry Fairy String Lights Craft

Trish Davis

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Diy Dollar Tree Mason Jar Lanterns 2017 | Starry Fairy String Lights Craft


[music] hi! Everyone, thank you for watching. I’m so excited to share with you guys my next. DIY, lets! Just get right into this. [MUSIC] Okay, so I’m going to be using these two Mason jars from the Dollar Tree, and I forgot to press a record button, but I did glue the center because it comes apart, and I wanted to be glue together, so I just ran my hot glue gun right here. These are from the Dollar Tree. Michaels also sells the same size Mason jars for a dollar. And you could also recycle any jars and I’ve got one candlestick. My plan was to modpodge this candlestick and ask mother-daughter tree glitter. I never try this, but I wanted to try it this time if it doesn’t work. I do have some backup glitter. Instead of using the Mod. Podge, I want to just use this gold glitter paint and I actually want to paint the top of this too, so I just have this magazine to protect my surface. [MUSIC] [Music] I’m really not liking this color, but I’m just gonna go with it, and hopefully when I add a glitter, it will just make it look better. [MUSIC] Okay, so now, for the moment of truth, I want to add the glitter while it’s still wet because that will help the glitter adhere to the surface when we actually put this to the sign [Music]. Oh, it’s actually not that bad. It turned out really cool. I like it. I didn’t put enough paint up here, so I think I might just go ahead and do that. Real quick, Here’s my glitter paper, and here’s my paint paper [Music]! Oh, it’s so happy with how it looks. That looks really nice. I love this, okay. I’m really happy about that while I let this dry. I’m going to paint this, but I’m only going to paint the outer rim because this isn’t going to show and this isn’t going to show [Music]. Whoa, okay, dire tree coming through first again. So here are the two pieces. I’m so happy with how it turned out. This is all daughter tree stuff, Guys, except the paint, But the paint is actually something I wouldn’t recommend doing. I think the Mod Podge would have been just fine, but I’m going to give this a second to dry and then I’m going to add some Mod Podge to seal the glitter in. Okay, so I found another one of these, so I’m gonna try doing a gray one. This one was actually the candlestick that I used in one of my previous DIY’s. I did for Christmas if you guys miss that video. I’ll link it below, even though it’s really unrelatable, but I want to try using this one. Because why don’t you make two of them? So let’s see how this one turns out. I do have the silvery glitter that came in this packet [Music] [Music]. Oh, my gosh, guys! I really like this. Oh, my gosh! I really like this a lot. I should have done this with all my candlesticks ever, but this is really cute. I’m happy with this, but now I want to do the cover for this. I do have this from Walmart. I already had it on hand and is called Dolphin, Gray and guys. These bottles are like 50 cents. I always had this on hand because my kids like to paint [Music]. If you guys are familiar with my channel, then you know that I usually do voiceovers on my DIYs. This is the first time I think that I did like a walkthrough. Let me know what you guys prefer if you guys prefer voiceovers or the walkthrough. [MUSIC] So that’s kind of how it looks together. I really like it, so I’m let this dry or so now. I’m back with the first one that I did the goals one, so I’m just going to add some of this to it to seal it all in [Music] so I seal this one and I’m going to seal in this one [Music] [Music] [Music] and I’m just dabbing it like this so that I’m not like moving the glitter around. I feel like I have to go this way. I’ll peel the glitter off that way [Music] [Music] I’ll let the candlesticks dry for a bit and they are so much better. Now there’s no fallout. This Mod Podge. It dries clear as a water-based sealer. Still, it helps to seal the glitter in place. What, I’m going to use for the lights? Are these fairy lights? I thought about using this push light, which I showed in my last DIY, but this wouldn’t really fit inside the Mason jar. Then I’m gonna use these fairy lights. I put some washi tape around the base to kind of help. Disguise it a little bit. If you’re working with very lights, you just want to take one end and just start pushing it through until you reach the other end. [MUSIC] I bought these fairy lights from the target dollar spot. This is the smallest one of the three that I have. You can also take this part out and still close it, but I’m going to put this inside just so that is easier to carry around, so there’s the first one. I just added some hot glue to tie these together. If I wanted to turn a light off, I can just do this. Here’s my next set of fairy lights, this one. I purchased from Walmart and this one’s a little bit different. The lights are a lot wider. I like this one. This washes from the Dollar Tree. They also have this in gold. I think it looks a little better in this way. [MUSIC] I do have this other fairy light. This one is so much longer. This one is from a Doric livecom. I’ll have the link for you in the description box, and I also have this Mason jar. This one’s a lot bigger. This one is from. Michaels this string lights from a Doric life. Calm actually comes with a USB, so this one. I’m going to have the wire sticking out. I’ll plug this one by a wall, so this will be really good to put on your nightstand and have it as a nightlight. You can even put this outside on your patio and then dark time and have a nice barbecue and have this lined up and for these. You really don’t need to have this candlestick or you. Don’t need to embellish it like this, but this is an option. You can also just do it without the candlestick and just have the Mason jar itself as a lantern so now. I’m going to show you what it looks like in the dark [Music]. I am so excited about it. I really like how it turns out. I really hope that you guys receive some kind of inspiration for this. If you like this video, please make sure you give me a thumbs up. It really does help me out and outers, really appreciate it and also smash that subscribe button. If you haven’t already l mean so much to me and I love to have you. You can also click on that bell to be notified when I upload. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye [Music] [Music]!