Gift Ideas For The Bride To Be | Bridal Party Gift Ideas (so Many Personalized & Affordable Options!)

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Bridal Party Gift Ideas (so Many Personalized & Affordable Options!)


Hey, guys today. I’m going to be talking to you all about my wedding gifts. So these are gifts that. I’m giving my wedding party as well as my wedding guests. Yeah, we are like three days out and we’re starting to get really excited. Really nervous, mostly excited. I’m excited to see everyone. If you are new to my channel, My name is Deandra and I put up new videos every single week. So be sure and subscribe right down there. And if you want to see the gifts. I’m giving at my wedding, then just keep watching. Let’s start with parent’s gifts because I’ve already kind of talked about them, so I don’t want to spend too much time on them, but I am giving them these hanky, So I got one for my mom. My my dad and my mother-in-law. I got these on Amazon. They have a sweet little message off him already and yeah. I think they’re really going to like these. So for my mom since she is getting ready with us. I did get her a robe and it’s just a gold robe. I got this on Amazon. This only was like eight dollars and it’s gorgeous when I got it in, it blew my expectations out of the water, and I’m just so happy with it so I will link it for you. Down below in case you’re looking for bridesmaid’s robes or anything like that, They had a ton of different colors, so I also had some gold spray paint and a hangar, so I just took that gold spray paint to the Haggar, just so she would have something pretty to hang her dress on. In case you want to take pictures of it. Okay, so for the last gift that I got for my other in law and my mom. Are these little champagne glasses? One says mother of the bride and the other says mother of the groom. I got this on Etsy from a shop called Kate Paper Co, the owner of the shop. Her name is Catherine. She was so sweet and so accommodating, and I definitely recommend her. If you want something customized, definitely check her shop out. I will leave it down below. She answered all my questions really quickly. She messaged me back really quickly, and it was overall just a great. Buy from Etsy. She packed all the glasses, Nice and tight, and I got them really quickly, so definitely recommend her shop. I guess that kind of leads me into my bridesmaid’s gift because I did get them a matching champagne glass again. She was really accommodating, and she customized one for each of my bridesmaids and myself, which I’m really grateful for, and they turned out so nice. I love that they’re like a tumbler champagne glass like not the one with the stem, and they’re super cute. The next thing that I got my bridesmaids. Is this hanger? I bought like a five pack at Ross and I just glittered it with some glitter and Mod Podge. And then I got them. This it’s a romper. So it has the little frills. Oh, please, and then also right here on the shores, but I will enter a full sized picture right here, just so you can see what it looks like. I have bought myself a romper to get ready in. So I thought it would be cute. If my bridesmaids were a romper as well? I found this one on Aliexpress. It was super affordable and they did have a couple of color options. I wanted them to have something that they would kind of wear after my wedding, so I didn’t want to put like bridesmaid or their name on anything. I just thought that giving them a simple silk, Elegant romper would be perfect for them to wear on a different occasion, or, you know, just in their everyday life they wanted. Let’s talk about groomsmen. Because I did do another video on their gift and it was the DIY groomsmen edge glass, so there is one you can’t really see them, so I didn’t bring them all out. I did make one for my dad and for Josh that says Mr. So if you’re interested in doing that yourself, it is really easy, and I will leave my video down in the description box. I went ahead and just picked up a cigar for them. Josh really enjoys smoking cigars, so I thought it would be just like a nice fun item for them to have like while they’re getting ready. You know, guys don’t really like, get ready. They just put their clothes on and do their hair so. I thought that this would be like a fun way for them to kind of just chill and interact with each other. The next thing that we got for the groomsmen I did buy on Etsy from the shop called sweet and swag. They are leather suspenders. I’m going to be honest with you. I did order like a different pair of suspenders and I was sent these. So if you decide to order from her, maybe send her a message and ask her. Which ones you’re actually getting because I did get a different pair, but with that being said this pair that I got is really nice, and I really think that it going to end up working anyway. And they were really super affordable for being leather suspenders. I will link her. Etsy shop down below as well. I just wanted to give you that heads up because I was surprised and I don’t want you to be surprised. So so now for my flower girls. I’ll talk about the it little flower crown first. Because I did mention it in my Amazon wedding hall. I just think it’s really cute and dainty and nothing too dramatic. Nothing too crazy. I think the flower girls are really gonna like them. They’re gonna like wearing them on their head, and you know, it just adds like a fun element and a really girly element to our flower girls, so I did buy them bees. And then I did a DIY on their flower girl basket. I like the outfit. My wedding was right after Easter. So when I was shopping one day at Target. I did see that they had the Easter basket for a dollar fifty. So I picked two of them up. I picked up some white spray paint, and I was planning on just spray-painting them white and giving them to my flower girls. Turns out when I did my shoes. I had extra jewels left over, and it was the perfect amount for both of my flower girls to get bejeweled flower baskets, So they turned out super super cute. I did do a blog post about it because I love the IMP results so much, but I didn’t film it, so I will leave that down below just so, you know, like everything that I use and what I did to achieve this basket. I think it’s a cute basket for them to have in the room. Put some toys in. You know whatever they want to use a basket for. I think this is a great thing to have the last gift that I have is for my wedding guests. I mean, a lot of them. Are traveling really far to be at our way, which I appreciate so much and I love them so much for being willing to travel for us, so I wanted them to have something that they could take home with them. The first thing that came to mind with Stadium Cups. So I found a website called discount mugs and I customized my own wedding cups. So if you don’t know, my wedding colors are gold and lavender and they do have a gold cup option. I’m at their website. They do have different fonts and different like wedding clipart to customize your own cup, and so I just put our name on the front and this little wedding picture along with our date, and then on the back, I put it love laughter and happily ever after. I thought that that was just a cute play on words. And, yeah, I’m so happy with these. They were really really affordable. So that wraps up this gift’s video. I really hope that you guys enjoyed, and you kind of got some ideas flowing in your head if you are planning away. I really hope that this helped you out and and you so so much for watching. I will see you next time. Goodbye.