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Personalised Bridal Hamper | Wedding Gift Ideas


[MUSIC] Hey, everyone, it’s! Kenny Murray and welcome back to my channel, so my cousins getting around this weekend and I am so excited because I love weddings and also I was given the amazing honor of being one of her maid of honors, so we are all sensing the night before word to hotel, and I thought that I could present her with a personalized bridal hamper. You know, including your novelty gifts like you missed your missus stuff. And also what I wanted to do was include a bridal center’s care for her to have on the day. You know, is all your much-needed essential item. So, by the time this video goes live, she would have already got her box and she would have already got married, so you’re. Welcome so! I hope to inspire you guys. We’ll give you some ideas, and I hope you guys enjoyed, yeah. So first up is the bridal box itself and? I ordered this online at Etsy. I’ve recently become such a fan of Etsy. I think they have to do some gorgeous handmade items, and so we’ve had these A lot of the stuff in this box actually comes from Etsy, which I will show you firm into the video, but for now. I’ll present to you the gift box and was really happy when it arrived. I think it looks really lovely. I’m happy with the size And so the lettering, the letters know the wording. And so what I’ve got for the wedding was the wedding of Mr. And Mrs. And their surname and the date and I was thinking. Tips something just like about the bride, But I thought that after the wedding they could use. This is a memory box and something. I could keep it with that. I mean, yeah. This is in rose gold. Obviously they returned it over, so it’s got a ribbon at the France. Just I knew that, and then this bit’s magnetized like a time. Got a magnet. Just open it up and it’s like this big square box, and I really have this. I just think it’s really pretty and makes for a lovely like presentable gift box, and this was sixteen pounds fifty, including delivery, so nobody will be complete without Mr. And Mrs. Novelty gift, so I’m ordered online from Etienne, the Mr. And Mrs. Personalized marks. So the mister is in black writing and the missus is in rose gold white. Seng obviously again. And when I’m so happy with how they look. Oh, my God, okay, they’re just way, but I was actually really happy with the size of them. I didn’t realize they’d be this big and it’s amazing because he doesn’t have a big cup of tea. And these were 21 pounds 50 including delivery. So I also ordered these letter candles, and I thought there just be a nice addition to the box and it’s got their initials on it and then the and sign in between and they’re only small, and but they have a really really gorgeous said to them as well and then white, sir, along with the pride of the– and they were 2150 including livery from and not on the High Street. So I also ordered bridal pajamas. You know that she could read the night and then during the day? We’re getting ready and then surprisingly, I keep on these from Boo-boo and I didn’t expect that, so I was literally just shopping online and then boom came up and I really liked them and they were so reasonable price as well so very happy and what I ordered Was this white satin short set and so it says bride-to-be on the pocket and it comes with the matching jewels -. I’m really happy with how that looks and what I’ve done is ordered a black set for myself and my sister who’s also a maid of honor since the exact same, but just a black and it’s got Brides one in the back, so they keep the pictures as well and when they were only 16 per 50 each. So I also ordered this guestbook from Etsy and now this was 12 pound 15 king delivery and when it says goodbye, Miss, hello, mrs. Rosen, Mrs. Smith. Really love girls. We have two in there and so why done with the book? I bought it for the Hindu and got all the ladies to secretly sign into it. Although I think that she actually realized, but she still hasn’t got the book so. Wow, so what I’ve done? I got all the ladies to sign a message into the book and what I’ve also done is another order Here is bought these small square prints and stuck them against everyone’s messages and just add that personal touch and these small kids are so cute, and I ordered them online through a website called super snaps and never would from them before. But I was giggling like small prints and they came up and I’m so happy with them and it. She’s so cute, and I think I ordered about 30 combined, and then it came to about 12 times, including delivery. And, but honestly, I’m so happy they’re so cute and I just really loved. It gets all the messages. She’s gonna have fun reading that one and also. I bought big pictures as well and they were from Snapfish, and they were 9p or pre nothing and this I just added, look at the back of the books. It just kind of makes a nice memorabilia message book after book as well. So this is a bridal essentials kit. Now this bag will be carrying for her, which, hopefully if I thought of everything will have all the essentials that she’d need up a day and I actually bought this bag from eBay and which I’m really happy about because it’s only five, nine to five, and so it’s got bride-to-be on the front in rose gold vinyl, obviously, and its medium canvas size bags. It actually fits quite a lot in there and to really help with that. I won’t want to put into the essentials. Kit is number one. A deodorant because nerves make you sweat. Sweaters can make you smell, so it’s good to be protective with a short protection so also. I’m sticking in this box of Bobby Pins, and I bought these from Primark, So it’s a pound and it’s actually the box as well. I’ve mentioned in the previous video because I have some myself and just keeps them nice and organized and obviously in the day just in case there’s any hair out place, just pop it back in. Also, I picked up these cute little heart tissues, but obviously it gets emotional the day and it’s a day full of love so all in one and they were to propound, so I also picked her up a bar of chocolate a month. Today there’ll be nerves. I’ll be emotions and everything and a little bit of sugar always helps. Certainly she can have this. Just she needs it. Any point there’s a second that I also picked her up a pack of mints, and you know, you want to stay fresh from the day so that you’ve got these two turns you do. I also picked up this lipstick, which I thought would be really nice with her makeup, and also it’s always good to have a little soap on hand during the day to top up constantly. The one I chose for her was a revolution lipstick in the shade. Higher, it’s kinda like this pinky nude, lovely, so another makeup essential for me is powered up because the last thing you want is a shiny face, especially on your wedding day and in those pictures too, and also it’s to set the makeup as well, so I picked up this one by Revolution Pro, and it’s just a translucent compact and it comes in the mirror as well, which is really handy and to go with that. I also picked up a pad brush because she’s not gonna come with her makeup, but she’s getting it done. So at least I can have this in the kit. Ready for her -. And that is now everything in the kit. So everyone, that’s it for me today. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed today’s video and felt inspired. I’ve included links to all the products shown down below, so please feel free to comment. And if you like what you see, subscribe and hit that like button and hopefully. I’ll see you guys next week for my next video. Thank you bye. Everyone, it’s tiny. Murray and welcome more our comeback team. I know all you can hear me if I don’t pause it there it would always come on, and it’s not just cost me Top-up [Music].