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How To Design Your Wedding Invitations For Free | Diy Wedding Ideas & Hacks


Hi, everyone my name is. Charlotte, I’m here to show you how to use a website called. Greetings Island to design your wedding invitations for free. I got married last year and use this method to make my invitations. So I thought it might help you too. This website allows you to browse their selection of free templates. Edit them, download them to your computer to use as you wish whether it be sending electronically or printing off and sending through the mail, you can buy invitation templates online, But I know when I planned my wedding. I tried to cut costs wherever I could so before I start. This is my first video, so thank you for watching first of all. I would really appreciate your feedback so like comment. Subscribe and let’s get started so obviously right now. You’re looking at the home page and to get to the wedding invitations, you go up to invitations, then click on wedding invitations and scroll down to wedding. Click on that once that page opens, you can see their selection of invitations, so they have the typical flowery invitations that you’ll see two whimsical. They have some rustic style invitations as well. And if you go all the way down to the bottom, you’ll see they actually have 13 full pages of these invitations, so they have a lot to choose from. You’ll probably find one that you like so got a page to show you Some of the other ones they have. Yeah, so that one’s sort of an abstract one at the top myristic, a lot of floral. Oh, and you can also upload your own picture on some of them. If you want to do that, Yeah, but for my personal invitation that I did. Last year, I used the first template on the first page, so that’s the one I’ll use for my example. In this video, you’ll notice the formal invitation pops up along with its corresponding response card or RSVP slip on the bottom right, but we want to click customize to edit the formal invite now to edit this document. You’ll just click on the text box that you want to change, and I just picked some arbitrary names. Because this isn’t my invitation, so Jane toe and John Doe sound good and you can see what kind of font they’ve chosen for those letters and you can change the date. Obviously you can also make the font bigger If you like, or you could change the color. Anything that you like, and I didn’t change the location because I didn’t want to make one up, but yeah, you can move around the text boxes. If you want to do that, if it’s if you don’t find it symmetrical or whatever you like. I’m just showing you You can change the font. If you like. So when everything looks good once everything’s the way you like, it. Just go up to the top. Click next download, download it, select, download, image and download, and it should have downloaded to your computer now. Click back to design and go to the previous page. Now you’ll notice that that downloaded as a 5×7 invitation. Okay, so next we want to edit the RSVP card. I want to point out that this is a smaller, five by three and a half image and these dimensions are going to be important. If you’re printing the invitations, either yourself or through another company to make sure you get the right paper size to print it on now. Edit this just like you did the other page. So for my wedding, We didn’t even have a menu. We just had a buffet, but if you do have something like that, you could have them select the foods that they want to make sure you get the you order the right amount and things like that. I wanted to show you how to put your wedding website in the invitation as well. So this is the way I did mine. I put it on the RSVP page. Putting your whet your wedding Website on this invitation will allow guests to RSVP online because a lot of people don’t mail things anymore, and it also allows you a tasteful way to direct your registry to your guests if you’re struggling with a way to do that, so it kind of gives you like a capable way of telling your guests. Hey, this is what? I want for my wedding. If you’re coming and you want to give me a gift without saying it directly, I guess so, yeah. We used the not for our wedding website. It was great! We had really good experience with it. This is just an example what you could do. You’d change the font if you like. I’ll show you the font I used. Make sure I use this one, okay, and then you can also put the date that you think you’d want your guests to. RSVP, and yeah, that’s pretty much it so you can save a like you did before, and that’s it. I really hope that was helpful to some of you again like comment. Subscribe and thanks for watching.