For The Man That Has Everything | 64 Unique Gift Ideas (for Guys Who Have Everything)


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64 Unique Gift Ideas (for Guys Who Have Everything)


I am a grown man and I have everything. There is nothing that I want as a gift. And that’s probably pretty annoying to my wife. So here are some unique gift ideas for the guy in your life that has everything and wants nothing. Links to all these gifts will be in the description below. Please use them. It cost you nothing extra. And we’ll get a few cents back. OK, let’s start from the top. Things I love, OK? A Roku Streaming Stick. This is kind of like an Apple TV, but it’s cheaper and easier to use. I installed it, that’s. How easy it is! We love the Roku Streaming Stick. A DSLR camera We’re recording on One;. I have another one. Get into photography. Great gift. A second computer monitor A total game changer for someone who has a home office. More desktop space, Speaking of home office, a standing desk. I got a a Jarvis standing desk and it’s the greatest! The greatest You love it. You actually do stand. I stand all day 90 percent of the time. Yes, I feel so much better. It’s like stepping up to the plate Every time I have to do work. A Sonos Playbar. What an awesome gift. We don’t have one because we live in a small apartment. Our baby sleeps ten feet away from our TV. A drone. If you are looking to drop a thousand dollars on a cool gadget for someone on a techie guy, a drone is a great gift. A Bluetooth speaker. We use that all day every day. Our little Bose Mini is the best, A Gopro. Cool gadget Noise cancelling headphones. That’s been on my list to get you for a long time. Those are really nice. But really the sound I want to cancel. Is your voice? Well, then you’ll be using my headphones. I’m editing this video, and I realized Irpod’s. I forgot one of my favorite things. These Airpod’s wireless Bluetooth. Headphones are the greatest thing ever. Not the best sound, but so much fun. A movie projector? We had one of these for our old place. We got it with our tax refund. One year. So much fun to have a a hundred inch TV up on the big screen. It’s one of my favorite things that we own. Yeah, if you have a wall outside like a blank white wall or a garage;, they actually have a. Sony has a instant home theater now where it’s like it’s like a projector in a box. Super cool, Awesome gift. We’ve gotten lot of joy out of that. You got a cell phone, stand for clipping onto a counter or a table. Super duper cool FaceTiming Making little videos. Yeah, the reason I got it. Is you love FaceTiming with your family and he’s so wiggly that you need two hands. That’s right In a similar vein. A cell phone holder for your car. The little magnet we have goes onto the vent. Just pop it on there. Remember the Nest thermostat we had? That was so great. Kindle A Kindle E-reader so paper-white. These are actually really affordable and a great gift for someone who likes to read, especially on the beach when there’s glare and Sun Category Two: Kitchen. On brand very obvious. A blender. Or a starter blender like a Nutribullet is awesome. Ror, someone looking to get into smoothies. And a lifetime blender. Something like a Vitamix is another great choice. And this is a gift that you can look back on in 5, 7, 10 years and be like. Oh yeah. I forgot to give you a gift this year. I got you that Vitamix. It’s also a good gift for the family. I would get one for you because I want to use it. Yeah, You didn’t like what I said about looking back and skipping a year. Do you do that? That’s rude. She did not like that. I’d be pissed if you skipped a year because you got me something good the year before. You did not like that. A spiralizer We use that a lot. We love our Spiralizer. It’s by OXO Zucchini noodles. We love our Spiralizer Zoodle’s. An air frier Good for plant-based lifestyle. A chef’s knife, Yeah. We got a chef’s knife for our wedding. A real high quality Japanese-style chef’s knife. Get a sharpener with it too. Because you want to make sure it stays sharp. A composter Like a tumble composter. This is cool gift, And it’s a really cool gift. We had one at our old place. It didn’t make the move to Minneapolis. Because it was filled with garbage. We left it. An air popper for popcorn. We used it last night. Oh, we love our air popper. Meal prep containers. This is kind of cool. If someone’s looking to get into meal prep, you can get these little tri-section meal prep containers. You would like that. If I didn’t have to be the one meal-prepping. Yeah, A waffle maker. That is all in the kitchen unless you can think of some other stuff. Food Here is a couple bags of groceries. Happy birthday! If you like, really good coffee, a really good coffee maker is a wonderful gift. And then a burr grinder to go with it. So the secret to good coffee is freshly ground coffee beans. Tea kettle. I love those. People in other countries have these in their house. Like everyone does. I don’t know why this isn’t something that Americans have in their homes. But press a button and you have hot water. Fatty ice cube trays. This is fun! Cocktail glasses, Four or six awesome cocktail glasses? Or twelve, if you want to throw a big party Travel Luggage, Awesome luggage. A travel pillow, An air sofa. Have you seen these things? Yeah, it’s not what I’ve ever heard it be called. It’s like it’s like the blow-up hotdog bun that you can lay on at the beach. All on the same vein, a hammock. Is it a hammock or a hammock? Great, That’s travel, stuff, Health and Fitness. Were gonna roll fast. A foam roller Amazing. Okay, this one you may not have heard this. It’s called a theracane. It’s magical. It’s a self massager. It’s the greatest thing ever! A pull-up bar. I loved having a pull-up bar. A yoga mat. If the person is the classes and is using at mat at the place Or yoga blocks Like brandname thermal pants. Like long Johns, I’ve had these since high school, football or cold gear. They’re like tights. But they are the greatest things ever. If you ski or if you just live in a cold weather, amazing. An awesome water bottle. If it’s a steel one, a plastic one, a glass one. An awesome water bottle is very thoughtful. You have one of the top ones. That Klean Kanteen over there. This one’s kind of simple. A basketball. An indoor/outdoor basketball is such a fun thing to have, especially if you live near a court Wearables, A fitness band or smartwatch, Subscription services, Food delivery, so Blue Apron for dinner ingredients, Green Blender for smoothie ingredients or Audible for audio books. OK, self-improvement Online classes. So from Teachable or Craftsy Volunteering? This was one of the really cool gifts that Shalva gave me. You want to tell them about it? Yeah, you find something. The person is passionate about. And then you sign them up here with you to do that. Because usually that’s the hurdle is just coordinating it. So, Lenny and I donated blood for every two months for a year. Right Lessons? So, tennis lessons, golf lessons, great gift. Kicking lessons, soccer lessons? OK, Entertainment Board Games are amazing: Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Cards Against Humanity, Backgammon, a set of poker chips, Outdoor games like ladder, golf and cornhole. Any tickets to live events, Concerts, comedy sporting events. Those are amazing gifts. And they, they of Hamilton just heard me pee, OK? Last one in the entertainment category: A ukulele. What a fun gift. It’s not a guitar, but it’s kind of like a guitar. It’s simple, there’s only four strings. It takes up less space. It’s really easy to play. And it makes a fun sound. Happy, happy music. Comfort, gifts, Socks. I love new socks. She thinks that’s ridiculous because her feet don’t sweat. But I like new socks a lot. I think ita boring gift. I love new socks. Mesh shorts with pockets? Nice sweatpants. I’ve had the same pair of sweatpants that I was gifted 15 years ago. A lap desk. If you do work on the couch, a lap desk is an amazing gift Tools. What guy doesn’t want a tool as a gift. The Dewalt Power drill is something that I’ve been gifted and gifted to several people. I use it;. I have used this thing a hundred times. But if you don’t want to a huge tool, you can get little tools too. You’re a little tool. How’d you know I was going to say that? A hammer, a needle nose pliers, a clamping pliers, a little hex key, a ratcheting screwdriver. You can get individual or bundle them up. Those are amazing gifts. And a vacuum. That’s kind of for the family. We love our vacuum. We love our Dyson vacuum. That’s a lot of gift ideas. Now, remember what Shalva’s about to tell you That? Even if someone says they have everything that they shouldn’t be allowed to steal the joy of giving gifts away from you And you should still get them something and wrap it up nicely and give it to them because they’re gonna love it, Just like Lenny. Love all the things. I’ve gotten him on this list that he didn’t think he wanted or needed. That’s right. You know what I want for my birthday? Kisses Kisses From them. Be nice to you. To be nice and leave nice comments. To leave nice comments. Happy Birthday, Lenny. Not you’re dumb and ugly, and I hate your face. Yeah, and just subscribe to our channel. If we missed any gifts that you can think of leave them in the comments. Yeah, tell us what the best gift you ever got was. That’s a good idea. I love reading stories like that. Me too, And worst. Thanks for watching Bye. How do we end this thing? I’ll say something, Okay, Just face the camera. Just smile and look pretty. Okay, So let’s close this out— –No. Go ahead! Happy birthday! Happy birthday, April 17th 2018 Tons of snow Blue skies, Baby boy, Lucille Shalvie Walvie. Life is good. Happy birthday, Thanks.