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My Most Requested Bridal Style


Hi, everyone, it’s bathroom. Sweet sucks hair. Welcome back to another tutorial. So I’m going to show you a style on lovely Lucy today and I’d say it’s probably one of my most requested. Bridal styles. It’s really simple to do. Wait easier than it looks. Actually, so I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, so let’s get started. Okay, so to speed everything off. I have peeled half of Lucy’s hair before we started and I’m just gonna kill the rest of this hair, and it definitely makes the style going a lot easier. I would recommend doesn’t have to be, you know, really tight curls. Just a rough peel will do and today. I am trying out some hair tools in hedge jog vibrating straighteners, guys. And it feels that weird into it. You feel it like going through my hand, but it does give a really nice, smooth kale and quite pleasantly surprised by them, actually. I’ll put the link in in the description, so you can have a look at them, Okay, so quickly respond through the hair now. I am going to be putting in two rows of extensions, but this is optional. It’s just a great way to create that extra length at the bottom of the style. So do your spray bit of hair spray or like a texture spray and then just put me a tiny bit of back home just at the roots, and it just gives that clip something to hang on to. So you just pop these in [Music] NORs! I’ve done now, guys. I know it’s not a pair of that blend, but it doesn’t need to be for this bow because this is all going to be pinned up, and then I’ve just given myself a few little extra pieces just to give that extra length at the bottom. You’ll see what I mean at the end, just using a little bit of shine spray this ones by M sexy hair. It’s called smooth and seal not too much just running my fingers through that hair, and then I’m just gonna get my comb and just do some little zigzags just to leave some little bits out at the side, and then when you kind of happy with the bits that you’ve got down. I’m just gonna pin these out my way for now and I’ll come to those at the end so next, the area that we’re going to be working with. Is this sort of crown area? So I want you to forget all the aside bits, and we’re going to be sort of working with this section here, but I don’t want you to use too much hair underneath. I want you to get your hands and almost cut that off music. So then we’ve got a lot more hair to work with down here. You might even go a little bit higher with that now. I don’t want too much volume at the Crown Guys, but if you or the person that you’re doing the hair for likes volume by all means do more than me. I’m just going to put a little bit of back pain. Just in this sort of area here. Just brush it over enough just to make sure that you can’t sort of see. Any of that back. Came underneath. So once you’ve smooths out that hair, just giving it a little bit of lift there. Just really casually Let that hair kind of just fold down to where it wants to go and just gonna go slightly off-center with my elastic, okay. I’m just gonna bring it to about here now. You can keep it really lovely and smooth, or you can just give it a little bit of texture completely up to you. I think I’m gonna go a little bit, But nothing too. Major, Just hold it onto that elastic. Just bring in that hair up slightly, then also. I’m going to do Bowser’s. Just grab hold of that elastic and just kind of sit that elastic where I want it to be and just use a few grips just to push up through that hair to just hold that in place. So we’re going guys. Don’t forget that we’re kind of forget in these side bits, okay. I don’t want you to touch these. Yeah, so I’m just going to take a section from this left-hand side. Bring it across a little bit. Take a section from the right. Join these together like so, and then you’re just gonna flip them so straight in towards the head like that and then. I’m just going to use my fingers to just tease that out. [MUSIC] Next, I’m going to take a small section from the right. Use some shine spray guys or wax spray. You know, you don’t really want this spell to lick to sort of fly away. You see how that shine spray is? Just kind of brought all that hair together again, just popping in another elastic, so this technique is really easy two strands. I have join them together and then flip through so another section from this left side, one on the right smoothing out. So I’m just taking my last one here, and I think rather than bringing it across there. I’m just gonna bring it through here for now like that, so I can maybe do something else with the ends in a bit, but I’m gonna leave that as it is for now, and we’re gonna concentrate on these side bits now, so I’m just gonna give these side bits a little bit of backcombing bags just to kind of sit away from the head a little bit. Okay, so I’ve got my little bit of back home in the sides, and now you can have a bit of a play with these side bits. Cuz it’s gonna break up this style, so I think what I’m going to do is pop an elastic again making sure it’s nice and smooth out into this piece here, just to kind of contain it for me really, and then. I can kind of decide where I want this little bit to say. I think I want it to kind of sit in this center. Bit here and then. I’m just going to kind of pin that into place there and we can have a bit of a play with this. You can break up back hair a little bit, okay, and what we can also do is have a little bit less hair running through that center there, so I can keep that bit there, and then I can kind of just start and weave in the rest of this hair through now. I’m going to come to this left. Hand side. You don’t have to put the elastic in at this bit. I just find that it kind of makes the pinning bit a little bit easier, and now I’m sort of almost let go of that strand and decide exactly where I want that to six, so I’m happy with it. They’re getting my little Grif pushing that Griffin because the elastics, though it’s going to hold a lot better and then just kind of have a bit of a play guys of a weaving bits into the style which bits you want to kind of leave out. You want it looking as though you can’t quite tell where the hair is coming from [Applause] [Music] Okay, so totally optional, but I made this hair vine last night, so I just got, so it was actually for a table, these pills work and it just kind of unraveled it all and then adding some flowers, so this is not going to be for everybody, or I think it looks really pretty, so I’m going to put it in so anytime you sort of place in a hair vine, It’s quite tricky because you don’t want it to get tangled up, but just sort of have half an idea in your mind where you want it to sit so. I think I’m going to take mine from kind of like here and let that first flower sit sort of by the ear. So I quite like the fact that I’ve allowed those pills to kind of come down and then come back up again. It’s kind of a little bit trial and error with these things [Music] so that is mine and Lucy’s style finished. I’m going to do a little spin so you can see from all angles, so thanks so much for watching guys if you liked my hair volume on the next video. If you let me know you liked it. I’ll show you how I dip. It was really easy and and I shall see you very soon from the video. Bye [Applause].