Fitted Wedding Dresses With Sleeves | Pia’s First Wedding Dress Fitting Try-on

Kane and Pia Muehlenbeck

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Pia's First Wedding Dress Fitting Try-on


[MUSIC] The passport saga continues. We now have to go get me an actual passport. Not an emergency passport because it does been booked to head to Thailand in about ten days and as it stands, I cannot get back on a plane. Yesterday we had to like book an emergency last minute. Can we please have a passport meeting? Which is bizarrely enough at the post office? I didn’t know that was the thing, so we have to get passport’s, new licenses. All that kind of stuff that we lost overseas because we are hoping to get on a trip again in about ten days or so then later this afternoon. I’m gonna go try on wedding dresses. Obviously no, it’s can be good, otherwise here being like a emotional heap. My mom and sister actually flew here. So I think we awesome to go. Try on the wedding dresses because we are actually creating a custom gown, but we’re sort of basing it on a few styles that Palace Couture has in their existing collection. So it’ll be fun. They’re gonna give us champagne and then we’re just gonna go play Dress-up. [MUSIC] Because you can’t can’t look on summer here and do it. Oh, okay, so my application is double-sided and he’s like, can we use your photocopy other like, make it like mission complete? We’ve tried to be a bit sneaky and rather than going home a reprint from document because they’re like 15 minutes away from home. We’ve just photocopied it twice, and I think it looks great. So if this guy calls us out, I’m gonna be quite upset committing a crime. You’re just presenting the document on two bits of paper again, lets. See how we go. Documentation is dumb and Pierce photo station. The photocopy versions breaking with RT like I have very by-the-book of goody-two-shoes kind of person. Yes, [ __ ]! She really is, it’s like it’s borderline annoying to guys. It’s just like, slow down. Slow down, you’re breaking the speed limit. I’m really like three kilometres over the limit. This coffee shop. They sell like coffee. I’m the most regular customer, So I have my sister Tara and my mum Petra here with me and we’re doing something very exciting today. We are going a tribe and it’s about 10 oclock in the morning, but we’re planning on champagne. Champagne is definitely my last night. I like inundated them with all of my screen shots and my Pinterest and I’ve made, like a folder on my phone, which has like wedding dress ideas, and today we’re gonna go try on a bunch of the different silhouettes and see what we like best because some of them are pretty extreme like. Have you told me you’re going? Oh, nice! Oh, my gosh, a palace! Cut you off so excited. [LAUGHTER] You’re gonna try on some bridal out here. Good money! [MUSIC] the morning coffee. So given that Whalum, you’re doing it over Bali? I really want to avoid wet season, cuz. It could just be, it’s too hot and it’s like, yeah, yeah, no way a rainy and everything so now. I’m leaning towards April next year either, which I think will kind of fly by anyway, so I haven’t completely loved -. We’re still like discussing a few details and everything like that, but yeah, it’s looking like we have about 11 months to sort it out because it’s very editorial very. Obviously, you know, we might have your bust and six folders, right. Yes, the great thing with this dress is the fish isn’t evident until you walk or you know, you stick in. Generally, it’s not one of those dresses. If you just see it, Oh, my God, it’s amazing Look ridiculously. Oh, [Music] [Music]! Oh, my god, I have been drinking the whole time and Tara already took photos once. We thank you, all right, We’re done. We’re gonna head to lunch bye. I was pretty! I’m pretty impressed with how our last video is performing on Youtube. A challenge video is going surprisingly Well. What I thought I would bomb. It was so much fun to film, though, like we honestly we’re cracking up laughing the entire time. So hilarious, But you weren’t absolutely you were though. You, you’re like, right. This is a challenge. I’m gonna destroy my field like your mentor just like. Do you like oranges a nice fruit? I like war is gonna make her puke. There’s almost puke challenges. Can’t believe you broke your girlfriends vegetarianism, exactly. I am also like a 99.9 percent vegetarian by the way. I very rarely eat meat. I wish the whole mouth that would have been maimed for sure, so we just had a meeting to plan some of our upcoming trips, which is super exciting because we’re gonna be working with some incredible resorts over the next year or so, and we’ll probably have the first one coming up in about two weeks. When we go home. Have a very, very important things. Talk about more, then? I found your passport [Music].