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Diy Rustic Doily Wedding Invitations! | Im Getting Married!


Hey, everyone, and welcome back to my Youtube channel. So I am super super excited for today’s video because I am going to be showing you guys how I have been hand making my own wedding invitations. So if you guys have been following me for a while now, then you guys probably remember that. I got engaged last July and we were going through the process of doing our church wedding, and that’s still going to happen. My fiance and I are actually doing our confirmation this weekend, so the church wedding is still going to happen. It’s still in the works, but it’s just been taking so long because of the classes the classes itself just took a whole year and then it’s going to take another year to just do the whole planning for that church wedding, so we wanted to do this court wedding. Were a little bit eager to start our lives as a married couple, so this wedding is going to be very simple and very family oriented, and I wanted everything to be very rustic, so there’s going to be a lot of lace and burlap, and it’s just going to be like an outside backyard kind of wedding, so I am super excited for these wedding invitations. So if you guys want to learn how? I made them myself then. Just keep watching, okay, so the first thing that you’re going to need is obviously your printed invitations, and these are actually made myself. I present them myself at home, and these are printed onto some craft cardstock. I created the template myself on PicMonkey. Which is the website that I use to do my Youtube thumbnails and now right there? I’m just showing you that I put a little piece of cardstock over that area. That is just where the address for the reception is. And I just cover that up for my safety now. These are just some lace doilies. These are some 10-inch doilies and these. I got them in this little packet. I ordered them online because I wanted these specific doilies because of the fact that they’re lacy all throughout and most stylee’s, most like standard like cake doilies will have that kind of just a simple Center in the middle that won’t have any lace or anything and I wanted them. My doilies to have lace all throughout so that when you flip the actual invitation over, you can see the lace off throughout the back, which is really, really pretty so now. I’m just going to peel these away because these are very compact in there very stuck to the other because they die, Cut them like all the pieces together, so they can get stuck, so you want to just peel them off and then because these are super super intricate, there’s going to be a lot of little tiny pieces in the middle that you’re going to want to punch out, so I just spent some time before. I even got started just kind of punching most of those out now. I’m just going to kind of try to find where I’m going to want to lay down my cardstock in the middle because I’m going to try to find these two notches, which are the ones that I’m pointing at just so that when I fold these over, they’re gonna line up. They don’t always line up perfectly, but for the most part they will, and that’s just so that. When, um, you know, everything’s nice unfolded. I can Luke my twine. Is through that through those little notches, another thing. I wanted to let you guys know is that. These are 10 inch doilies. I know I mentioned that earlier, but the reason why I went with 10 inch doilies was because I wanted this invitation to be very long, but you guys can definitely customize the size of the doily, depending on how big you want your actual invitation to be so now. I just laid my actual card stock in the center and I’m going to start to fold the sides over because this specific doily is very, very intricate. I’m actually going to take my fingers and just kind of press along the edges and just kind of crease it ever so slightly and I don’t want to run. Run my finger all along throughout the edge of the doily or else. I’m gonna rip it, And these with doilies like I said are extremely extremely delicate and very, very intricate and some of my doilies did get some little cuts in there and they got kind of rips in there, but it’s fine, nobody will notice because it’s all Lacy and the invitations themselves are make a statement for themselves so much already that nobody’s going to notice the tiny little rip in the actual doily. So once they’re folded. I’m actually going to now take the insert out the actual invitation, and I’m going to start to glue everything, so I’m going to be using some good old Elmer’s school glue. Of course. You guys can use some actual card-making glue. That’s going to be a little bit stronger, but I found that Elmer’s glue just held up really, really nicely itself, and I was just very, very eager to get these started because I am making everything pretty much myself because like, I said, it’s a small wedding, so there’s no bridesmaids, so I did have like a fun party with my bridesmaids like, and making all these things. I made this all myself. And this is a part, which is the most time-consuming is just getting the glue and all of those little tiny areas So that when I place my cardstock over it, everything will stick so this is just the most time-consuming, but these are pretty easy to to make it’s just time consuming. So now I’m just going to lay my actual invitation part on it to the blue, and I’m just going to start to really really press onto the paper, so that everything sticks really nicely, so I just like to press over the actual card saw very, very firmly, but make sure there’s no actual glue on your fingers when you’re doing this because you don’t want to get some glue on the actual surface of your invitation, and then I flipped it over, but I first wiped down my actual table so that there’s no glue on there because I don’t want to get any glue on it to my invitation, and then I’m just taking my fingers and just pressing over the bag to make sure that those little intricate areas are very well glued down on to the actual cardstock, And then, as most of you guys know? Elmer’s glue is very wet, so it makes the doily look very damp, and they’re almost like it’s about to rip once it dries. It looks very even and just very smooth, and you won’t even know that there’s glue under there, so it looks really, really pretty so now what I’m going to do is I’m going to wait for all this glue to dry, and then I’m going to come back and then actually trim the edges, so now I’m just going to trim along the bottom and the top portion, So I’m just going to trim away all of that extra lace from there. You guys can keep it and just kind of fold it over if you had a smaller card. Izzy, that would really look nice, Because then the whole invitation would be enveloped in the lace, but because my actual invitation is very long. I just felt that it would look better for me to just kind of trim it off so now. I’m taking some twine and this twine. I found it at Michaels. It was in the jewelry section, but I would definitely recommend to get some actual part of making twine because this specific one, it kind of unravels very easily and it gets frayed really easily because it’s like -. It’s like a rope. It’s like two pieces, just kind of looped together, so I would definitely recommend getting some actual twine and also because this one just sheds a lot of like, I don’t know what it’s made of, but it just shuts like crazy so now. I’m taking these little party favorite rings. These are just some little cute silver wedding bands that I found at a party city. It’s like a bag of 300 of them for, like, four bucks so very inexpensive party favor rings and these are actually kind of like you can open them up and what I’m doing is. I’m just looping two of them together so that I can. Um, you know, so that it looks like the actual wedding rings so now? I’m taking this little tiny strip of little tiny flowers this roll. I just found it at like a local fabric store, but basically, I ended up using these because I was trying to find some little diamonds to glue on to one of the Rings so that it looks like an actual engagement ring and then kind of live together with the groom’s wedding band, but I couldn’t find any of them, so I decided to just kind of use these little tiny flowers, and I’m just gonna hot glue them on to the actual ring that I opened because that one doesn’t really close as much, so I wanted to kind of cover that seam, so I just took some hot glue and just glued them on together and now you can see. It looks like a really pretty tiny, dainty little engagement ring so that I’m going to be using it because I’m gonna be looping it onto the actual twine for when I tied the little bow on it so now I’m just going to hold the two little ends of the string of the strength together. I’ve already kind of done my first little knot onto the actual buoy, and now I’m just placing the Rings in there and I’m positioning the little tiny engagement ring at the bottom, and now I’m just gonna tie my ribbon or my llaman twine as a normal bow. So you guys you have to kind of play with it A little bit because this boat like this twine is very hard to work with and the boat. Just kinda wants to go off sided. So you just kinda have to work with it a little bit. I just trimmed the ends a little bit, and that is pretty much the finished result. Like I said, I didn’t get any help with these invitations, so it was definitely very time-consuming, and it took quite a bit of time to finish these on my own. I think the most time-consuming part is definitely. The gluing process took just a really long time to get glue on all of those little intricate piece of the doily. But it was just very fun for me to do. It was very therapeutic. I love doing little crafty things like this and it. I think that it’s just such a special feeling and just such a special thing to be able to say that you handmade your wedding invitations. I think there’s really just no other feeling like it, and I think it’s just amazing to be able to say that you have made your own invitations, so I am so obsessed with these invitations, and I hope that you guys are too. I hope that you guys enjoyed this video, and if you guys did them. Please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to share it with your friends, Of course, and if you guys haven’t subscribed already, then you should totally do so. I upload videos every Monday and Friday. So you guys should totally subscribe. So you guys don’t miss out on any of my new videos? If you guys decide to recreate these invitations, then of course, please, please, please, please please tag me on. Social media links are always in my description box. I am thinking about starting the snapshot, so I will probably have that link, also in my description box as well, but definitely tag me on Instagram and the Twitter and just anywhere You guys can tag me. Just send me your recreations that I would definitely love to see your recreations of these invitations, and I think that these would definitely work for any occasion. I don’t think that they’re just meant for wedding. I think you can soon definitely make these invitations for whatever occasion you guys have so that is it for this video? Thank you so much for hanging out with me. I love you guys, so so so much and I will see you guys in Monday’s video. Bye, guys, so I was on Instagram, and I follow a lot of beauty, people on Instagram and makeup artists, and I can’t for the life of me. Remember whose page or whose Instagram I saw this on, but they had just they had posted a picture of a bunch of these Kara eyelashes, and in the description, it said that they were only a dollar from this website Shop. Miss a calm and I was like immediately, very, very intrigued. I went to the website immediately and I saw that on their website. They had a bunch of washes a bunch of different styles of lashes, and they were all the dollar, which was great. The only thing on their website was they didn’t. Specify what the brand of eyelash was. They never had a specific picture showing like the packaging and showing the name of it.