Engagement Ring With Halo Setting | Wedding Band Pairings For Engagement Ring: Igtv Edition

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Wedding Band Pairings For Engagement Ring: Igtv Edition


Welcome back to Lauren. V IG TV, one of the first questions we get asked from our clients after they get their Lauren B. Ring is what band styles. We would suggest that go best with their ring style so today we’re going to put together A segment of our top requested wedding band styles that are going to be the best fit for your individual engagement ring style. The first style were going to pair up is a solitaire ring, so really simple style with a plain band. This is really versatile, so there’s a lot of options in a lot of different directions. You can take a solitaire ring, so I picked this common prong shared prong band. It’s a very classic style. Solitaire is a very classic and timeless ring, so this pairs up really nicely together. The next band style is a compass prong band, so this is still a prong set band and then they’re accented by these prongs on the front and back, so this also creates a little bit more of a vintage look. And you can pair that really nicely with the solitaire ring. If you want to go signature, Lauren B, you can do a thicker pave band, so the diamonds are set a little bit differently Inset into the band. This is a nice, thicker pave band. It also complements the really tiny pave detailing that’s underneath the main stone. So you have some pave in the basket and then a nice, warm B pave band to complement it. The second style were going to touch on is a two-tone ring, so a ring that has a white gold basket on the center and then either a rose gold or yellow gold band. So initially, the first choice would be just a colored band to match so a rose gold or a yellow gold band that will perfectly complement the band of the engagement ring. Another option that you could do is a white gold band, so it’ll complement the top portion of the ring and really brighten everything up. So this is a nice option as well. This is just a thin signature pave band in white gold, and eventually you could even add into this and stack them and add in. You know, a rose gold band to wear behind it, and you have a really nice contrast on your hand, Another style. That’s so pretty is our bezel set band? So this one is in rose golds. When you have them stacked up next to each other, you still get a nice contrast. Even though they’re both rows, you can tell. There’s an obvious difference between the thin, pave band of the engagement ring and the bezel style wedding band. Another fun way to add into this stack would just be to add a solid band. That’s the same metal color as the band of the engagement ring, so it adds a little bit of contrast, but also draws out the color of the band. You can do something totally plain or like this one that has a few burnished set diamonds in it just for a little bit extra sparkle, but this option is a little bit more budget friendly. The next style we are going to pair up. Is our invisible gallery ring? So the invisible gallery band sits really, really low on your hand. It’s not like the other rings where the stone is perched on top, so this sits really low and a lot of our clients are always concerned that if they go with this one, they won’t be able to wear a flush wedding band with it, but it is designed so that a wedding band will tuck right under and sit perfectly flush. So this is how it will stack up on your finger now. If you think that it ends up looking like one thick ring, you can do another plain band like we were just talking about. Add in something with solid metal like this. That’ll kind of be a buffer band in between, create some space, so you can notice easily the wedding band and the engagement ring and also add a little bit of color and contrast to the stack. So if you don’t love the look of doing the two bands, but you still want to have some contrast, you can do a pave band that is in a different color metal. So when you stack them together, you can still see that there’s a nice, obvious difference between the wedding band and the engagement ring. So this is a yellow gold pave band stacked with the white gold engagement ring. We get tons of questions about split band, engagement rings and what kind of a band would work well with this so one thing I would suggest if you’re doing the split band ring with two thin rows of pave when you add in the thin pave wedding band, sometimes it can get a little bit lost or almost look like just another row of the engagement ring. So if you choose something, that’s slightly different, you’ll have a nice contrast, and it’ll stand out, so I have on a thicker pave wedding band. So when you put the split band on next to it, they stack really nicely. It complements it. Well, but you still get a little bit of contrast, and you can see that they are two different rings. You can also pick a band that has a little bit of style to it like the bezel band. So when you stack them together, it looks really nice and complements the style of the ring but isn’t just another identical row of pave. So you still get a little bit, of contrast. The next ring style we are going to pair up is a three stone ring so typically with a three stone ring. A wedding band would not sit flush, But luckily, all of Lauren B. Three stone rings are designed so that you can wear it perfectly with a wedding band. So this three stone emerald cut ring has a plain platinum band, It’s a very traditional and timeless style, so you can also just do something really plain and simple to complement it, but if you want something with a little bit more bling, we have diamond options as well, so just because an emerald cut is a step cut diamond and the baguettes are step cut as well doesn’t mean you have to do step cut diamonds in the wedding band. You can mix the shapes and the cuts a round brilliant wedding band would really complement this and brighten everything up, so you don’t have to keep to the same cut style. You can mix it up and this is still a very classic and timeless set. If you like the idea of mixing in the step cut diamond somewhere in the band, this is one of our favorites. Its alternating round brilliance and baguette cut diamonds. It’s a really special ring, and this one will perfectly complement any three stone ring that has some baguette or trapezoid side stones. A lot of the most popular Lauren B ring designs are created with a three row pave band, so the three row band has one row of diamonds on the top and then on the front and back of the setting, so our clients are always looking for suggestions for this style engagement ring. So one of my favorites is a thicker pave band that is the same thickness as the band of the engagement ring. So this is a good example here. The engagement ring is about 2.6 millimeters wide, and then the wedding band is also 2.6 millimeters with one row of diamonds that are a little bit bigger, so it matches up to the same thickness of the engagement ring. Another look you might want to consider is our very special compass style band because this one does have the prongs on the front and back of it when you pair it with the three row band. We don’t want it to affect the diamonds that are on the back of the engagement ring. So a way that you can protect them is by putting a little buffer band right in between, so it just separates them a little bit. You can also do a different color like the rose or yellow gold in between, but you can do the three row band with a prong style like a compass or a shared prong band. The last ring style were going to pair up. Today is a Lauren b halo ring, So this one is a double edge halo. When you look from the side, there’s that little touch of pave going around the edge, But with a pave Halo ring that has a pave diamond band. These are definitely the most popular options, so a lot of our clients would choose a thin pave band to match something slightly thicker again, for more contrast, and this one is new. It’s a little interesting. It’s a graduated pave band, so I’ll show you how they all stack up with the engagement ring, So this is probably the most popular just a thin pave to complement the band of the ring. Next we will look at the thicker pave band. That looks nice. You get a little bit of contrast, and since it’s thicker, you can notice it a little bit more. It doesn’t get hidden under the halo of the engagement ring, and, Lastly, we’ll look at the graduated pave band. It’s really pretty complements it. Well just has a little bit more style to it. So all of the bands that we showed you. Today are just suggestions for styles that we would recommend with those individual engagement ring designs, but we have hundreds of different band styles in stock so many options you can choose from and really make the stack and the look your own, so there’s also more inspiration on our website with our wedding band style guide or you can reach out to your Lauren B design consultant anytime for assistance on wedding band pairing suggestions. Thanks for watching.