Doing Your Own Wedding Flowers | How To Do Your Own Wedding Flowers For Under $200

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How To Do Your Own Wedding Flowers For Under $200


Decided today. We are taking you on a journey to the flower. Mart in LA. To buy Flower Sports soap and DIY wedding wedding? Flowers are so expensive. It flows through a forest and it’s really easy to do it on your own. So you leave. We’re going to take you on a journey, it’s so fun! We’re excited to show you through. We have lots of tips and tricks for you. So go ahead and watch it. So here’s how it works should be two dollars to get in limited to all this goodness. This is just first door We’re in today fully overwhelming look at the thousands and thousands of flowers to choose from the colors, the color schemes find your color scheme, stick with it and look at the greenery and he lots and lots of fillers. Great tip guys is to go around the whole market first and to see what flowers you really like. Ask the price and then you can always come back and get the cheapest one, So I always go around. Make sure I know to the price of each flower that I want to get, and then I can see the cheapest and you can also toggle toggle them down. Talk to him. See if they can give you a deal. If you buy more or if you buy multiple flowers at their stand, okay, so a great tip is to get a cart as you can see. We’re gonna get a lot of flowers today. You don’t want to be carrying it? In your arms or arm’s gonna be dead. Go upstairs! One level and you can get a cart. All you do is give them your driver’s license or a credit card. They hold it for you. It’s totally free and it’s worth it. Another great tip is to buy big flowers That is gonna give you a fuller bouquet or a fuller arrangement, and you don’t have to buy as many so things like hydrangeas. Look at these beautiful pink hydrangeas. That is perfect for hydrangeas are absolutely beautiful, but when they see. Sun, they wilt so let’s talk to the expert and see what he says about how to keep him alive. Basically on the hydrangeas. What you want to do is make sure they have a fresh cut and a lot of water, okay, and they need a bunch of three hours to draw, and when they’re fresh and they’ll puff up and they should hold upwards of two weeks. If they look like they’re gonna start drying out and flawless. Leave a nice little trick because you can actually fill up a bucket of water, submerge them into the water, and even they’re about 15 20 minutes after that’s done, Shake them out and turn them back over a recut up. Put them back in water and they should come back. If you catch it falling asleep beforehand, you can always spray. The hydrangeas only not any other flower, just the hydrangeas and that should help them perk up because they do drink through their meat themself. Gary, thank you. That’s a great tip. Now, look at these. These are awesome! [MUSIC] Amaranthus, which is comes down in groups And it’s beautiful in a bouquet. I’m going to use this in the actual wedding bouquet and also in some of the table decor, so one of the great things you want to get different textures, different lengths, different sizes of flowers to make it kind of. And how about those stubborn flowers that just won’t up and up on the special day. Let’s turn back to Gary and see how to open up those tulips or whatever flowers that you’re trying to. If you want any product to open on, especially on these right here, just cut up and put them in warm water in a warm area and you’ll go ahead and that’ll for soaking the flowers, and that’s pretty much any of the flowers, but this product right here, that’s all you need to do. Thanks so much! Gary, I think we are stacked and ready to go, but also don’t forget to pick up some vases or anything else that you need to make your flower arrangements. It is so much cheaper to get it there than anywhere else in your neighborhood. So let’s head home and start working. I think we got our work. Cut out for us, okay, so we’re starting with the boutonniere. And what I’ve done is. I’ve just picked a tight rose. You want it pretty tight and this one’s starting to bloom a little bit, but it’ll open more before tomorrow, so I found it, I cut it off. Just make sure the stem is clean and then. I’m going to use a little bit of this and cut it to be the backdrop. So all you’re gonna do is put it together just like this and then. I have some floral tape, which I’m just gonna wrap around. It’s really easy, so all I’m gonna do is just start at the top. I like to start at the top so that I know it’s really tight and you’re just gonna wrap the tape around your little boutonniere until it’s all covered in. You wanna take out any leaves? They get so that it’s really nice and tight, and this is what’s gonna seal them together and then you can wrap it with ribbon If you wanted or or just leave it like this, then? I’m just gonna cut this off and that is your little boutonniere and we’re gonna cover it with some ribbon, and I have little pins that we can just pin in to the little collar of the coat and you’re all set, okay. I’m starting my floral arrangements and what I’m gonna do is I bought floral foam. It’s kind of a tongue twister, but all you do is this is what’s gonna retain the water, so you’re gonna soak it in a bucket of water and it’s gonna soak maybe for two to three minutes to retain all the water. And that’s what’s gonna feed your flowers water in arrangements. DIY flower arrangements. This is so easy and so inexpensive. If you do it yourself what we’ve done. We’ve gotten some really pretty containers. I’m using a variety. I like the clear glass and then this pretty mercury glass one. I’ve already pre soaked my floral foam which holds in the water. And that’s what’s gonna feed your flowers with the water. And then he bought the beautiful display of flowers at the flower market, which we’re gonna give you some great tips in the description about what to get. And what to look for at the flower. Mart, I’ve lined them all up All of our different colors and textures and sizes of flowers and what we’re going to do now is just pick bunch them up. We’re gonna cut them and then we’re going to fit them into our really pretty containers. You okay, so we just did the bride’s bouquet? I put it in some water. You always want to keep it in water. I haven’t wrapped it in ribbon yet. Because I don’t want the ribbon to get all wet. So I’m gonna do that the day of Ill. Wrap it in ribbon. And but so that is kind of what we’re going off of this is for the bride’s mother. So what I like to do Is I like to set all my flowers out and kind of pick and choose as I go, so this one’s going to be all white with a little bit of pink touch, but I like to just grab flowers, and you want to make sure they’re all clean, so all the stems are clean and just kind of play with it. See what looks good together? I kind of love stacking flowers like a little bit here a little bit there, and then we can pick one of the big flowers, So this hydrangea is gonna be a filler and you always want kind of a bigger flower to be the centerpiece of your bouquet. So this is probably enough for the mother of the bride, and then let’s do some baby’s breath, so just a little bit of that on the side and you have a bouquet. So now what you’re gonna do, and you know what? I’m gonna add a little bit of this too. That’s just pretty, okay, So now what I’m gonna do is I’m going to take my shears and I’m gonna cut it all at the same spot. So remember, you have to hold it, so we’re gonna cut it, probably right around here, and I’m just gonna cut all the ends off and my shears just froze up on me. Okay, so all of on the same size and then let me get my others. Okay, so now they’re all the same size. Now what I like to do Is I like to grab a rubber band, a rubber band and I like to just rubber band it up at the top. Floris, don’t do this, but I do it because I’m not florists and we’re doing our flowers ourselves right to save money, so I like to just hold it really tight with the rubber band, and then I’m gonna go along with the flock, the floral tape. So basically, all you’re gonna do is grab your floral tape and wrap it around the little bouquet, and then the day of or even before, you know, a couple hours before the wedding, just wrap it in the ribbon and you can pin it and there is a little cute mini bouquet. We did a mini table prep just to see how everything was coming together and we’re really really excited about it. Those candles, the candle holder. The flower holder. Everything came from LA. For such an inexpensive price. It was awesome! Look at all of these flowers, you guys. That is amazing! DIY wedding flowers. Okay, so the next great idea for DIY wedding, decor and flowers. Is this hoop now? All this is is a hula hoop. I bought it for a dollar at the 99-cent store. I wrapped it with some ribbon, so all I did is wrap it with this ribbon, wrapped it around hot glue gunned it a little bit at a time, and that is how you make the hula hoop, and then all I did was. I bought this at Hobby Lobby. I painted it in the rose gold, and then I strung it with some fishing wire so that it hangs in the middle because you kind of want this illusion that it’s just hanging there. Now, we’re gonna do our flowers. So what we’ve done is we’ve picked out some pretty mini roses. Some filler and all you’re going to do is put it up on to the the hula hoop. It’s so cute, right, and then we’re gonna take this wire. Can you hold this real quick? And then we’re just gonna wire it to the hula hoop, and that’s it, guys. It takes no time at all, but it’s really a very pretty rustic looking. Diys of wedding, lighting or $10 and this could be just the best. Yeah, this is probably like five bucks. I mean, together amazing, and you can change it up with the colors of your wedding or anything you want. I do recommend to use more natural colors. Don’t use too many flowers on this because it just looks better if it’s more filler flowers than whole flowers and then what I like to do as well is you can always go back with the ribbon to cover up this the wire, so just go back with the ribbon a couple times. Wrap it up and you are all set at you. Oh, so cute, right, Yeah, okay, so. I also bought some really cute wooden hoops. I don’t even know what this is for. I think it’s for, like crocheting or needle pointing yourself, but we’re using it for wedding decor, and there are two bucks. They were cheap and all we’re going to do is just take a little bit of filler. I’m so you can use this or you can use. Something like eucalyptus leaves are really pretty. And you’re just gonna wrap it around, so I have my wire and all I’m gonna do is wrap it around a couple times so that it stays and this is the easy. DIY way to create some decor with some fresh flowers. Another thing that you can always buy fake flowers for this and hot glue gun it. That is another great, easy thing that you can do, but I like the look of fresh flowers, and then I can change it up for different events that I have and use different colors and different flower arrangements and that is it. Oh, my god, that was so much fun. [MUSIC] So I’m glad to share with you guys too. Our journey is just that much more exciting, as we’re like selfie in the whole know, but we did so much. It’s like just a few hours, right. Yeah, amazing and what we didn’t say was that we worked off of a color palette and what you want to do is just whatever inspiration that you have. We had a dress that we were going off of. The bride’s dress was kind of its very unique. It has like a little bit of purple in it and pink, not a typical wedding journal, but but it is slow urges, and so that’s what we did with the flowers. We wanted to kind of play up on that, so as you can see, we have some purple roses and pink tulips and these amazing, amazing pink hydrangeas. Oh, good, and was another the best tip ever, yes? Oh, my God, you to spray the hydrangea and then, you know, yeah, another thing too is. Um, we bought these vases. They have amazing. Amazing containers uses awesome. Super cheap and you can haggle, haggle them down And also we didn’t mention. You need to have cash on hand. Yeah, out of them. Do not take cards, right, and they give you a better deal if I do exactly so be prepared. You know, stick to your budget. We took out $200 and that’s what we spent. We spent a little bit over because we got my face out. Yeah, but holy cow. That is so inexpensive. You call all your floor has been town. Yeah, see if you wanna, and you’re gonna spend thousands of dollars and this really took us. Probably six hours total to. Yeah, and they’re right. There comes about an hour and 15 minutes away a little traffic. Yeah, so but let’s show them my country, right, they gotta look at this fine. Sparkly, glittery baby’s breath so pretty so pretty so. I’m using this for the Cape. So that’s why it’s still in the container, but you know, definitely takes them and put everywhere a little bit of sparkle in a beautiful. Yeah, we all love a little bling. Yes, flower market. Honestly, you will find every type of flower going out. We saw little mini pineapples, and I’ve seen image butter arrangements. Yeah, or that our rural identity, or even like artichokes that were huge. Oh yeah, so. I love this flower. I want to like to pull it out to show you guys something. I don’t even know either, but it looks like crazy, amazing it since when -, um, we just spotted out throughout. It was just so much fun. I’m just because you’ve enjoyed this. And if you do like, subscribe comment below, maybe say what your tip is. Maybe your favorite flower color. We want to hear from you or any questions that you have. We’d love to answer because we want you guys to do this. Yeah, that’s why we’re doing again. Yeah, and head over to our website. Meaghan, coral, calm. Forget anything else you need for weddings. We had a recipe that we have menus cake wedding cakes. Yep, anything. Yeah, so we love you guys you.