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Diy Wedding Menus | Make Your Own Menu Cards & Save | Diy Wedding Decor


Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel. Today’s Tuesday, which means that I usually have a quick and easy video for you guys. And they’re usually home decor items or holiday items. But today I have something a little bit different today. I have a highly highly highly highly highly highly requested video today. I’m going to be making many cards for weddings or events that you guys usually see on the mark lira plates for my setups. You guys have been asking for this video since forever. I believe I made my first wedding video three months into my channel, and you guys have been asking since then. I kind of touched on it A little bit on one of my videos a year ago. Maybe, but I never dedicated a video for this and you guys are still asking for. It never did because I thought it will be 30 seconds because it is so easy, but without further ado, let’s go ahead and start with the video. All right, so before I get started. I’m going to give a little disclaimer before my diehard crafters start cringing and start writing me in saying girl. Just get a cricket. I know I know I know, but this is for my everyday ladies that don’t crap all the time and they just want to make their own mini carts and they don’t want to spend a lot of money, buying them or spending a lot of money getting a Cricut machine just to use it one or two times. Okay, so here’s what you can do to make your many parts, so you’re definitely going to need. Cardstock color is totally optional. I’m going to use white, and you’re definitely gonna have to have your plates before you start making these cards because not all plates are created equal, and some of them in the inside are a little whiter, and some of them are a little smaller in the middle. Okay, so you must know what size you are going to need. So then you are also going to have to find an object around your house that is going to be as wide as your plate in the inside. Okay, because this is going to be your mold to help you cut the cards, All right, totally homemade anyway, and if you want to make menu cards, that are, you know, just cards. You are going to need a ruler and a pencil for this project. You are going to need a laptop or a computer, and you’re definitely going to need. Microsoft Word in order to type in your menu. I also find it that it looks nice. When you have both script and print in your menu writing as you can see here, I have print and then script print and then script and so on, okay, you can have it vice versa. You can have a script and then print. However, you like you can go on Google and Google different samples and then just, you know, tailor it to, however, you like, okay, all right, so what I have here because some of you guys asked also? Why is the fun? What is the size for the word menu of these size? Is you know to the limit? This is a 72 lets. See, this is 72 and the font is. Bell, Mt. I’m gonna be writing it down down here, so you can see it and then for appetizers, DS, the font is SAP phenol and it is that 20 and then the smaller writing or, you know, the food is a bill Mt. And is that 14 okay, so 72 2014 and then I just repeat it B bottom, okay. If you want to add characters, you can always go to. Um, insert, let me see you can go to insert, and then you can go to symbols and you can add hearts or little stuff like that, you know, and there’s a heart as you can see right there. You can place it in between entrees or you can place it at the bottom with the initials of their writing room, etc. Okay, the only thing about this is that there is going to be a little bit of space here. That’s the only you know thing that. I find that is unknowing, but that’s what happens when you’re doing it in a regular computer, but overall, I think it looks pretty good, but other than that, you know, it will cost you close to nothing compared to ordering it from. You know, a company, Alright? And here’s how they look like once they’re printed out. I’m going to be cutting one of them round and the other one vertical, okay, and actually, for these, you can actually print out two in a page. All you have to do is play with your computer setting. And then you can print one here and another one here now. I’m going to make the mold that I’m going to use to make my room menu card, and here’s the object that I’m going to use this perfect and fit to my plate. So what I’m going to do is just trace it on these paper. This is a regular piece of paper, so there it is and then. I’m going to cut it, but I am there. It is cut, all right, so then you are going to place it at the back of your menu card, and then you are going to hold it up to the Sun or wherever there is light and you are going to Center it. Okay, so that Center there. But you’re also going to need this as well. Okay, that you are going to place right on top, so you kind of have to sandwich it together and then you’re going to go ahead and trace again, and there it is for your regular vertical cards. You are going to grab a ruler and you are going to draw straight lines on both sides. Alright, guys! This is it as I said earlier. These are very easy to make. There’s really nothing to them. The only thing that it’s going to be a little time-consuming is the cutting since you have to cut them by hand. But if you get your family members involved or your bridesmaids involved, you can get them done in no time and for very, very cheap. These are great for small weddings or dinner parties. Very easy. Guys, enjoy. I hope it was worth the wait.