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Diy Gift Basket


Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel in today’s video. I’m gonna be showing you how to do this. DIY gift basket. So if you’re interested, please keep watching [Music] so to get started. What you’re gonna need is a basket, flowers, chocolate, champagne, stemless, champagne, glasses, scissors, tissue, paper, shredded paper and a vase. So what you want to do is find a vod’s that doesn’t exceed the height of the basket. If you can’t find a foz what you can also use is a jar, which is what I use and I just took a little bit of rope to wrap the top of it just to make it look more appealing. So what you want to do? Next is fill the Vaz about 3/4 of the way. Full with water or you could even do just halfway, which is fine and then you’re gonna cut the stems of the roses. Now when you’re cutting it, you want to make sure that the head of the Rose sits about two three inches above the height of the Vaz. And then once you cut one, you can use that as a guide for the rest now. This type of gift basket is great because you can use it for multiple occasions, so for example, because I’m using white roses. This is great as an engagement gift, or you can even use this as a wedding gift. If you know someone who’s getting married, and maybe they’re not having a wedding, but you want to send them as a gift for as it. Congratulations, this is a great idea. You can also use this as a housewarming gift or Mother’s Day gift as well and what I would do is substitute the roses for other types of flowers and then just switch out the champagne bottle for a bottle of wine. [MUSIC] So what you’re gonna do next is that you’re gonna place the flower arrangements in the basket? Now what you want to make sure to do which I correct? It Only later is that the handle should actually sit in the middle and set up on the side, so that is just easier to handle then what you’re gonna do next is take the tissue paper and wrap it around the Vaz or jar, and you’re gonna do the same for the champagne bottle. When you place it in, this is actually gonna help. Keep everything in place and prevent it from, like, moving or falling over. [MUSIC] Next, you’re gonna take the champagne glasses and place them in the basket. These are super cute because they say Mr. And Mrs. On them. And then you’re gonna take your chocolate of your choice and fill them up. Lastly, you’re just gonna take the shredded paper and fill in and any empty spots within the basket. [MUSIC] So that’s pretty much it guys. Thank you so much for watching. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up. Don’t forget to subscribe and I know that this is something really different than all my previous videos because they’re all budgeting related, but I did say in my first Youtube video that I wanted to do different types of content, not just budgeting. So let me know what you guys think in the comment box and thank you so much for watching.