Cowboy Boot Centerpieces Wedding | Cowboy Boot Flower Arrangement 👢/ Western Wedding Centerpiece /cowboy Boot Centerpiece

Perla Betancourt

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Cowboy Boot Flower Arrangement 👢/ Western Wedding Centerpiece /cowboy Boot Centerpiece


[MUSIC] [Music]! Hello, everyone and welcome to my channel. Mi name is Pearl. And for today’s video, we are going to be making an arrangement of flowers, but with a different touch, we will be using this. Beauty is a ceramic droplet. See how beautiful it is, super super? It looks like a droplet. I really found her in a hug for 15 dollars. I’m going to be leaving the link in the description box. If you like it and the size to tell you more or less, it is like a complete one of those that we use to put water for the hands is not very big, and that is why it caught my attention because it is little something different, something that is not normally seen. When you go to buy a gift. I will be using it as a gift for the day of love to the friendship as for a girlfriend who likes cowboy things and the boyfriend. Also, why not, and it is also perfect for a wedding as a cowgirl style. Western may be using it as a center for trades for their tables so that we are going to be using is font for the flowers and my flowers, the buy of different colors since you can buy red roses white. I wanted to buy different colors to make it a little more pretty, and I don’t want to wear different colors and different styles of flowers, so let’s start with the video and also some scissors for if you are contributing to the sticks so that it is perfect for the boot, so let’s start with the video. OK, that I already put the shape of another with water at the end. I I’m going to pour more water. Alfonso, what was shot? I’m not using what to say flowers. Stay in place and don’t move, so let’s start with the flowers. [MUSIC] [Applause] Superman [Music] [Applause]. OK, that the first thing I’m going to do is that I’m going to add a type of green behind the droplet. I will be using these see from here. [MUSIC] If they have dead visitors already, you no longer cut them, and this is what it looks like. [MUSIC] And cut my flowers to the size that I wanted [Music] I’m going to analyze these yellow half [Music and [Music] and you are playing them like you more like [Music] a [Music]. I [Music] two, OK? This is how we got our team. Arrangement ready? Looks so be with the sides in front and on the other side and behind only here what I did was that I added a ribbon to give it a little more from Kirchner and that’s how it looked super pretty good. That’s all for the video today. I hope you liked it and see us at my next video.