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12 Creative Coffee Table Ideas And Diy


12. Creative Coffee, Table Ideas and DIY. The coffee table is the centerpiece of any living room. It’’s the furniture that could either make or break the interior design of the space. That’’s why choosing the right one to buy or build is crucial in any living room makeover. The style and the way you decorate. It are a window to your tastes and the type of person you are. To offer you more inspiration. Simphomecom rounded up some decorating tips and truly creative coffee table designs, Number 12. DIY Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Table. You can buy the DIY kit for this rustic looking rural farmhouse coffee table that would go well in any home or apartment living room. The top is butcher block, thick and made of four 48”x20”x2” slabs. You place them on top of a rectangular box frame made with 2”x2” wood about a foot high. Another 2”X2” in the middle helps to reinforce the top. Even further Assembly is pretty straightforward, using 3” wood screws and an impact driver. You can give the tabletop a rich natural hue for a more rustic look while staining the frame darker 11. How to Transform a Suitcase Into a Coffee Table? A vintage suitcase by itself can be an attention-grabbing conversation piece. What more if you make it into a coffee table? Better yet it will provide additional storage space. Dedicated artisans built these suitcases to last. If you don’’t have one, there are many still around, but must look for them. For this build, use four 3-rod hairpin legs. You can get online. Next measure the inside bottom of the suitcase and cut 3/4” plywood in the same size. Lay the board inside and remove any parts in the way. Screw the four legs far enough inwards from the bottom corners, so they’re not protruding beyond them, 10. DIY Wire, Spool and Metal Tub, Coffee Table Idea. For an outdoor coffee table, try building one with a wire spool, top and metal tub base. There should be a company selling wire or cable spool in your area. If you don’’t have one. It’’s made of thick slabs of wood and is very heavy. Give the wood a thorough cleaning and good sanding. Then stain it with a walnut color Sand it again after it dries to give it a distressed and rustic look. The weight should be enough to keep it steady without fastening it to a sizeable inverted tub. If you’’re having doubts, you can drive screws with washers from inside the tub to secure the top 9. How to Turn Old Chest to a Vintage Coffee Table? A great alternative to the vintage suitcase idea is an old chest. This one should last even longer. Find four short vintage wooden legs for your chest and paint or stain them with a matching color. Open the chest and drill four holes near the corners where the center of the legs should be. Apply a strong adhesive like Gorilla. Glue before screwing the legs into position. Place it somewhere, nobody will touch it. Finally allow for at least a day before moving it to its spot in the living room 8. Build A Coffee Table From Crates. Using crates to build a coffee table is another cheap, but stylish-looking idea you could try. Look for four identical crates that are in excellent condition. The idea is to set them on their sides on a 3/4” square plywood base. On each edge of the plywood, the opening of the one on the left should be facing outwards. It’’s more convenient to install four casters near the plywood corners before you attach the crates. Sand the table thoroughly and use a natural but rich-colored finish. To cover the hole in the center, add a glass top 7. A Hidden Tire Coffee Table Idea. If you want to go to town with a unique coffee table, a trendy one made from a discarded car wheel will do the trick. Cut two circles from 1/2” plywood that would fit snuggly on both sides of the wheel. Next design, a pattern for 11” long table legs and use a jigsaw to cut four duplicates from 4”x2” pine scraps Space, the legs equally apart near the edge of the bottom circle. Use liquid nails and screw them in place. Add two 1”x2” supports on either side of each. You can screw two small L-brackets on each side for more support. Attach both circles to the wheel with the glue. Now, for the fun part. Fill this tire top with rope using glue in a circular pattern. Add an edge border by using a different color rope 6. Upcycling a Pallet Into a Coffe Table Here’’s another whimsical coffee table idea this time by upcycling euro pallets. You’’ll need three. One is for the base and another is for the top. Use the third pallet for scrap pieces and fill the missing slats on the base, pallet’’s bottom and top. Next, remove any bottom slats on the top pallet, but fill the gaps on top. Join together the top and bottom making sure there are four shelve openings on two opposite sides. Add a slat at the bottom flush to each shelf. Face Finally install large casters at both ends of these two bottom slats 5. DIY Rustic X Coffee Table Project. The joinery used for this table is pocket hole screws and glue. You first build the two side frames with 2”x4” boards. Raise the bottom 2” from the floor. Connect both sides with four 2”x2” boards, Cut the X-bracing pieces from 2”x2”s and attach them to the sides flush to the frame. Insert the base shelf made from joined 1’x1/2” wood Next, install the 6”x2” tabletop boards with a 2” overhang on all sides, Finally use gel stain with weathered gray color and apply fresh coats of varnish 4. A Steampunk Coffee Table Project Idea. The predominantly metallic steampunk design of this build is as extreme as it gets. The idea revolves around a Shelby engine block placed in the center of a rectangular base made with three thick wooden slabs. Various pipes, elbow and T-joins connect the engine block to the wood. Four pipe pillars held by flanges screwed to the base. Carry the clear glass top. A couple of large pistons adorn the sides from horizontal pipes attached to the posts. Not many DIY buffs may be up for this type of project. Nevertheless, it won’’t fail to get the attention of anyone who enters a living room 3. DIY Outdoor Coffee Table Project. What sets this outdoor coffee table? Apart is four smaller side tables. You can pull out from under it whenever you need them. The larger table has legs with frames running across from the middle. It frees up the corners to insert the smaller tables. The tabletop has a square frame made with wide slats. Two slats that intersect in the middle divides, the top into four sections. Each section has three slats separated by a slim gap and positioned in a way that makes it perpendicular to those beside it. The smaller tables, too, have tops matching the sections 2. A DIY Slim Sofa Table Idea. Use 2”x2” pine 3” wood screws and an impact driver to build this slim sofa table First cut eight 10” pieces for the base and top frames. Just screw them to the ends of another to form two squares, Cut two pillars and attach them to adjacent corners of both squares. Ensure that the top one will be 1” higher than your sofa’’s armrest. Add three 45-degree diagonal bracing between the two posts, one for the top middle and bottom Next, attach a 1” top board with 1” overhang around the top. Before I wrap this list up, Thanks to keep playing this video. If you like what you see, care to support this channel by pressing subscribe button under the video. It benefits nearly half dozens of people working behind the video and let’’s return to our final countdown. Lastly, Number 1, How to Style Your Coffee Table for Better Interior Appeal? Your mission of improving your living room, doesn’’t end with finding or building the perfect coffee table. It needs styling before it can add character and enhance the room’’s overall appeal. These pointers will help you decorate your coffee table. Better and keep it tidy. Add decorative elements that will bring more life to that space. Plants, unique art, coffee, books and candles are a safe bet, so always include them in your design. You also want to reduce clutter on the tabletop and a pleasant-looking tray would help. Vary the height of the décor to make the arrangement more interesting. You can also give it a personal touch by featuring family-related items such as photos or travel souvenirs. Conclusion: Have you noticed that coffee? Tables tend to have more radical designs among different furniture in a home? The sheer variety can be baffling sometimes. The ones presented here are just a sampling, but they’re all quite promising options. It all comes down to personal tastes and styles. And I hope we. (I) Helped you discover yours Head over to Simphomecom to read the whole article and find more home-improvement ideas and pointers. That’’s it for now. Since You’’re still watching this video press like Button comment it or share it with anyone close to you in your favorite social media channel. Browse and follow Simphome website for more amazing content related to home and décor ideas. And until we meet again later sometime in the future. Thanks for watching.